Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 4

Has Shelly come back after her death to seek revenge?
John and Maria looked at each other with fear. They wondered who had sent them this note. Did someone know about their plan? Was someone playing a prank on them? Was a journalist trying to create a scoop? Or was it Shelly who had come back from her grave?.....

John started perspiring with fear, he wondered who was playing games with him. He went outside to check on the broken pieces of the photo frame glass. To his astonishment, the frame stood intact on the wall, with a beautiful photo of Shelly smiling at him.

If he was hallucinating about the margarita glass, cigarette and frame, how could someone possibly explain the bouquet. He started recalling, if someone had overheard his plan. He couldn't think of anyone.

"Maria, I think it will be best, if you leave now," John said to Maria.

"But I want to be with you darling. You need me now," Maria pleaded.

"Do as I say," John held Maria with both his hands and looked sternly into her eyes.

Maria knew about John's rage and left immediately. She did not want to end up like Shelly.

John lit a cigarette and switched on the television to distract his mind. Once again, he came to the backside of the house and stared at the swimming pool. He could see drops of rain creating ripples on the surface of the swimming pool.

Suddenly he felt goosebumps all over his body, he could not believe what he was seeing in front of his eyes. As he stared outside the window, he saw a female form in Shelly's clothes emerging from the swimming pool.

The form was slowly walking towards the window where he stood. Its face was pale white in color, it had matted hair and dark dead eyes. It was bleeding from its nose and mouth. In a shrill voice, the form started saying, "John, I am waiting for you." It stretched its arms towards John, and was repeating the same words again.

John took the car keys and rushed outside through the front door. Shelly had indeed come back from the dead to seek revenge. He had the capacity to kill humans but how could he possibly kill a ghost?

He went to the car and sat inside trying to start it. His eyes went on to the windshield. From the inside of the car, it was written in blood, "John, I am waiting for you." He drove the car as fast as he could and started going to Maria's house.

While driving, he could feel a chill. Shelly had returned from the realm of death to kill him. Very smartly, he had planned to show Shelly's murder as an accident. To get an alibi he had gone to a medical conference in a neighboring town. He had already explained his plan to Maria, who was ready to kill Shelly to be with him. It was not difficult for him to fool Maria at all. All he had to do was to show her the promise of love.

According to his plan, Maria had visited Shelly at their house. She then overloaded Shelly with drinks. While she was sleeping, Maria tied Shelly's hands and legs, and then forced pieces of ice cubes down her nose and throat which blocked her breathing. As Shelly was under the influence of alcohol, she did not resist. It did not even take three minutes for Shelly to die. Maria then took her body and pushed it in to the swimming pool. As the ice had melted without leaving a trace, it seemed that Shelly had died in a swimming accident.

Everyone was sympathizing with John, while he was happy at the prospects of money, he was going to inherit. Shelly's death was indeed going to make him a very rich man! John had no regrets about killing Shelly. He was a cold-hearted person, who had forgotten how much he had meant to Shelly and how much she had loved him. So much so that even death could not do her apart....

His reverie was broken as he parked the car outside Maria's house and rushed to ring the doorbell.


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By Madhushree Kelkar
Published: 5/21/2013
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