Until You - Chapter 15

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*Chloe's POV*

From the moment I open my eyes, I feel... happy. Content. Though I'm not really sure why for the first few minutes.
Stretching, I cast my eyes around my dim room.
"Oh!" I sit up as my eyes land on my outfit from last night.
Oh my gosh.
A huge smile tugs at my lips as every detail about last night's date comes rushing back.
For a second I thought it was a dream.
Thank God it wasn't!
Settling down into my pillows, I glance at the clock.
Oh I still have time.

His eyes are so... so... hypnotic.
Shit. Wait.
I look at the clock.
"I'm late!" Scrambling out of bed, I grab whatever shirt I can with my jeans and dash into the washroom.
"Morning." I walk into the living room 10 minutes later to see Ray sprawled over the couch.

He grins. "Morning sleepyhead."
Chuckling, I lean against the wall. "You could have woken me up!"
"I was going to but when I came into your room you were smiling in your sleep so I let you be."
I smile, blushing. "Thanks Ray. But now I'm late."
Chugging down my hot coffee, I grab my keys and head out, dropping a kiss on Ray's forehead on the way.

When I reach the bakery, everything is peaceful. I don't know why I worried, everything's always fine with Tarek in control. Sitting down in one of the booths, I pull out my phone, finally able to relax and decide to catch up with some emails.

One new message.

What does Ray want now? I just left. Smiling, I open it and my breath catches as I see Jacob's name on top.

Morning Beautiful Hope you slept well. I had a great time last night I'm hoping you did too and that the offer's still up for next time.

I bite my lip, feeling my cheeks heat up. Foster passes by with someone's order and on his way back whistles. Rolling my eyes, I look back down at my phone and press reply.

Morning. Sorry I woke up late! Just saw your message. Yes I slept well thanks. How about you? I had a wonderful time, thanks a lot and I think I could endure your company a bit longer.

Taking in a deep breath I send it.

I feel like a teenager again as it goes, all giddy and excited. Less than a minute later my phone beeps with a reply.

Hope I didn't keep you too late last night! But it's good you got some sleep. I slept well too considering... Oh? So you could endure it huh? You sure about that?

Considering what?
I chuckle. I can almost see him raise an eyebrow as he asks, "So you could endure it huh?"
Laughing softly, I quickly reply.

Oh yeah I'm sure. How's work going on?

I wait for a few minutes but there's no immediate reply. Tucking my phone into my pocket, I finish my coffee and head to the back to help out. For a few hours, the knowledge that he hasn't replied it is at the back of my head, but I'm too busy to linger on it much. But once it's around 5 and I still haven't gotten an answer, I start to worry.

Did I say anything wrong?
I reread our messages about a million times and even as I'm carrying out my work, the lines are running through my head continuously.

By the end of the day I'm exhausted, not from all the work in the kitchen but all the exertion my mind's been put to. I'm torn, not sure what to do. And I want Ray.

So as soon as I'm not needed anymore, I leave. Everyone had gotten a brief update on my date and they were all happy for me, Tarek was the only one who had picked up on my hidden turmoil. He didn't say anything though and I was happy.
"Ray?" I call into the apartment.
That's funny. Where is he?

I check every single room but he's nowhere. He's usually hereby now.
Sighing, I head to my room to get my pajamas to soak in a long warm bath. Half an hour later I make another trip around the apartment in my robe but Ray's still not back.

Now THIS is weird.
After changing I'm about to call him but the front door opens.
"I'm here! Where have you been mister?" I add, planting my hands on my hips, and seeing his huge smile I grin. He's up to something.
"At work. And I have something to tell you." He grabs my arm and pulls me into his room. Placing his laptop bag on the floor he turns to me, all the while unbuttoning his shirt. I watch his fingers for a second before looking back up at him and falling onto his bed.

"No you first. What happened to you?" He frowns, looking at me.
"You first." I smile.
"Okay so I was leaving work and guess who I bump into?"
"Who?" Seeing his lips tug up I gasp. "Amelia?"
"Yup. Amelia."
"And? What happened?" I ask, leaning forward.

Amelia is the woman who'd spilt her drink on Ray a while back. On their last rendezvous at my bakery they'd exchanged numbers and I knew they texted back and forth once in a while. But that's it!

"Well, she was surprised to see me. She works close by to my office and was on her way home. I offered her a drink and we were at a bar for about half an hour." He says, slipping on a t-shirt.
"I have a date for Friday."
"Oh my gosh!" Screaming, I jump up and hug him. "I'm so happy for you!"
He grins, sitting down opposite me. "Thanks Chlo."
"Wow." I shake my head, excited.
"I know." He bites his lip, watching me and then straightens. "What about you? What's up?"

