Until You - Chapter 18

Enjoy! Pic is the view from the boat Maid of the Mist when you're passing by the falls! 15 comments as usual.
*Ray's POV*

I open the front door to see Jacob standing on our doormat. I can't say doorstep because we don't have one.
"Hi." Crossing my arms, I lean against the doorway.
"Hey." He watches me for a moment. "Where's Chloe?"

To be honest, the guy looks like shit. I'm not kidding. His face is pale, there are shadows under his eyes.
I feel sorry for him.
"She's inside."
"Why hasn't she been answering my calls?" He groans, running a hand through his hair, messing it up even more.

"You're going to have to talk to her about that."
"You know why don't you?" I nod. "Could I please see her?"

"Let me go check. But if you upset her like this one more time, I'm telling you it's not going to be pretty."
Catching the shocked expression that crosses his face, I turn around and walk to Chloe's room.
"Come in."
Walking in, I see her sitting on her bed with her laptop.
"Hey." She smiles at me.
"Jacob's here."
Her expression dims. "Tell him I'm busy."

"Look Chloe, I know you're upset but let him explain. There must be some logical reason for him not telling you okay? Don't ruin your chance. Please?"
She watches me for a few long seconds before sighing.
"Okay. Send him in."
Sighing in relief, I leave her room.


*Chloe's POV*

I look up as there's a knock at my door, my heart racing. I'm not overreacting. It's just that if a guy's going to hide where he works from me, it just makes you wonder what else he'll keep from you right?

"Come in."
I look up from my laptop to see Jacob walking in. He hesitates at the entrance before walking up to me.
"Hi." I glance away from him, after noticing his pale face.

I hope I'm not in trouble for ignoring him. It's silent in the room as he sits down beside me.

"Chloe, what's wrong? Why aren't you answering my calls?" Jacob asks and I look up to see worry clearly etched into his face.

Taking in a deep breath I reach for his card on my side table. "You dropped this at the bakery."
Frowning, he reaches for it but as soon as it's in his hands, understanding lights his face.
"Oh." He stares down at the card before looking up at me. "Is this why you've been avoiding me?"
"It might not seem like much but.. Jacob, I don't like being lied to."

A heavy sighs escapes him and I look at him as he begins to speak. "And I don't like holding back from you. It's just.." He rubs a hand over his eyes and I notice the dark circles beneath them. "It's become a habit of mine. People want to be acquainted with me because of my job, my income. So I stopped telling people where I work, my position. It's like self-preservation. I didn't mean to keep you in the dark. I was going to tell you Chloe, I promise. I'm sorry you had to find out like this."

"Tarek and Ray gave it to me just yesterday and I felt so... so..."
"Betrayed." Jacob says quietly, his expression pained when I struggle to find a word.

"Yeah. I'm supposed to know all this. It shouldn't come as a complete surprise for me. I had to put up a front and act as if it was normal! And it was more for me than them because they knew I was pretending."

"I'm sorry Chloe." He takes my hands, holding them between both of his. "I'll make it up to you I promise."

"It's alright. You don't have to."
"Yes, I do. You've been upset because of me since yesterday. I feel like such an idiot." He drops his head down to our hands.

Crap. Now I feel bad.
"Jacob." I gently shake my hands, "Jacob. It's alright."
"No, it isn't." He slowly raises his head, kissing my fingertips before looking up completely.
"It is."
"It isn't." He raises one hand and cups my face, tugging it closer.

You know that feeling when there's something missing from your outfit and you need to find the perfect ring to complete it? When you just need to sprinkle some grated chocolate on top of a cake to finish it? Yeah.

When his lips land on mine, it's like I'm complete. Finally after a whole week. Jacob pulls my arms around his neck, pulling me close. His hand drops down to my waist and I find myself sitting in his lap.
"I'll make it up to you, I promise." He murmurs, rubbing his finger against my cheek.

"Jacob, I-"
"No arguing." He kisses me softly.
"Do you want me to get you something to drink or anything?" I ask, shifting in his lap, trying to diffuse the attention on me.
"What?" I start to sit up but he pulls me back into his side.
"You." Leaning in he steals another kiss. "How are you?"
He chuckles, "Good."
"How was your flight?" I ask the first thing that pops into my head.
"It was good. Tiring."

