Unbreakable Love - Chapter 1

Maria's POV of her high school life and crush.
Maria's POV

"Yo, Maria! You okay?" My friend Amber asked me as we walked to our classes together. Startled I blinked my eyes a couple times.
"Yeah, why?" I asked innocently.

"You were kinda spaced out for a minute there. Made me think I was borin' ya!" Amber said with a twinkle in her eye.
"Oh, wait, let me guess! You were thinking about Joe again."

My red face gave me away. I smiled innocently as Amber kept talking. "Damn-it girl! You can do a whole lot better than him! He just wants you for ya body!" She said laughing.

I laughed too, looking down at my not-so-curvy body. Sometimes I get pretty jealous of Amber with her perfect hair and body. All she has to do is bat her long mascara-covered eyelashes and guy bow down an worship the ground she walks on! Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic, but whatever. I feel so plain compared to all the other girls. I don't wear make-up or designer clothes. It kinda makes me wonder what Joe likes about me anyway (not that we're dating or anything, though some people think we are).

"… we need to get that English project done! There's no way I'm gonna pass otherwise." Amber was saying, as I realized my thoughts had been wandering again.

"Look," I said, interrupting her endless chatter (usually it's me that never shuts up), "I'll help you pass, but right now I'm gonna be late if I don't get to class, so, bye!" She returned my farewell, and off we went in separate directions. As I walked into class, I realized some people were talking about me and Joe.

"Is Maria here today?" One of them was asking.

"Yeah. She's probably with Joe making out or something," another one answered. They chuckled at the thought. I cleared my throat loudly and looked at them to let them know I had heard their conversation. Their red faces gave me the satisfaction, I needed to hold my head up high and strut to my seat. As I sat down, the boy in front of me turned around.

"How's Joe?" He asked.

Irritated, I said "He's pretty good, I guess. Why don't you ask him yourself?" His buddy and him started laughing, and I realized he was being perverted. I slid down a couple inches in my seat. Taking out my phone, I checked to see if I had any texts. Surprise, surprise, I had a text from Joe. "Hey, babe," it said. I smiled. Hitting the reply button, I typed back "Heyy!! :)" then hit send. The bell rang indicating the start of class, but I knew that I wouldn't be paying much attention. My thoughts were focused on texting the greatest guy in the world...
Published: 4/11/2012
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