I'm hesitant about telling him, not wanting to overshadow his good news but tell him I do, because he'd have gotten it out of me either way.
"Maybe his phone switched off. You haven't said anything that could piss anyone off Chloe. Chill."
"But what if I sa-"
"Nope." He looks down at my phone in his hand and his eyebrows shoot up. "I hate to say this but told you so."
"What?" I ask, leaning over and grabbing the phone from him. Looking down at the screen, I see Jacob's name flashing on it. I glance up at Ray before answering it. "Hello?"
"Chloe. Hey. How are you?"
"Hi. I'm fine thanks. How about you?"
"I'm good. Listen I'm so sorry about today."
"It's alright." I answer as truthfully as I can.

"No it isn't. I meant to answer but just as your message came in I was called into a meeting and things have been very chaotic at work today. I was in a meeting for over nine hours. I'm really sorry."

"It's alright. I understand."
"But Chloe-"
"A meeting for 9 hours?" I interrupt him, my voice shocked.

Honestly nine hours? What did they discuss, world politics? And even then...
"I know, can you believe it? Complete torture considering we were stuck with coffees and cold sandwiches. Sure could have used a nice bakery to cater for us."
I laugh, "Could you have? And who might I ask?"

"Yes, we most definitely could! Well there's this small bakery I know which sells the most divine butter croissants that practically melt in your mouth. And it's run by this successful, ambitious, inspiring young woman."
"Hmm interesting. And do you know where this bakery is?"
He laughs, "I sure do! And I'm not telling. It's to be my secret."
I chuckle, pleased beyond anyone can imagine that he accepts my bakery so easily.
"But Chloe, I really AM sorry. I rushed out of the meeting room as soon as it was over and grabbed my things and got in my car. It's the only place everyone would leave me alone."
I smile. "It's alright Jacob. Honest."
"I hope I didn't worry you too much." He says, his voice slightly teasing.
"Oh no more than usual."
He lets out a loud laugh and I grin. Ray's abandoned listening in and has disappeared into the washroom, thank goodness.

"Wait. You said you got in your car. You're driving?"
"You're talking to me while driving?!" I exclaim.
"Yes," he says slowly. "Is everything okay?"
"No! It's dangerous to talk and drive!"
"I'll be fine Chloe."
"But.." I bite my lip, worry rising in my chest.

"Okay, hold on a minute." He sighs and for the next thirty seconds I just hear the sound of his breathing. "Okay, I pulled over. Happy?" I can hear a smile in his voice and I relax.
He chuckles softly but I know he isn't laughing at me. Funny how I hardly know him and I'm sure of that.
"So am I forgiven?"
"Yes, of course!"
"I don't need to make it up to you?"
"No you don- wait, yes actually you do."
"I do?"
"Yes do you know that I love chocolate brownie sundaes?"
"You do? That's interesting. Now since I don't need to make it up to you, I was wondering if I could still take you out tomorrow night?"

"Yes, I know it's a week night and we both have work but just for a drive to an ice cream parlor. I think I remember you mentioning you love chocolate brownie sundaes. Or maybe I've just assumed it, but I'd really like to take you out, see you tomorrow night. Please?"
I smile, doing a little dance in my place. "Okay then."
"Okay you'll come?"
"Great then. I'll pick you up from... um when do you finish at the bakery?"
"It depends. If I'm needed then I'll be there till eleven but if not then I'll be home earlier."
"So I'll text you tomorrow."
"Take care Chloe."
"You too. Drive safely Jacob."
"I will."
Hanging up, I bite my lip, a smile taking over.
I can't wait for tomorrow night.

"So where are you going to take her?" I ask Ray, leaning against the counter. I glance across my bakery towards the till where Tarek's taking the customers' orders.
"I haven't decided yet."
"How about bringing her here?" A voice behind us says.
Ray and I both swivel around.
"Jacob!" I exclaim, smiling.
He grins. "Chloe!"
I bite my lower lip, blushing. Crap that was a bit too excited.
"Hey. How are you?" Ray and Jacob shake hands.
"I'm just going to check if everything's fine in the back yeah?"
He nods, smiling. "Yeah go ahead. Take your time."

I glance back and see Jacob sitting on the stool I was, talking to Ray.
I'm back in five minutes and Jacob jumps up.
"See you later man." He and Ray bumps fists and I raise an eyebrow. They've already become so close.
"Bye Ray."
"Do you have your keys?" He raises an eyebrow and I nod. "See you!" He pulls me in for a hug.