I look up at him and something gives me the courage. Lifting my hand up, I run a finger under his eye.
"Yeah, I've had a long week."
Catching a hold of my hand, he pulls it around his neck and then moves back so that he's leaning against the headboard.
"This is your room huh?"
"The room of the owner of a bakery... hm, pretty normal."
I chuckle, "What were you expecting? A few cakes lined up on the table that still need decorating?"
"Something like that, yeah."
"Sorry to disappoint." I shrug and he laughs.

"I'm sure I'll get over it."
"Where are you staying?" I ask, looking up at him.
"The company got a suite at the Ritz."
The Ritz Carlton.
My God.
Imagine how wonderful it must be to stay there for weeks.
5 star luxury.
So the company's footing the bill, but still this guy is way more loaded than I thought.


"Guess who's taken the week off and has free tickets for everything on Niagara?" Ray asks, waving two tickets in my face.
It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm placing fresh chicken sandwiches into the display by the counter when Ray walks in on cloud nine.
He's literally flying.
"Um.." I pretend to think hard, "You?"
"Chloe! Not fair! How did you know?"
"Well... You're waving the tickets in my face Ray."

He glances at his hand and then pulls it down. "Oh." Smiling, he leans forward. "And guess who I'm taking?"
"Hm. I don't know. Who Ray?"
He grins. "I was thinking my best friend. He's so sweet and caring."
"Oh really?" I raise an eyebrow, resuming my work. He?
"Yup. But then I thought, nah. I'll take you!"
"Oh I'm so flattered, I was your second thought."

"I know right?" He sits down on the stool. "The thought of thinking itself was exhausting."
I stand up straight and stare at him. "What?"
Ray laughs. "I'm kidding. You were my first thought and Chloe I don't have a guy best friend."
"That's good. I was wondering who the 'he' was."
He chuckles, "That sounds like a disease or something. The 'he'."
"What about Amelia?"
"Well, I don't think she can get off work all day. And I want to spend time with you! Just because we're both dating doesn't mean we shouldn't have us time."
"You're right." I nod.
"And I'm planning on taking her out on Thursday. Which I kind of need your help with by the way."

I shrug, smiling. "Sure."
"Just a small favor."
"Good." He nods and looks around the bakery.
"Uh, Ray?"
"Yeah?" He turns back to me, smiling.
"What do you need help with?"
"Oh, I'll have to confirm with her and then I'll tell you. Tomorrow hopefully."
"So do you need any help?"
"No thanks. We're fine."
"I'll see you later then. And Chloe, you need an early night, we're leaving early."
"Yeah. Alright."

Ray is so excited that as he leaves, he doesn't notice Jacob hold the door open and slide in after him. My breath escapes me every time I see Jacob. He's just so perfect. God. He's walking towards me dressed in dark blue pants and a light pink shirt. Strands of his hair falling over his forehead, his eyes covered in brown shades.

"Hi." He chuckles, "What's up with him?"
I laugh, "He's got the week off and just convinced me to go to Niagara with him tomorrow."
"Lucky. He's got the week off AND he gets to spend an entire day with you? I'm jealous."

Blushing, I look away. "So what can I get you?"
"You?" Jacob smiles. "Come here."

Obediently, I lean forward and he brushes his finger over my chin. "You've got flour on your chin."
He then wraps his fingers around my chin, tugging my face closer and plants his lips on mine.
"So, wh-" He stops as his phones tarts ringing. "Sorry, I need to get this." Pulling it out, he glances at the screen and a smile crosses his face.

"Hey Mom."

Smiling, I step back, giving him his privacy. Seeing him smiling and talking to his mother makes me happy. After everything that happened with Ben, this is the last thing I need to convince me that Jacob Skyes is perfect.

That is until it comes to me meeting his mother. But still. Ten minutes later, Jacob's perched on a stool on the side of the counter watching me as I take in orders.

I look up from there till to the next customer and gasp.
She grins, "Hey! How are you?"
"I'm great thanks. How about you?"
She chuckles, "Considering you left me alone with the wicked witch of the world, good."
She hates her too? Wow.
"How's everything? How's James?"
"Everything's good. He's great. Sends his love. So does Dad."
"Tell them I asked for them."
"Will do." She smiles.
"So what can I get for you?"
"I'll have a hot chocolate and a black coffee for my friend."

