Until I Find My Rose

A mythical search for true love.
Wherever I may wander,
Wherever I may roam,
Wherever my travels will take me,
I guess I'll never know.
But I will keep on traveling
This long and winding road,
And ne'er shall I ever stop
Until I find my rose.

O'er hill and dale and moorland,
Through forests thick and green,
Past the ancient fortresses
Where ghostly knights are seen,
Through lands of myth and legend
Where sirens sing their prose,
I will ride the magic unicorn
Until I find my rose.

I'll sail across the seven seas
To the corners of this earth,
I will confer with the merpeople,
On where my ship should berth.
I will comb every beach head
And search on every shore,
And I will rummage every delta
Until I find my rose.

I'll seek the wisdom of the magus,
The leadership of kings,
The stories of the prophets
And the future that they bring.
I'll fly high with the eagle
To scan the lands below,
I'll follow every horizon
Until I find my rose.

I'll walk through wind and hail and snow,
Through the eye of the hurricane,
I will battle with the elements
Until I find my gain.
I'll carry on through darkness
And dance with midnight's shadow,
Ne'er shall I end my quest
Until I find my rose.

There is a valley warmed by sunshine
Where fairy folk do dwell,
Under the leadership of Oberon
And Queen Titania of the Dell,
I know my true love awaits me there,
Where peaceful waters flow,
And when I find her serenity,
I will know I've found my rose!
Published: 7/14/2011
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