Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 3

Does someone know about John and Maria's secret?
They both were busy rejoicing the success of Shelly's murder just when the doorbell rang...

"Who could it be at this ungodly hour?" John wondered.

"It could be Shelly's ghost, she would have been so jealous to see us together," chuckled Maria.

John gave Maria a cold icy look, she took the cue and shut her mouth.

John went to the door. He opened it slightly and peeked outside. To his surprise, he saw that no one was present. There was a bouquet on the floor with a card. He went out immediately and looked for the person who had delivered the bouquet, but he did not see anyone.

He took the bouquet inside. "Some person is missing Shelly so badly that he couldn't wait till the morning to deliver the condolence bouquet, well her ghost will be happy that at least someone is missing her," Maria said nastily.

He placed the bouquet on the table and left it there. "I hate surprises Maria and you know it," said John. He was already visibly shaken by Maria's spooky surprise of visiting him in the night and now someone had left a bouquet at 2 am outside his house.

Maria understood that John was terrified. She came and embraced him but John seemed indifferent. He wondered, if his pounding heart would suddenly stop due to all these sudden shocks.

He recollected the time he had spent with Shelly. The day he met her, he knew that this was the girl whom he wanted to get married to. She was beautiful, sassy and rich. Her hefty insurance amount made her an even more attractive choice for marriage. Of course, he himself had a lot of money but then who didn't need extra money in life?

Slowly their relationship had developed and eventually they got married. After one night of passion, he had cunningly convinced her to put his nomination on the insurance papers. The love fool Shelly had her insurance nomination changed the very next day. Not only her insurance but she also changed her will and nominated John as the sole beneficiary to all her assets after her death.

John had acted carefully to portray himself as a loving and caring husband, especially in the public view. He had already planned to get rid of Shelly and did not want people to point at him after her death. It had taken him years and years of plotting to find the exact modus operandi to kill Shelly. He had also found that Shelly's best friend, Maria was taking a lot of interest in him. So he had conned her into becoming a part of his plan. Eventually, he also planned to kill Maria.

"John darling, you seem upset. Let me make a drink for both of us," Maria added. "Maria we already had enough for today. We need to be alert. Besides, you already had a glass of margarita and will have to drive back home. So let it be," John said sternly.
"Honey, which glass of margarita are you talking about? I haven't had anything since I came," Maria was stunned.

John rushed to the bar counter where he had seen the glass. Now there was nothing, no trace of the glass. He looked at the ashtray, it was clean without any cigarette stubs. He smiled at himself, his mind was overworked and he was seeing things that did not exist.

Just then he heard Maria's scream from the other room, she was reading the card on the bouquet which had just arrived. It read...

Dear John,

Deeper than the water
is the
depth of my heart...

I am waiting for you darling
death shall never be able to do us part...

Your ONLY Love,

John and Maria looked at each other with fear. They wondered who had sent them this note. Did someone know about their plan? Was someone playing a prank on them? Was a journalist trying to create a scoop? Or was it Shelly who had come back from her grave?.....
Who has sent the bouquet?
Someone who knew about their plan.
A prankster.
A journalist.
Shelly's ghost.
None of the above.
By Madhushree Kelkar
Published: 5/13/2013
Bouquets and Brickbats