"So how you doing?"
The hint of a smile tugs at my lips. "Great."
She grins and her eyes dart over to Jacob, who's pulled out his phone and is busy typing. "That's good. I'll talk to you sometime."
"Alright. Bye." I watch as she leaves before turning to Jacob, who's watching me.
"Who was that?"
"Was that..?" Darren appears beside me and I nod.
"Yup. She ex's sister-in-law."
"Oh." Jacob nods.


Pulling on my black leather jacket, I walk out of my bedroom.
"Ray! You better be awake!"
"I'm up!" He walks out of his bedroom, pulling on a long sleeved top. "Do you need help making the sandwiches?"
I raise an eyebrow. "I'm done making them. Have you had breakfast?"
"No. And I'm starving."
Shaking my head, I head into the kitchen to get breakfast ready for him.
"Where did you get the tickets from anyway?" I ask Ray as he pays for the parking.
"A guy couldn't make it and they expire over the weekend. He was supposed to take his sister or something."

"Aaw how sweet."
He chuckles, pulling into an empty spot and switching off the car.
"Come on! It'll get colder when it starts getting late."
"Say cheese!" Ray points his camera in my direction once I've put on my Maid of the Mist raincoat. I smile for the camera before taking his arm and stepping into the moving line.
"It's so beautiful!" I lean against the railing, looking at the approaching falls. "I know! And cold!" Ray pulls on the hood of his hoodie.
"It's going to be soaking when we get off you know. Put the raincoat one on as well."
I watch, laughing as he tried to put both of them on and then help him out.
"Chloe! The water's freezing!" He exclaims as I hold my face up to water spraying in our direction.
"It's refreshing."

I'm aware of him snapping photos of me, but I ignore him. As the boat turns, I duck my head down from the water and lose my footing. Ray's arms come around me, steadying me before he stands behind me, his hands on the railing in front of us.

"Be careful." He drops his head down to my shoulder and remains like that until the boat is docked and we have to get off.
He jogs down to the lower deck before me and proceeds to take pictures of me as I come down.
"This isn't our first time Ray!"
"I know," he grins, "you're just too cute when you blush!"
Elbowing him in his stomach, I step off the boat first.
We go behind the falls next and once that's done, an hour later, head back to the car to get our lunch.
"So, how's Jacob?" Ray asks, looking up at me from where he's lying down on our picnic blanket.

I nod, smiling. "Good, good."
"You guys have any plans for the weekend?"
"He asked me to keep it free, but we're not sure yet what we're going to do. We're having dinner tomorrow night."
Ray grins, "That's good." He turns his head and looks up at the sky. "I talked to Amelia last night. She said she's free tomorrow afternoon."
"What did you need my help with?"
He smiles and I watch as a faint blush creeps up his cheeks. "I was thinking about taking her to Chinguacousy Park. Having a picnic."
"Aaaaaaaw that's so cute!"

He rolls his eyes but doesn't say anything and I know he's secretly pleased that I approve.
"And you need help with the food?"
"Yeah." He turns to me and I nod, smiling.
"Of course! Leave the whole thing to me!" I reply, getting excited at the thought, my mind already racing with ideas of what I could pack for the both of them.
"Thanks Chloe. You're a life saver."
"Oh, I know." I wink and he chuckles.

After our long lunch, we go over to the butterfly conservatory and then spend some more time outside, just talking and having fun. As night falls, we head up to the Skylon Tower for dinner in the revolving dining room. The view is truly magnificent and it's a quiet meal as we both take in the changing surroundings. Once dinner is over, Ray and I go up to the observation deck just in time to watch the nightly light show over the falls.

"Wow." I sigh, pulling the scarf that's around my neck over my head to cover my ears.
"Beautiful isn't it?" Ray leans over the railings next to me, his eyes focused on the spectacular show in front of us.
"Breathtakingly so."
Chuckling, he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close.


