Unavailable Love - Chapter 6

"You're... Channel on a Sunday afternoon." - Dia.

It seemed that time was flying all of sudden, however at the same time, it felt as if it could stop. My mother's late night meetings would allow me escape to see Diego, Felix, Dia, and Marco. We would go all about the town, normally ending up at places my mother would frown upon. However, I didn't care. Being with Marco allowed me to snap to a different reality. It's like time would stop in these exact specific moments that made everything else seem so small.

Tonight we walked the streets of L.A when Dia pointed out a place to eat.

"Why not?" Diego shrugged, leading us in. It was obviously a grill and bar. However the specialty was Karaoke. When I saw the obvious banner hanging above the stage, I quickly turned around.

"Why don't we try somewhere else?" Felix laughed.

"You're actually afraid of a little singing? Come on, Char." He took my shoulders, turning me around and guiding me to a table right up front, sitting me down for the show.

"You're gonna sing for us chica?" Marco smiles, taking the seat next to mine, making sure our knees touched.

"Question is... are you going to sing for me?" I put up a brave wall, testing his limits. This was one of those moments, however he noticed and moved away, turning his attention to the stage where a middle-aged women was singing a country love song completely off pitch. It took me by surprise, the last few days he's been with drawling and it makes me curious.

After watching for a while, cheering on some of the clearly drunk participants, the boys go to get drinks.

"What's wrong?" Dia notices my falling face.

"Has Marco said anything about me?" I ask, almost pleading her. "It's just, I thought he might be into me but he's been... distant, lately. Like, he's ignoring me in a way."

"He does like you." She assures me, smiling.

"Then, why doesn't he make a move?" I lean across the table, hanging on to every word she says.

"He's just nervous he will overstep the boundary." She tells me simply. I slump back into my seat.

"What does that me? There is no boundary!" I sigh, giving up.

"Yes there is." She goes into explaining. "We love hanging out with you, you're almost one of us. But, at the same time you aren't. You're... Channel on a Sunday afternoon. Bottom line is, he feels as if he isn't worthy of you."

"That's so silly though. I don't think of it that way at all!" I explain.

"Then you need to give him the green light. Let him know that it's okay."

"And how do you suppose I do that?" I beg for more information.

"Do what?" Diego returns with the other guys. Marco places my drink in front of me. When I turned to smile at him, he isn't even looking at me.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing." I say firmly, capturing everyone's attention, except his.

I am fed up.

"Anyone else want to come and sing a song?" The host of the karaoke called through the microphone. I stand, walking up the stage, my heals click against the wood. I whisper in his ear. His reply was.

"Sounds great! Give it up for our next participant; Charlotte!" He hands me the microphone and runs to start the music and all my friends are staring in awe, except Marco, whose eyes were in another direction. Suddenly a wave of nerves rush over, but my anger reins them in.

I begin to sing "This Kiss" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I don't have to read the words on the projector in front of me, I just kept staring at the one person in the room I was trying to impress. While I sang, he slowly let his gaze retreat to me, but I knew it was through curiosity. When he finally noticed that my gaze was fixed on him, I prayed he understood the message.

When the song was finally over, I was still concentrated on Marco, so when the thunderous applaud hit, I was taken back. Handing over the microphone, I return to my friends, sitting back in my seat, not making a big deal out of it.

"That was incredible!" Dia complements.

"That was really good Charlotte." Felix was amazed. I thanked them. Even though I felt Marco's eyes on me, I didn't turn to meet them. I made my feelings very clear.

When we finished eating, we decided to walk for a while. So, as we did, Marco made a point of making me stay back with him as the others joked around a couple of yards ahead of us.

"You were phenomenal tonight." He murmurs, trying to make it a big deal.

"Thank you. Did you like the song choice?" I try to push. He shrugged. I abruptly stop, surprising him.

"Marco, decide what you want, because I'm getting sick and tired of waiting around for you to make up your mind-" When his lips suddenly found mine, I stopped my quick talking. He didn't give me any time to react because he pulled away just as suddenly as he kissed me.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. That was crossing the line." He quickly steps away.

"There are no lines." I step forward, finishing what he started.


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Published: 11/9/2012
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