Life is how you chose to live it, let not commerce dictate your happiness.
Concocted a story one time,
Didn't even know it was a lie,
Said I was happy, that I was fine,
Whilst I watched the world pass me by,
Oh! How I've underestimated my life!

It's dog-eat-dog out there they said,
You have to exploit the world with drive.
I paid no heed, guess I made my bed,
As I watched the jet-set thrive,
Oh! How I've underestimated my life!

You have to reach for the top to be one of us,
You have to prepare to kill or die,
But at the time I was a pacifist,
"Down with war!" I'd cry,
Oh! How I've underestimated my life!

'If you can't beat them, join them', a popular phrase,
That still makes me cringe inside,
For dignity is the feature of my face,
And I've never been immune to cry,
Oh! How I've underestimated my life!

But, what is the worth of wealth and glory,
If not but the sin of pride?
There's no wealth within my story,
No mansion in which I reside,
Yet, no need to underestimate my life!

So now, as I reflect upon my past,
There is something that I realize,
Wealth is but the evil of a shadow cast,
And I'd rather be living my lie,
Than to be underestimated in life!
Published: 6/22/2015
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