*Jacob's POV*

"Hi. A club sandwich please."
Foster looks up from placing in my order and smiles. "Do you stay near here?"
He grins, "Because from what I've heard, you work downtown and it's quite a drive to up here during rush hours."
"I stay downtown as well." I smile, accepting the packed sandwich he holds out to me.
He smiles. "I like you."
I chuckle, "Thank you?"
"It's a good thing."
I nod, smiling.

Wait, maybe he'll know..
"Can I ask you something?" I lean forward, my elbows resting on the counter.
"Who-What happened with Chloe's ex?"
Foster starts to reply but then hesitates, watching me before shrugging. "Sorry, I'm not at liberty to discuss that. You'll have to ask Chloe."
"Alright. It's just that this woman named Erika dropped by yesterday when I was here and something she said bothered me."
He looks at me before shrugging. "Like I said, you need to ask her."
"Okay. Thanks."

I wonder what happened.
And who's the wicked witch of the world?


*Ray's POV*

"Where are you taking me?" Amelia asks, laughing softly.
Smiling, I tighten my grip around her waist and make sure she can't see through my fingers.
"Wait a minute."
She sighs, "Okay."
A minute later..
"Are we there yet?"
"Thirty seconds."
I can see the blanket, the picnic hamper on the side, laid out in front of the pond.
"Surprise." I move my hand away from her eyes.

She gasps, "Oh my gosh! It's so cute! You did this for me?" She turns to me, a beautiful smile on her face.
"I had a little help but.."
"It's so sweet!" Taking my hand she drags me over to the blanket.
"It's the most wonderful surprise anyone's ever done for me. Thanks Ray."
"I'm glad you liked it." I smile.
She hesitates for a second but then leans over and surprising me, presses her lips to mine.
"I love it."

I smile, watching her, the whole nervous anticipation of the date worth it because of that one kiss.
"Looks like you've made some friends." I chuckle.
"What?" Smiling, she turns and looks over her shoulder at the geese waddling towards us. "Aaww!" She turns back to me. "Do we have anything we could feed them?"
"Yeah, we do." Reaching into the basket, I pull out two buns Chloe had kept for this exact purpose.

"Yes! One for me, you feed them the other. Come on!"
I laugh as she jumps up and walks slowly over to the pond, breaking off small pieces of the bun and throwing it to the geese.
This girl is really something.
"Come on!" She glances back at me.
"Coming, coming!"
Standing a few feet away, I watch her as we feed the geese.


*Chloe's POV*

Where is he?
I call Jacob's phone for the tenth time in an hour but it goes straight to voice mail.

"Hey, it's me. Where are you? I thought we were having dinner together? Anyway... um call me. Bye."

Sighing, I tuck my phone in my pocket and get up. Grabbing my empty coffee cup I head back to the kitchen.

My phone starts ringing almost immediately. I glance down at the screen.
"Hey Ray. What's up?"
"What's wrong sweetheart? How did your date go?"
"There was no date."
"What do you mean?" He asks, confused.
"He didn't turn up."

"Yeah, it doesn't matter. I was busy anyway." Lie. "I have tons of paperwork to catch up with." "What's up? You want me home early?"
"No, I was actually heading out but if you want me to stay.."
"No! Don't be ridiculous. Go, I'll be coming home late."
"Okay if you're sure."
"Yup I am! Have fun!"
"Love you Chloe. Take care."
"Sure, you too."

I push open the door to my office and then sink down into my leather chair. I really do have tons of paperwork to go through. My phone starts ringing again.
Ugh. Who now?
"I am so so so so so so so sorry Chloe!"
"Hey Jacob."

"You can hang up on me, I'll completely understand! I'm just so sorry! The CEO turned up this afternoon and we've been in a meeting since 6! I wanted to call you but my battery died and I haven't been able to get to it till just now. He walked out just seconds ago, I swear! I am so sorry!"
"It's okay. It's fine. It wasn't a date or anything, you'd just told me you'd drop by for dinner."
"But still! I kept you waiting." Jacob sighs. "I'm sorry. This is twice in a week!"
"It's alright. How did your meeting go?"

