Unpure, Unture I am the evil of the night

Just my pissed off rant at someone
There is a face I picture every time
Day after day I practice I prepare
Not for war, not for love but for death
These people lying at my feet mean nothing
But a means to an end
Those who got in my way
Those who believed the lies he told
Believed I was evil, untrue and unfair
I am death, I am the night
I am pure evil nothing about me is nice
I shall strike terror into the hearts of others
I scream silently inside, begging for release
To be finally be able to drive my blade into his heart
Not once but twice, one for the person who broke my heart
And the second for he lied about me and lied
Once I am done, I shall lick the blood of my fingers and lips
Bathe nightly in the blood I have spilled
And show a warning to those who cross my path
I am evil, I am un-pure I am the night
Darken my path and you shall taste my hate
I no longer have a soul
Nor a care in my heart, I died long time ago
I shall be free.
Published: 9/9/2008
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