Undead Nightmare - Chapter 2

Derek's flashback.
Derek sat in the SWAT truck. There were ten of them. Miguel, Franklin, Rachel, Sgt. Calvin, Captain, Derek, Keith, Rookie (he never mentioned his name), Jason, and Russell, though he wasn’t in the truck at the time. Derek heard gunshots, screams, and other sounds outside. He wondered what was happening outside and asked the Captain.

He sighed and said, "A couple of hours ago, the NYPD got thousands of emergency calls, all of them had to do with people dying and being eaten. That’s when we got called in."

He looked out the front window, the drivers parked the truck at an old, cheap, and nasty apartment building. "OK guys, here’s the plan. We’ve got over sixty-five civilians inside this apartment building, our job is to get them out of here and to Russell, at the hospital. He’ll transport them to one of them military forts."

"How is Russ going to take sixty-five people to a fort?" Said Miguel.

The Captain replied, "He’ll take a few with him, and we’ll keep them there until Russ comes back with military helicopters to take more survivors." Miguel laughed at the plan.

"We’ll probably be dead by then," he said.

Derek elbowed him in the side. Miguel would at times he would be nice, but mostly he’d act like a jerk. We exited the truck and entered the building. The place was dark and damp with blood. Six dead bodies lay on the ground, their injuries indicated that they had been eaten. Tons of questions entered his mind. He studied the rooms, all were empty and had a few dead bodies. He nearly slipped on fresh blood, but the Captain caught him.

"Pay attention, kid don’t want you dying here." They proceed to the upper levels of the building when the sounds of growling started. Miguel thought it was the people and they needed help and ran to the source of it.

"No, Miguel!" He opened a door, only to find a dozen those ‘things’, feasting on three people. Miguel stared at them, awe-struck. They had gray and rotten skin, their mouths were covered in blood. They looked up at us and growled. They got up and shuffled toward them, getting faster and faster.

Derek grabbed Miguel and they ran. The Rookie shot two down, and that’s when they heard more growling, and a few roars. In the ceiling above them there was a hole, and the things on the floor above them fell into their floor. Derek maneuvered his way through them and followed the rest of the group.

"Down the stairs!" Said Franklin. They followed him, only to meet more. Franklin slipped and fell back, two of them got him.

"No!" Rachel yelled. Derek grabbed her and they ran up the stairs, the things were close to the stairs, but they were still far back.

"Into that room!" Yelled Derek. Miguel got bit by one on the neck. He started to scream and shoot, the Captain’s torso, neck, and head. The Captain fell dead and Miguel continued his span of bullets. Derek tackled Rachel, as the bullets nearly reached her. Keith and Jason kicked Miguel and the thing down and led the others into a room.

"Come on!" Calvin pulled Derek and Rachel up and pushed them into the room.
"Everyone in! I’ll hold them off!"

"But-" Derek started to talk, but Calvin cut him off. "Trust me, kid." He shut the door on them. "No!" They heard gunshots and finally a scream. Sgt. Calvin had died. Rachel quickly locked the door.

"What now?" She asked.
Derek looked out the window out at the city, "We wait."
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Published: 2/27/2014
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