"Good." He sighs again and this time I hear the exhaustion in his voice. "Long but good. He's pleased with the work going on here."
"That's great news!"
"Yeah, it is."
"So where are you now?"
"Just heading downstairs. I need to pick up some things from my office and tie off a few strings for the night."
"Oh alright. I'll leave you then."
"I'll call you later. I promise. In... about an hour and a half?"
"Sure, I'll be waiting."
I really can't stay upset with him when he apologizes.

Sitting up, I look at the folders in front of me and start to tackle the work. I need to get at least half of this done.

When Jacob calls at the promised time, I'm nearly done.
"What are you doing?" He asks.
"Paperwork. Putting the bakery's accounts straight." I answer, hearing a door close through the phone. "You're in your room?"
"Yes, at last. You need any help with those? I specialize in finance you know?"
"Do you now?" I place the last papers into the file and close it. "I'm done, so thanks but no thanks."

He chuckles. "How did Ray's date go?"
I laugh softly, "He was over the moon. He came by once he dropped her at work and said she loved it."
"That's good to hear!"
"I know. He's really happy."
"That's wonderful."
"Hmmm," I hear running water and hesitantly ask, "What are you doing?"
He chuckles, "Washing my hands. I haven't eaten since noon."
"Didn't get the time."
"Jacob, it's not healthy."
"I know." I hear the smile in his voice. "I'm sorry."
Laughing, I shake my head. "What are you having?"

"A sandwich. Some guy handed it to me during lunch time but it didn't look appetizing. Still doesn't, but I need to have something. I can't be bothered to order room service for some reason."
"Oh okay."
There's a knock at my door.
"Are you busy?" Jacob asks.
"No, just one second." Holding the phone away from my ear, I call. "Yeah? Come in!"
Tarek steps inside but seeing the phone hesitates. "Oh, you're on the phone? It's alright."
"No, Tarek what is it?"
"I just wanted to discuss next weeks menu changes but it's okay."
"Oh. I'll be out in a while."
"You can go." Jacob says once I'm on the phone again.
"No, it's okay."
"Chloe, it's late. Go. We'll talk later."
"Positive. Now go. Finish it and go home. You shouldn't be out so late."
"Alright, alright. I'm going."

I'm walking across the kitchen towards Tarek when I smell something that stops me and gives me an idea.
"Is there any mushroom and ricotta cannelloni left?" I ask Fran.
She nods, "Yeah, a couple of dishes."
I smile, "Pack me two dishes in a box for take away? Thanks!"
When I'm done discussing everything with Tarek, I collect all my things and the packed meal and leave once we've closed.

I should text him and ask him his room number. I'm reaching for my phone but then glance down at my outfit. I need to change. I can't walk into the Ritz in this. Especially if I'm to walk straight past the main desk.

Heading home, I change into red and white cap sleeves top that has a sequin heart in the front over dark blue skinny jeans and red wedges. Pulling on my leather jacket, I slide the box of food into a bag. I pen a note to Ray saying I'll be home late and not to worry before leaving.

'What's your room number? I've sent a delivery.'

Parking in front of the Ritz, I check my phone and I'm relieved to see an answer. He hasn't fallen asleep! Whew!

'216. What is it?'

Smiling, I grab the bag and get out, locking my car.


That's all I can say about the inside of the Ritz. Men in suits everywhere. There's soft music playing in the background. Everything is marble and shiny. Not even glancing at the reception desk, I stride confidently towards the elevator but inside I'm not calm at all.

Once I'm in the elevator with an old man and a woman I let out a quiet relieved breath. They get off first and I quickly check the numbers of the rooms on the floor before pressing the 12 floor. I'm pretty sure that where his room is.

Ping! The elevator doors open and I'm greeted to a board pointing rooms 214-225 towards the left.


Standing outside his room, I take in a deep breath and run my fingers through my hair before knocking briskly at the door. The door swings open and Jacob's expression is priceless. His mouth falls open, his hand on the doorknob and he just stares at me for a second before pulling me inside. I hear the door behind me click shut as his lips land on mine.

Mmmm. Bliss.

He takes the bag from my hand and bends down slightly, not moving his mouth away from mine all the while, and places it on the floor. An arm wrapped around my waist, he holds me tight against him, his other hand sliding beneath the collar of my jacket and cupping the back of my neck. I could kiss him all day, everyday, forever and never tire.

