Unprecedented Love

The poem is about the saying that "an opportunity once lost, might not be regained".
The first meeting and first shaking,
The first talking and first calling,
Accomplished with the very first word,
Just acknowledge your Saviour and Lord.
Many opportunities might have passed away,
Many meetings might have rolled away.
Some proposed lines might have ended as a curve,
But you never missed out knowing your love.
Several meetings ¡­ several experiences;
But with you, is the best of them all.
Several gatherings¡­ several connections;
But with you, is the best of them all.
Words can only complement but cannot complete;
The most perfect pen will only exhaust its ink to compete;
A number of gifts can only try but cannot explain why;
No amount of prices paid can be equal to buy;
God has created this perfect match
And abetted these hands to reach the plug to catch.
A supreme being is He that has done this;
No other creature can abort with ease.
Published: 11/5/2012
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