Unavailable Love - Chapter 1

Charlotte is a girl with everything money could ask for, but struggles for a relationship with her very own mother. Marco is very close-minded to the money spectrum, believing rich people face no problems, while he tries to fight feelings with a rich girl with enough skeletons in her closet.

It was summer time, which for most teenagers meant going to the beach and hanging out with friends. For me, it was long plane rides, exotic places, and three months with my mother.

"L.A.?" I asked her looking at my plane ticket. "That's it?"

"Well, I have to work with multiple groups of editors there, so why not?" She fussed over a shirt on a model.

"Why not? Cause there's nothing special about L.A." I whine following her as she returned to her office.

"I think California's very fun." She said in her matter-of-fact way. I quickly come around to sit on her client chair, putting on my face.

"What about Paris, France? No, wait I have the perfect place, Denmark! It's beautiful this time of year." I try to push farther.

"It's settled, Charlotte. We are leaving for California in 12 hours. Go home and pack, I have work to do." She pushed her glasses back up her nose and examined the sketches in her hand.

That night I stuffed my Jimmy Choos and Chanel dresses into my Louis Vuitton suitcase, finally able to snap the latch shut. Not only was I disappointed to be stuck in the country, I wasn't looking forward to being ditched by my mother every day.

I impatiently tapped my foot as we stood in the line at security.

"Charlotte." Mother tries to scold me quietly. I knew by saying my name she meant for me to stop doing some annoying habit and straighten my posture. Reluctantly I followed the unspoken direction. Mother's calm composure was irritating. She gazed off into the distance with no purpose and no attempt to speak to me.

We faced a long flight ahead of us, looking down to the city below me, I quietly said goodbye to New York, not wishing to leave my birthplace. I tried to sleep but the chairs weren't that comfortable, even if we were in first class. Putting in my headphones I ignored all the distractions around me and focused on the music, trying not to think too much of the trip that lay ahead.



"Marco! Don't forget your name tag!" Mama yelled from the kitchen. I came practically sprinting down the hallway.

"Gracias, Mama. I'll see you tonight!" I kiss her cheek before I'm out the door.

"Vamos!" Diego yelled from the driver's seat. I quickly slid into the car.

"Are you trying to make us late, man?" Felix complained fixing his hair with the reflection of the side mirror or the passenger's side.

"No, I couldn't find my shoes." I tell him while fixing my collar. We sped down the streets, whipping around corners. Diego's driving always made me carsick. We finally pulled into the employee parking lot, with are cards ready to check in for work. But, as we came up to the employee check in, our manager was waiting.

"Oh, if it isn't the three musketeers?" George grimly welcomed us. He always looked sad, however that may have to do with the fact he had a long face.

"How are you today, George?" Diego used his time card first. George just glared at Diego, who tried to use his charm every time we were in trouble.

"You guys have got to start getting here on time. I can only give you so many warnings. Next time, you're cut." He tells us before slowly walking away. We just watched him go.

"You know, if he meant that, we would have been fired last summer," Felix comment makes us all laugh. Working with my best friends, made the resort worth it. Diego got the job here first when they needed someone who was good at fixing things, so they hired a high school kid for the summer. I applied next, landing the job as a pool boy, cleaning, sweeping, and folding towels. I was also managing the poolside bar that had smoothies for sale. Felix was last, because he felt left out, not having a job at the resort, so he got hired as a waiter at any black tie events. They were an everyday thing here. Felix says it's always some kind of convention of rich people who get wasted at the lunch hours and dinner parties. Even though we work for stuck up rich white people, the pay is worth it.

"Hola, Marco." Irene, a maid who goes to our school walked past. She was gorgeous, the type of girl that makes you stop and stare, so that's what the three of us did. We looked like idiots.

"Hola," I smile, trying to be nice. Even though she was beautiful, Irene wasn't my type of girl.

"I seriously don't understand why you aren't with her, man." Felix says once she is out of sight.

"She's manipulative and has no heart." I explain to Felix, having to answer this question every time we see her.

"She can manipulate me any time she wants," Diego smiles, making us laugh before going to do our jobs for the afternoon.



"This is it?" I stare at Palm Resort.

"This is it!" Mom tells me walking into the main building to check in. I just look around at all the Hispanic maids and palm trees that towered over me, even at my height. The trip just seemed to be getting worse and worse and it hadn't even been twenty-four hours. I sighed and followed my mother, not knowing yet how important this trip would be for me.

My mother was too focused on her phone to notice that the guy helping us with our bags was checking me out. I was disgusted. The elevator ride was especially awkward while he stared and I faced forward. Once we were in our suite, he gave me a wink before leaving. I shuddered, wanting to take a shower after the way he gawked at me.

"We'll I have to run," Mom slipped on her round sunglasses that made me face my own reflection.