Jacob pulls back and looks at me, smiling.
"What are you doing here?"
I step back and he loosens his grip on my waist and takes my hand instead.
"Special delivery." I grin, lifting up the bag.
"What is it?"

He grins before leaning in and kissing me softly. "I stand you up and this is what you do?" He murmurs against my lips.
"No, you tell me you're eating an unappetizing sandwich and this is what I do."

Laughing, he pulls back and leads me through the suite's living room and into his bedroom.
I run my eyes over him and my mouth waters. He's in black track pants and a tight white shirt that shows off his muscles.

"What did you get?" He asks, grinning.
I can't help but smile, it's contagious.
"Your favorite dish."
I place the bag on the table but he pushes my hands away as I start opening it.
"Take off your jacket, relax. Stay for a while." He looks up at me, probably expecting me to argue but I smile.
"Let me jus-"
"No! You've been working all day. Go sit down."
"So have you." I reply, removing and hanging my coat over the chair by him.
"I know."

I sit down on the bed and watch as he pulls out the box and opens it, retrieving a fork from the bag as well. Jacob sits down on the bed, leaning back against the pillows and crosses his legs. Looking up at me, he grins.

"Come here." He holds open his arms and I stare at him not sure what he wants me to do exactly. Chuckling, he leans forward and taking my arm gently pulls me and I find myself sitting in his lap, leaning back into his chest.

His arms come around me and I hold the plastic box as he starts to eat.
"No thanks. I already ate." I say as he holds the fork to my lips.
"It's alright you can have one bite."
"Jacob, please."
He leans in closer so he's able to see my mouth as he pushes the fork in and whispers. "Humor me."
My mouth goes dry as his warm breath blows over my skin and I quickly take the bite, trying to distract myself.
"I haven't been taken care of in a while, I'm digging this whole special delivery idea. Although, you're the special part of the delivery." He kisses my cheek before tossing another bite into his mouth.
"I'm glad you like it."
"Like? Sweetheart, I love it."

I blush, pleased and focus my eyes on the box in my hands. Once he's done, he takes the box from my hands and places it on the table by the bed. He reaches for the bottle of water beside the phone and gulps a few sips down before relaxing behind me.

His chin is resting on my shoulder and for a few moments, the room's in total silence.
"I'm really sorry about tonight Chloe."
"It's alright." I pull back slightly and turn my head to look at him. "If it wasn't would I be here?"
His eyes bore into mine before he murmurs. "Guess not."

My body knows what's coming before I do. I turn around slightly as we both lean in at the same time. I throw an arm around his neck, pulling him down closer, as our lips meet. Jacob's grip around me loosens and I turn around completely, straddling him. His fingers run up and down my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps while his other hand wraps around my back, pulling me against him.

I bite back the moan that's threatening to escape as his fingers sneak in under my sleeve and he rubs them in circles, successfully heating up every part of my body in that one gesture.

I forcefully pull back slightly and take in a deep breath. Jacob shifts beneath me and turns to the side so that I'm lying down on the bed. Hovering above me, he bends his head down and trails a path along my jaw and down my throat with his lips, his stubble rubbing against my skin. I slip my fingers into his hair and tighten my hold as he kisses the side of my neck, holding him there before pulling him back up to my lips.

I let his tongue into my mouth with no objections, not trying to stop the soft moan escaping this time as he runs it over the roof of my mouth. I slide my hands down, feeling his well-defined chest, the muscles over his stomach.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
Jacob pulls away and turns so that he's lying over me. Leaning on one elbow, he runs a finger along my jaw.
"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" He murmurs, his eyes locked on mine.

Blushing, I try to look away but I can't. Yes, no. Yeah if calling me beautiful counts. It's a rhetorical question right? I don't need to answer.

He chuckles softly. "Guess not." Leaning in, he rubs his nose against my cheek. "I won't do you any justice by trying to describe you but I'll tell you this. The first time I saw you my heart stopped."
A chuckle escapes my lips and he drops his head down to my neck.
"I'm not kidding. I thought I was having a heart attack or something. And I didn't really care if I died, I was too busy looking at you."
"Jacob." I bite my lip, full on blushing at this point.
"Ssshh." He looks up and softly presses his lips to mine.

