Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 2

Many times, the truth is beyond our imagination......
At about 1 am, he was awakened by a loud noise in the kitchen...

.... Thinking it to be some overenthusiastic journalist trying to enter the house, he jumped out of the bed and walked towards the kitchen. As he approached the dinning area, he saw that Shelly's huge photo frame had fallen down and smashed into pieces. He was wondering how did that happen when there was no one except him in the house.

As he walked away from the frame, he saw a fresh glass of margarita on the bar counter. Shelly loved having margarita, it helped her to unwind after a hectic day. "But now that Shelly was gone, who kept the glass here?" John's reverie was broken as he stared at the glass. Now he was sure that someone was inside the house trying to spy on him.

He saw a cigarette stub in the ashtray, which was still giving out some smoke. Someone had put it down hurriedly. It also had lipstick marks. "Who is it?" He shouted at the top of his voice. "If you don't come out, I am calling the police right away." John added. He saw a dark female shadow pass hastily behind the curtains. He immediately reached for the curtains but was stunned to see that there was no one there.

He went to his room and washed his face with cold water. He thought his sedatives were playing games with him yet again. Just as he was about to go back to check if the margarita glass and cigarette stub were real, a slender feminine hand with long nails painted in red came and rested on his shoulder.

"Darling, I missed you so much," the female voice said. He was startled by the sudden touch. "Could it be Shelly?" Shivering slightly John took the hand in his palm and pulled the woman ahead. He was shocked to see, Maria standing in front of him, but the very next moment he embraced her and they kissed passionately.

"You scared me honey," John told Maria.

"John darling, you were far less scared than what Shelly was when I killed her," Maria said with a sly smile.
"I told you not to come here, till the case was settled. What if someone saw us together?" John said cautiously.

"Who cares, now that Shelly, the bitch is long dead, we are free to do what we want," said Maria.
"Now, I can have you and you can have Shelly's fat insurance money," she added.
"It is too early to be seen together. After all, I have to pretend to be a sad husband who lost his lovely wife to a swimming accident." John said while making a drink for himself.

"Do you want some ice darling?" Maria laughed hysterically as she offered him some ice cubes. John grinned mercilessly at her remark and dropped two ice cubes in his whiskey.

"Tell me, did you follow our plan while killing her," John asked inquisitively.
"Everything went smoothly, as decided by you sweetheart. It was very easy to fool my naive best friend, poor little Shelly baby," said Maria.

John looked proudly at Maria and said, "The first thing I am doing is buying you a diamond necklace when the insurance money comes."

"Oh sweetheart, I love you. Can't wait for the day," said Maria while hugging John.

John added looking at his whiskey glass and smiling, "Me too honey, me too."

"I hope we can keep this 'accident' a secret forever," said Maria.
"Of course sweetie, we have fooled the police with my excellent plan. No one will ever find out, our secret is now buried with Shelly, six feet under the ground," said John wickedly.

They both were busy rejoicing the success of Shelly's murder just when the doorbell rang...
By Madhushree Kelkar
Published: 5/7/2013
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