"You're leaving already? We just got here." I can't say I was too surprised.

"I have a meeting at 2 and it's 1:55. I'll be back for dinner." She handed me a map of the resort. "Chow, Bella." She kissed my cheek before leaving with her Gucci bag in hand.

I collapsed on the bed. Now, what was I supposed to do? Picking up my phone I called my Father.

"Hey Bella," His voice cheerful on the other end.

"Hi Dad," I smile at the sound of New York in the background.

"How was your flight?" He was curious.

"It was alright. Pretty long, but we are here. I wish I was with you and Monica back home." I confess. Izzy claims we were replacing her when Dad and I bought a cat and named her Monica. She was practically a snowball and shed all over the couches, which drives Dad crazy.

"We miss you too, sweetheart. But, your summer will be very fun in California." He reassures me. "Have you spoken to Izzy yet today?"

"No, why?" I question. He told me it wasn't for any reason, just curiosity but I kept pushing. He finally told me.

"Call her. She has news for you." So that's what I did. After saying goodbye to Dad, I called my sister.


"Spill." I tell her point blank.

"Oh! Hey Charlotte," I knew she was smiling through the phone.

"Don't 'Oh Hey Charlotte', me. Tell me whatever news you have." I corner her. She sighs from the other end, a habit she has when something makes her happy. I knew my sister like the back of my hand. I knew what irritated her and what different movements meant for her.

"I'm flying out to L.A to see you and Mother in a few weeks!" She finally gives in.

"I'm so happy, you're going to save me from this horrible place." Groaning she understands my pain.

"Just hang in there for a few weeks and I'll be there. Alright, Bella?" She begs of me. I just sigh, letting her know I will. Izzy was not only my sister but my best friend. But, now she's some big shot model in Milan. Even though there is a four-year gap between us, she claims I'm the older, more mature one. I disagree. We are mistaken for twins constantly. However, I cannot see the strong similarities they do. Yes, we were both tall and had long dark hair, but her skin was fair and flawless. I could never compare to her beauty, no matter how many people called me Bella. Since Mother spends most of her time in Italy and Izzy lives there, the name was given to me at a young age and just stuck.

Izzy got pulled away with work, leaving me to an empty hotel room all to myself and no one else to call. After a few long moments of staring around at the suit, covered in white leather furniture and abstract paintings displayed on the walls, I decide to explore the resort. I grabbed my sun hat and map before heading out.



"You know how many lonely cougars hand me their room keys every day?" Felix bragged to Diego and me. They were on break, hanging out at my stand as I folded towels. He pulled three keys out of his pocket, "And it's only four in the afternoon. Imagine what it'll look like when I have to wait at that women' leadership dinner party tonight."

"See," Diego turns to face him, "How come you can get all these older women to want you, but you can't even get a girlfriend at our school?"

"No, Diego, he could get a girl at our school, he just isn't attracted to any of them." I interrupt.

"I am attracted to chicas of my own age, just not chicas from our school." Felix defended himself. Just then, a tall thin girl walked by wearing white jeans, black heals and a blue shirt with a large hat on. "Watch me work."

"Felix," Diego stopped him with a hand on his chest. "She's way out of your league, Amigo."

"Watch the maestro." Felix pushes his hand away. We watched as Felix approached the girl.

"You look lost, ma'am. Can I help you find anything?" He asked far too kindly. She turned for us to see her face.


She huffed, giving up on the map.

"What's there to do for fun around here?"

"Well, we have a large variety of dance lessons you could take, there is a nightclub for high school students, and a separate club for anyone older than 18 at night in the buildings just down this street here." He continued to give her a list.

"What about the pool?"

"Let me bring you over to my friend Marco." He put his hand on the small of her waist. Her reaction was quick, grabbing his hand, she twisted his arm slapping him across the face.

"Next time you see a lost girl, try to help her instead of using her as a pawn to show how manly you are to your friends."

Diego began laughing, but quickly held it in as she walked over to us. I was shocked to silence. Felix stood there holding his face in pain, unable to move anything.

"Can I get a water?" She smiled wickedly at me. I slid a bottle across the bar to her. She set the money on the counter. She turned to Diego, pulling her sunglasses down just enough to look over the top.

"You're right." She smirked with her bright red lips, "I am out of his league." With that she pulled her sunglasses back over her ocean blue eyes before turning around and leaving with the click of her heals behind her. We were frozen by her presence. Her spell on us ended when Diego finally spoke.

"I think I'm in love."

"No, you're not," Felix came back over, shaking his head.

"Why not?"

"Because I am." Felix and Diego continued to fight over who was amazed by her more. I just let my mind recall our whole interaction. Her red lips, ocean eyes, tall figure, it was all so luring.

She was going to get me in trouble.


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Published: 8/17/2012
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