We walk quietly out of the bakery and Jacob leads me to his car. I slide in as he holds the door open.
"Where are we going?" I ask as he buckles up.
"I thought you loved chocolate brownie sundaes?" He asks.
"Hm I do, don't I?"
He chuckles.
"How was work today?" I ask turning slightly in my seat to face him.
"Good. Better than yesterday."
"That's good."
Jacob stops at an ice cream parlor I frequently go to. "Shall I get it or should we go in?"
"Uh, I don't know..." I bite my lip.
He stares at me, his eyes trailing down to my lips. "I'll go get it. Any toppings?"
"Just hot chocolate."

He nods and gets out, locking the doors from outside. I sit quietly, my eyes wandering around the rich interior of the car, for five minutes. My hand itches to go through his music collection but I don't want to intrude so I just sit.

The car doors light flash and I look up to see Jacob juggling two cups and walking towards the car while he plays with the keys with his other hand.
"Here you go." After sliding into his seat, he holds out his right hand and I take the cup.
"Where are we going?" I ask, taking a bite of my ice cream. Mmmm... so good.
"I'm not sure. Just somewhere I could park while we eat."

"There's a park down the road." I say and then direct him to it. "What are you having?" I ask as he leans back in his seat, retrieving his cup from the holder.
"Mint Chocolate."
"Yum." I grin at him before digging into mine. "So where do you live?" I ask. The one question I've been dying to know and dreading to ask. He raises an eyebrow and I quickly add, "I mean where do you call home?"
"Ah I see," he flashes me a smile, "that would have to be Kingston."
Oh that's close. I start to feel relieved but he continues.
"But I spend most of the year in Victoria."
What?! That's on the other side of Canada!

I nod, hoping I'm not showing any of the distress I'm feeling.
He watches me for a second before looking down at my cup.
"Is it good?"
"Uh... Yeah, it's delicious. Want some?"
"Sure," he shrugs and leans over.

I breathe in, his scent filling my head, at our close proximity and scoop a spoonful of chocolate ice cream and brownie. My eyes trained on his pink lips, I slide my spoon into his mouth before looking back up at him.

Our eyes lock as he chews, the tension between us increasing.
"You're right." He pulls back, running a tongue over his lower lip. "It IS delicious."
I gulp, nodding.
"Do you want some of mine?" He holds out his cup.
"No thanks," I smile, "I'm enjoying this."

He chuckles and then it's silent for the next five minutes as we finish our ice creams. Taking my empty cup, Jacob gets out and throws it in the bin along with his.

I don't want it to finish so quickly, go back home so early and thankfully when he sits in his seat, he makes no move to leave.
"I know it isn't much but I wanted to see you tonight."
"I enjoyed it. And I don't like very extravagant things all the time. Something small I appreciate very much, it's the thought."
He turns his head towards me, resting back against the headrest. "How did I guess that about you?"
I grin. "You're perceptive?"
"Well.." He chuckles and I laugh softly.

"I was hoping I could take you out Saturday night." He says softly and when I smile in response continues. "It'll be fancy. It's a place I went to the first time I came here."
When I hear that I drop my eyes, not wanting him to see the turmoil in them. I have no right to ask him to stay but that's exactly what I want to do.

It's quiet for a minute or two before his hand gently cups my face. I close my eyes, feeling the warmth of his skin on mine, for a mere second before looking up and meeting his eyes.
"Because I'm going back to Victoria on Sunday."
That's it. It's over.
He just wants to see me a last time before saying goodbye.
"I won't be here for a week, maybe more. But I'll be coming back soon. I promise." He says, leaning down to look into my eyes as I start to glance away again.

I nod, averting my eyes when I see the sincerity in his gaze. "Sure."
We don't say anything after that. Jacob lowers his hand and takes my hand in his. He revs the engine and backs up, turning towards home.

The whole five minutes drive is silent, but Jacob holds my hand the entire way and it's not so bad. The silence isn't awkward or anything.
Coming to a stop outside my building, he turns off the car and turns to look at me.
"We're here."

He gently frees his hand and gets out. Taking in a deep breath, I grab my bag and push open the door just as Jacob appears by it. He holds it open and then takes my hand, closing it behind me.
"So you'll come on Saturday?" He asks as we stand outside my door.
I smile, "I said I would."
He grins. "Great. I'll see you soon then. I'm bound to come in for some coffee."

I chuckle and he smiles. Shifting on my feet, I glance around the hallway before turning my eyes back to him. He leaves my hand and brings it up to my face. His eyes stare into mine as he runs his thumb lightly against my lower lip. My breath catches and I don't really care how obvious it looks as I lean in, my eyes trapped in his. His eyes drop down to my lips and then back up to my eyes.

Jacob leans in and my eyes flutter close as he presses his lips to my cheek. A soft sigh escapes as he pulls back.

"Take care Chloe." Fanning his thumb a final time over my lower lip, he steps back, his fingers trailing over my skin, leaving hot trails behind.
I watch as he walks towards the elevator and disappears inside.


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