Unbreakable Love - Chapter 2

Joe's POV and then Maria's POV.
Joe's POV

I opened my new text from Maria.
"Heyy!! :)"
I hit reply and typed.
"Whatcha doin'?" Then hit send.
I smiled. She seemed so excited to talk to me, as if we never text each other.

Almost instantly, I got a reply from her.
"Nm...u?" Wow...
She's eager today. I chuckled quietly and typed back.
"Me either. Lookin forward to this weekend tho!"
I started watching a music video on my laptop as I waited for her response. Finally it came.
"Oh yeah? What r u gonna do?" "I'm goin muddin with the guys."
I sat back in my chair thinking about how much fun we are gunna have.

I didn't have to wait long for her reply, "Well have fun!! Stay safe!" I smiled at her enthusiasm. That's one of the things I like about her, she's not like other girls, ne'er letting their boyfriends out of their sight. She actually encourages me to hang out with the guys and have fun. I can definitely picture myself marrying this type of girl. "Thanks I will. U gunna do anything?" I said back.

The rest of the block was spent testing Maria and half-heartedly trying to focus on my English assignment. When the bell rang, I was more than eager to get out of this classroom to see Maria. I stepped out of the classroom door, noticing her immediately. Was it just me, or did her body seem to glow? I glanced at a couple of guys who were walking her way, but if they notice they didn't show it. Her face lit up when she saw me, but she avoided eye contact. I couldn't keep my eyes off her; her beautiful blonde hair, the gentle sway of her slender hips... "Hey loser," her words brought me out of my trance. I smiled at her offensive remark.

"You're not very nice today." I stated. "I know." She said instantly. I smiled and knew I've never loved a girl as much as her. Sure there'd been other girlfriends, but none had been as fun, surprising, or entertaining as Maria.


Maria's POV

I don't know why my heart is beating so hard right now. I mean, he's not even touching me! We're just walking down the hall today. We aren't even talking! But that's one of the best thing about our relationship... Umm, I mean friendship. We don't have awkward silences. Our silences are comfortable, and even in the silences we're sending messages. But still, I felt like we should be talking right now, and sadly, I know he depends on me to find something interesting to talk about.

"So, how's your little brother?" Damn, that's the best I could come up with? He gave me a started look, obviously taken back by my random choice of conversation.

"He's fine I guess. He's always busy, and getting into things, but what else do you expect from a two-year-old?" He said with a chuckle. I smiled. Being an only child was tough, so I basically live off the stories Joe tells me about his two brothers.

"Your brother's really cute," I said quietly. I glanced at Joe. "You guys actually look a lot alike. I wouldn't be surprised if someday he looks just like you!"

"Awwww! Thanks!" Joe said with a twinkle in her eye.
"What?" I asked, my mind is totally blank.
"You think I'm cute!" Joe said laughing. My face turned its usual shade of red as I hit Joe on the arm.

"That's not what I meant!" I said as he sped up his walking pace.
"Ahuh. Don't take it back now, little girl." Joe said with a wink.
"I'm not a little girl!" I protested, hitting him again. One of the teachers looking at us frowned. "Love tap," I said reassuring her that all was well between us.
"Oh, so now you love me?!?" Joe said laughing.

"Joe!" I whined, pouting.
"You sure, you're not a little girl? You're sure acting like one!" He said, giving me a small push. Frustrated, and giving up on all hope of having a civilized conversation with this impossible boy, I glared at him and went off to homeroom. Unfortunately, he followed me.
Published: 4/26/2012
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