Under Suspicion's Cover

Is there a God?
This was the first meeting with my bereaved friend.
There will be many more and shall never end.
Fervent are my prayers that she comes out of grief.
She is putting up a brave front and trying to turn a new leaf.
Her efforts on this road will help reduce her sorrow.
Softened would be her pain inflicted by death’s arrow.
The shot from its bow snatched her husband at a time, premature.
This lethal attack has injured her heart beyond cure.
These two little girls are her motive to live.
From her daughters, is she deriving inner strength to survive.
Indeed, husband’s demise has shattered her from within.
Yet, she is fighting bravely to not give in.
With grudge, she is trying to come to terms with this irretrievable loss.
She doubts God’s intentions and considers him to be the cause.
While writing her fate, did His hands not shiver?
His very existence has come under her suspicion’s cover.
Life is said to be the most precious gift of God.
Snatching that gift, how could He claim to be the Lord?
Does God have an answer, she does not know?
But her embitterment towards Him doesn’t fail to show.
Bidding her goodbye, I walked down the lane.
Conflicting thoughts were turning me insane.
How can the Creator be a destroyer, so ruthless?
Is it because he is God, this act of his was "inhumane" and merciless?

Published: 10/6/2008
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