Undead Nightmare - Prologue (Remake)

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Seth Togan stared at the empty road ahead, all the grass on either side of the road gave him a migraine. He was driving with his wife, Delia, to her Grandma JoJo's funeral. Delia stared out of the window, her eyes wet with tears. She and her grandmother were very close, to her JoJo was like another mom, they'd always cook, play, and talk together since she was little. Hearing about her death had saddened her greatly. He tried to comfort her multiple times, but she'd always tear away, he knew exactly how she felt. He lost most of his family last year when they took a cruise, without him.

He laid his hand on her thigh and said, "Hon, I know how you feel. But at least she passed peacefully and now she's in a better place."
She looked down at the floor and then at him, "I just wish I was there to hear her last words." She looked back out of the window. He looked back at the road and drove.

"Take a right three miles from here," GPS tracker informed.

He turned it off. He took the right at the designated spot and kept driving. He had been here twice before to visit Delia's family, so he knew where to go. After another ten minutes, a speeding school bus came out of nowhere. Seth swerved off the road, into a ditch. The bus literally flipped sideways and slid a few feet. Seth hit his head on the steering wheel, knocking him out. He woke up thirty minutes later and only to see his wife gone, the window was shattered with blood on the tip of the glass. He attempted to unstrap his seat belt, but it was stuck, he pulled his pocket knife out, one his father gave to him when he was 10. He cut the straps and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. He tried the passenger door, but strangely enough it wouldn't work. He kicked the windshield and got out. "Delia!" He yelled. He walked onto the road, the bus had exploded in flames before he had woke up, he looked at the wreckage and saw a burning body on the ground, it was a woman's body, it was Delia. "No!" He yelled. "No, no, no. This isn't happening." He ran to her body and patted out the flames. Her face, it was charred black, her clothes torn and burned. He looked to the sky and screamed.


One month later... Seth stood over the body of his dead wife. In two minutes, he would start the reanimation process. He had searched for days, until he met a strange woman from Haiti who had given him instructions for bringing life back into the dead, she told him to do what she said exactly one single mess up and the entire process will mess up. He unfolded the paper she gave him with the step by step instructions. He skipped to step 20, since he already finished the other ones which involved decorating the room and drawing these weird symbols to make the ritual work faster or better. He did what the step said, which told him to chant these strange words. He did so, hoping it will work. Then he had to cut his hand and drip the blood onto his wife's forehead, three drops of blood that's it. But he thought, it would be faster to give five drops. One drop hit her lips, or what's left of her lips. She twitched a bit and suddenly her skin started to regain its color, and then she opened her eyes. They were blue at first, but then they turned red, the skin went gray and her veins showed.

"Honey?" Said Seth.
She looked at him, rage in her eyes and he remembered what the woman had said before he left. "Never disturb the dead." She gave him the chance to forget, but he didn't accept.

She quickly grabbed his arm and bit it, pain rushed through him. He threw his arm back and fell backwards, Delia crawled onto him and bit his throat he tried to scream, but he couldn't and then he died. Blood gushed out his wounds covering the window.
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Published: 2/21/2014
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