Until I Met You

Untold and pent up emotions...
Nothing's going right
Nothing seems correct
It is as if it is not
It is not what I expect

I lied I betrayed
I even went wrong
I tricked myself
My mind and all

I never believed love at first sight
Until I met you
You were the only one
And I knew I loved you

Always in dilemma
I was stuck in a question
Does he love me?
Does he have some affection?

Tired and fed up
Didn't even cared
Gave me nothing
But pool of tears

I looked so jolly
I looked as flying
But who knew the truth
That inside I was dying...

Stumbling and stuttering
In my own eyes
Deep inside my heart
My hope continuously dies

But why should anyone know
Why should anyone care
That I am not what I am
And I am that I am not...
Published: 9/15/2011
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