Undead Nightmare - Chapter 4

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Derek found himself a spot to rest at, also got few cans of food and ate. He set his bedroll on the ground and laid on it and sighed. He pulled a picture out of his pack. It was his mother and younger sister, who had died almost six years ago, when he was 22 years old. He stared at it, remembering all the fun times him, his sister, and mom had. A tear rolled down his cheek and he said goodnight to them and slept.

Three hours later… Gunshots went off outside, very distant gunshots and then a scream, a little girl's scream. He bolted up quickly, ACR (gun) in hand. He ran to the door and unlocked it. Someone’s out there. He thought. I need to help them. He hadn’t seen another person since he and Rachel got split up. He thought that everyone else had gone, but now someone else is here.

He was so excited that he left the store door open and all his stuff inside. BANG! BANG! The shots got closer and closer. He turned a corner and… WAM! Slammed right into a zombie. He got up and crawled back. Ten of them were there, the one he slammed into got up.

"Oh sh-" BAM! One fell down, dead. He grabbed his rifle and shot the one closest to him, he didn’t want to shoot in rapid fire, so he shot in short round bursts. He got up and pulled his hunting knife out. SLASH! Stabbed one in the face. He kicked one into another one and killed two. Five to go. He killed the two on the ground by throwing his knife into one's face and curve stomped the other one's head into the ground. The other three scattered, two went to the guy at the end of the alley, watching Derek fight, and the last one went to Derek. The guy charged at one and roundhouse kicked it in the face. It slammed into the building and the guy stabbed it in between the eyes, and his knife got stuck. He grabbed the last one and shoved its head into the hilt of the knife. Derek punched the zombie in front of him and snapped its neck.

"Nice fighting… Derek." The man walked closer to him until his face became visible.

"I’m Jiang-Lee." He pulled off his hood. He was a Chinese/Oriental guy, he had dark hair and brown eyes and light skin. He stuck his hand out and Derek shook it. He called out a foreign word and three people came out.

"These are my companions. Michael." A white man with a pretty fit body, he was muscular and had light hair. "My daughter Nisan." She hid behind a woman obviously shy.

"And my wife Niu." Derek introduced himself and walked to the little girl.

"Hey, no need to be shy." He held out his hand. "Trust me." She held onto her mother’s leg tightly and moved away from him. He sighed and stood up. Then growling started.

"We’ve got to go. Follow me." Derek led the others to the store. "Wait!" He said. He slapped his forehead, "I left the door open. He entered and made some noise by banging the stock of his gun against the wall. Nothing.

"Okay, get in. Now!" They went in. Off in the distance he saw a group of walkers and two runners.

"Oh no." He said. They weren’t looking his way, so he shut the door quickly and locked it. Runners were bad business. Some ran as fast as most people, some slower, but on a rare occasion they would sprint faster than any human.

They didn’t growl, like walkers or scratchers, but they roared. They act really aggressive and are usually hungrier than others. If you get bit by one usually the one bit turns into a runner. They’d act more aggressive before death and have very painful deaths. Derek turned his flashlight on and said. "Well, before we sleep. Let’s talk."
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Published: 2/28/2014
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