"Morning beautiful."
I look up from my coffee and see Jacob sitting on the stool next to mine.
"Morning." I smile.
As I reach up, a faint smile crosses his face before he kisses me.
"What can I get you?"
"A coffee. I'll get it."

I watch as he goes up to the counter and orders a coffee from Claire. She glances at me, smiling before nodding. He's dressed for work, I note taking in his suit. He looks so hot in a suit.

He comes back and sits down, coffee cup in hand.
"How was your night? Slept well?" I ask, grinning.
He scowls. "Thanks a lot. No, I didn't."
I chuckle, "Too bad. I slept well."
He narrows his eyes at me before shrugging. "I'm glad you did."
I laugh and watching me, he chuckles.
"Listen I was wondering if you could take an early weekend?"
"Well, I promised I'd make it up to you and I have a meeting Saturday morning."
I shrug, "Sure."

He looks at me for a second, considering something. "It's in Victoria."
I nod slowly. "Okay."
"I'll be leaving tomorrow night and..." As he looks at me it clicks. "I want you to accompany me. Spend the weekend with me in Victoria."
"I..." I open my mouth, just staring at him.
"Please. We'll be back by Sunday night, I promise."
"I don't know."
Jacob takes my hand. "Please."
I look up at him and sigh. "Okay. I guess."
"Thank you!" He leans in and kisses my cheek. "You don't have to worry about anything! I'll just tell them they have to book another ticket, it'll be on the company. You just need to pack."
I nod. "Alright."
He grins and I smile back, glad that he's happy.


"What's wrong? I think it's sweet he's taking you with him."
"No Ray! I'll be going to his home. Possibly meeting his friends."
"So?" He asks slowly, sitting down on my bed and folding a shirt I'd thrown. "It's a good thing. He's including you in his life."
"Yes but... but..."
"Chloe, this guy really likes you. What are you really worried about?"
I look away from him. "He's filthy rich Ray."
"I'm just... worried."
"Chloe." I hear him sigh before an arm comes around my shoulder. "It's going to be fine."
I hope.


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Grace - I'm so glad! Thanks so much, he's back this chapter!

Tamika - Hahaha alright, alright. I think I'll tackle the dog named, Ben first LOL. I guess the main problem is with Chloe is that after Ben, she's going to be insecure letting people just waltz in her life again so she was super alert of anything that could be wrong with Jacob and even though it's something small, she's upset. Can't really blame the girl but yeah, it is generally not a big deal.. Hahaha Yeah Ray IS perfect! I won't argue with you there!

Yvotte - Awww thank you! I'm so glad I did! Thanks! Hahaha I was joking about the 17 comments! Enjoy!

Anne - Thanks so much! I guess the main problem is with Chloe is that after Ben, she's going to be insecure letting people just waltz in her life again so she was super alert of anything that could be wrong with Jacob and even though it's something small, she's upset. Can't really blame the girl but yeah, it is generally not a big deal..

Shey - Thanks! I guess the main problem is with Chloe is that after Ben, she's going to be insecure letting people just waltz in her life again so she was super alert of anything that could be wrong with Jacob and even though it's something small, she's upset. Can't really blame the girl but yeah, it is generally not a big deal.. Xx

Praiser - Thanks so much! Hahaa we never know! I'll do my best!

PH - I was joking! Honest! Just wanted to tease you. I'm sorry I test your patience. I'm going to post more often from now because I'm almost done writing the story... I think it's going to be about thirty chapters! My longest yet, lol! Chloe and Ray are just so comfortable around each other aren't they? Yeah, Jacob's mainly a mystery to us so I thought his POV would help a bit... convince a few people he ain't all that bad! Yeah, not many people accept your dreams and he's taken it all in his stride and is really so proud of her! I guess the main problem is with Chloe is that after Ben, she's going to be insecure letting people just waltz in her life again so she was super alert of anything that could be wrong with Jacob and even though it's something small, she's upset. Can't really blame the girl but yeah, it is generally not a big deal... I will! Love you too.

Grace - Don't worry hun, I was joking! I'll be posting more often from now on. You'll get the next chap on Saturday hopefully! And lots of Ray next chapter!

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