Unavailable Love - Chapter 8

Somebody comes to town.

I was a good girl. No worries.

However, it was a kill joy when Marco had to return to work. So my lonely day continued, I was just about to leave for the spa when there was a knock on the door. Puzzled, I didn't recall requesting any room service. Opening the door, I was just about to explain I didn't order anything when I found my sister stand there.

"IZZY!" I screamed.

"BELLA!" She returned the greeting, throwing her arms around me. I embraced her back, not letting go of one person that I have always called home.

"Come, bring in your bags to my room." I insist, letting her in along with the man pushing the cart full of Louis Vuitton suitcases. We gave the man a tip, before he let himself out. "I am so glad you're here." I sighed, "But, I thought you weren't coming till tomorrow!"

"I told my manager they could find another girl for the fashion show tonight and caught a red-eye flight here." She sighed, gracefully sitting on my bed. Pushing back her dark curls she acted as though the whole situation was so simple.

"So, they just let you come?" I dig deeper for answers. Tiffany, Izzy's manager is kind of a strict parent. I couldn't imagine Tiffany just letting Izzy jump on a plane to L.A dropping everything.

"Well, after I explained that I needed some R and R." Much like me, my sister didn't like to confess her real feelings, even when she was talking to me. However, I could see through the wall she put up.

"Izzy, what's really happening? I haven't heard from you for two weeks now and all the sudden you show up early?" I sat next to her, reaching for her hand so she would address me. When she finally looked up at me, I didn't see a 22-year-old model at her peak of fame, I saw my sister and best friend. I saw her flawed and hurting. I believe that a sister bond goes deeper than just matching parents. If she laughed, I laughed. If she cried, I cried. This was one of those times.

"I've been struggling with a lot lately, Bella." She let me see the cracks in her self-confidence. "I'm always on planes or at a photo shoot or walking a runway. I spend more time talking to my manager than all of my family combined. I can't remember the last time I went out and actually had fun. All the other girls get to go out for drinks and to parties sometimes but Tiffany always tells me I have a flight to make or need to get to bed before waking up early the next day for hair and makeup. Plus, It doesn't help when every time I try to leave the hotels, press surround me, snapping pictures and jokingly asking me why I don't have a social life."

"Did Tiffany really just let you come here?" I ask again.

"No... I just kind of left," she confesses.

"Izzy, people are relying on you for that fashion show tonight. You should at least have the decency to call Tiffany and get her to find you a replacement." I played a real mom for the time being, knowing Izzy needed some guidance.

"You're right. Tiffany doesn't deserve that. She has already called me thirty-seven times since I left." She rolled her eyes.

"You can't blame her. If your client went MIA, would you flip too?"

"Yeah. I just, needed to be with family." She looked at me as if I'm the only one that could save her from this hell.

"Well, Mother is very "family-like" at the time being, however I am fully available." I smiled patting her hand.

"Thank you, Char. I don't know what I would do without you," she hugged me.

"Now, go call Tiffany." I instructed her. Handing her the iPhone that she set down on the bed. Smiling at me, she left the room to make the call. I sighed leaning back, remembering Izzy and I's childhood.

Discussions like this happened all the time, Izzy and I raising each other, taking turns playing Mom, since ours weren't around much and there were some topics we just couldn't talk about with Dad. Stuff like boys, gossip, and periods. Night spent staying up, crying over broken hearts or laughing over funny and awkward moments.

However, I was always a bit envious of Izzy. Since we were tiny, she was beautiful and when we were in high school, she had a plan with her life and successfully lived it out. Now, she is the number one super model in the world. Then, here I am, not having an idea of what I want to do. I just finished my senior year of high school and got accepted into most of the Ivy league colleges, yet I have no clue what I want to do. Even Marco knows what he is going to do with his life. Some of my peers have questioned why I don't just live off of Mother's money and dine in the spotlight of my sister. But, not once have I considered that as an option. I'd never use my family for success. I just needed something to get passionate about.

"I talked to her," Izzy returned, lying down with me.

"And?" I pushed.

"She was upset at first," she said just as I had suspected. "However, once I talked it out with her, she understood. She said that she would clear my meetings for the week so I could stay and rest with you."

"I'm glad you're staying." I smiled, not having to be anyone else when I was around my sister.

"Me too." She beamed back. "Now, show me what you do for fun around here."


Short, I know. I promise a longer chapter will be coming up soon! Please comment.
Published: 12/11/2012
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