Unavailable Love - Chapter 9

Party Planning.

Just as I was about to answer Izzy's question, the door opened.

"Isabelle!" Mother let herself into my room. "You had me worried."

"Hello, Mother." Izzy, stood from the bed, obviously surprised but tried to put a welcoming smile on. She kissed mother on both cheeks. "How did you know I was here."

"When I got to my meeting this morning, I got a call from Tiffany saying you were nowhere to be found. She asked me to see if you were here. So, I quickly canceled my meeting and came back." Mother babied my elder sister.

"I'm fine." Izzy assured Mother.

"Have you spoken to Tiffany?" Mother almost scolded.

"Yes, she is okay with me being here." Izzy explained. Mother sudden sparked in interest as if she was a fun loving, stay-at-home mom who would bend over backwards for her children.

"Well, then. This only means we need to have a party!"

"A party?" Both Izzy and I asked at the same time.

"Yes, a party! Bring a little of New York City here to L.A. We can have it tomorrow night and invite all your friends from the area, Isabelle, and my investors. We can have it here at the resort for easier access." Mother planned it all out loud.

"Are you sure, Mother? It's so last notice." Izzy, bluntly tried stopping her. However, she was on a mission and there was no chance of stopping her now.

"Of course! I'll go make some calls." Mother excitedly exited the room.

"Well, that escalated quickly." I comment with a sigh.

"Come on, take me somewhere. Please?" Izzy begged.

"Go, get on your swimsuit. We'll go tan by the pool for a while, to escape Mother's party planning madness."



I was almost halfway through folding the clean towels when Diego strolled up to the stand.

"Aren't you supposed to be fixing a sink on the second floor?" I ask.

"Supposed to be. It can wait. I need to ask why I saw you sneaking up to the suites earlier this morning," he leans against the bar watching some girls passing by.

"Someone forgot their cell phone at the pool and called down to see if I could bring it up to them." I lie smoothly, remembering what really happened earlier.

"I don't mind if you see her, Marco. Just don't lie to me about it. Okay, amigo?" He looks at me from the corner of his eye.

"Okay," I reluctantly agree.

"I just have one question," my silence gave him permission to continue. "Is she worth it?"

"I've tried giving her up, but it didn't work. It just proved to me that she was worth it," I informed him. As if on cue, we saw Charlotte walking to the pool in a pink swimming suit, heals, and a large sun hat.

"Who is that gorgeous woman next to her?" Diego whispered. I hadn't noticed the girl who walked beside her. They could practically be twins. As they got closer, we heard Charlotte tell her friend to save them a spot to lay out on chairs while she got waters.

"Two waters please." She told me approaching the stand.

"Who's your friend, chica?" Diego, observed the woman settling herself in for an afternoon of tanning.

"My sister, Isabelle." She told us. I set the waters down in front of her while she put down the money.

"Ella es muy bonita," Diego mumbles. Charlotte gives me a puzzled look. I answer for him.

"He said she is very beautiful."

"Well, since she's a model, it is kind of her job." Charlotte shrugs as if it were no big deal.

"Is she available?" Diego quickly jumps on the opportunity.

"Down dog," she chuckles. "She's not here long so any time she has, she will be spending with me."

"Have fun," I tell her before she smiles and returns to her guest. Diego goes on about how stunning Isabelle is when he is interrupted.

"Boys!" George quickly comes up to us, obviously frantic about a problem. "How would you guys like to earn some extra cash?"

"Sure, what are we doing?" Diego asks.

"Someone booked a party for tomorrow night. Normally, we would shut down any request this late notice but the guest is a name we can't refuse. We need it for publicity. Anyway, we are short on servers, would you guys like to fill in. It pays very well." He practically begged us. I looked over at Diego and he nodded so I speak on behalf of us.

"Sure, we will."

"Okay, come by the servers' quarters to try on some suits, later today. Thanks boys!" He left, scribbling something down on his clipboard as he did.

"Who knew the day would come when George would need us," I say making Diego laugh.

"Please say you guys are serving with me tomorrow night," Felix appeared just as nervous as George was.

"Yeah, George just asked us. Why? What's going on?" I ask.

"All the serving managers won't be there so George said this was my test. He said if I were a successful manager tomorrow night, he would promote my position, meaning I would get paid more." The words fumble out.

"That's great! Why are you so freaked out?" Diego patted his back reassuringly.

"Because, if I get this promotion, Mama would get the money she needs to get Monica the gift she wanted for her birthday." Felix pointed out. Every other Saturday, each one of us picks up our checks to cash. When we get home, 90% of our money goes to our family and the last 10% goes towards college. Most other teenagers from our neighborhood give all their money because they have no hope of college in their futures.

"We will help you out man, don't worry." I pat his back as well, letting him know we were both there for him.


Due to my new and improved resolution, I promised that I would respond to comments. Thanks to Alistear, I made this promise. However, Alistear, I must say I found it quite insulting that you asked a writer to stop writing a book. Well, I must say thank you for your opinion, however I will keep writing 'Unavailable Love' because some people actually like it. However, thank you for reminding me to respond to comments. Keep reading and commenting.

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Joslyn J. Miller
Published: 12/27/2012
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