Until You - Chapter 23

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*Chloe's POV*

It takes a moment for it to register that I'm lying on top of Jacob the next morning. For a second I think last night was an evil part of my imagination taunting me but then feeling something shift beneath me, I open my eyes and look up to see Jacob's face.

A relieved sigh escapes my lips and I lie my head back down on his chest. His arms are tightly wrapped around me and I can't move an inch. I don't think I moved much all night, I'm feeling kind of stiff. But it's so worth it.

Jacob shifts once more, this time turning to his side and pulling me along. He throws his leg over mine and I wince slightly as his foot brushes against mine.

Ouch. If that slight touch is painful I don't want to see how my foot looks. I look up at him.

His long eyelashes fanning his cheekbones, his pink lips slightly parted, the stubble around his chin and scattered across his cheeks. He's so handsome.

Jacob doesn't make a sound throughout the half an hour I resort to staring at him. His arms stay around me and whenever he moves, even slightly, he pulls me closer. Of course, the sound of his phone is what wakes him. It makes the smallest noise and he starts stirring.

"Morning sleepy."
His eyes flutter open and he gives me a small smile.
"Morning beautiful. Slept well?" He murmurs.
"Yeah. You?"
"I did. How's your foot?"
I sigh. "Fine I guess."

Jacob lets go of me and stretches, his arms raised above his head before sitting up. His fingers run down my leg and I close my eyes as he pulls the blanket back and his cool fingers touch my warm foot.

I hear his intake of breath and open my eyes to see his back straightening.
"Uh, Chloe?"
He looks up at me. "I think you should stay in bed today."
"What?! Why?" As I start to sit up, his hands reach for me, but I just prop myself up on my elbows.
"Because your foot's swollen. You shouldn't be using it."

"Jacob, I'm catering tonight!"
"Then I'll come to the bakery with you. But you're not going to be on your feet. You were the one who said your staff could manage without you, so we'll let them. But if your foot doesn't get better by tomorrow morning, I'm taking you to a doctor."

I groan. "I can take care of myself Jacob."
"Oh I know. But it's my job so don't sweat it."
I roll my eyes as he stretches out beside me, leaning on his elbows. I fall back into my pillow, sighing.

"Don't worry beautiful." He brushes his fingers against my forehead, pushing strands of my hair aside. "I'll take care of you. I promise." He meets my eyes and holds my gaze.

That's exactly what he does. I convince him I can at least stand on my own but as soon as I get up, I start wobbling and Jacob's arms come around me. He leads me to the washroom and then once I've gotten ready, sits me down on a chair with a bag of ice on my foot. It doesn't look pretty I must admit. All red and swollen.

He gets ready and then leads me out. Ray's sitting in the living room, feet up on the coffee table, sipping a mug of coffee.

"Oh! I didn't know you were here!" He quickly pulls his feet down and then frowns, his eyes trailing over to my foot. "Chloe! What happened?"
He gets up and watches as Jacob lowers me gently to the couch.
"I tripped last night."
Ray rolls his eyes. "You'll never learn to be careful!"
"I was being careful!"
"Then how did that happen?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.
I shrug. "I tripped. It's not something you do purposely if you didn't know."
Jacob chuckles,"Partly my fault. I asked her to open her front door."
"So?" Ray scoffs. "You asked her to open the door not trip over her own feet."
"Shut up Ray. You're supposed to be concerned not blaming me for it."
"But he's already concerned." He whines, pointing at Jacob like a little kid. "Someone needs to balance this equation out."

I sigh, "Alright. Point taken, I'm clumsy. The equation is balanced now."
"Okay." He grins, sitting down beside me and taking the bag of ice from Jacob's hand. "How bad does it hurt? Did Jacob kiss it better for you?"
Groaning, I fling the couch cushion in his direction.


I don't get to do anything.
Nothing at all!

Which is kind of frustrating. Not that I'm complaining a lot because it's nice to just sit and watch everyone but I feel bad for wasting my time and watching other's work and me doing nothing.

Jacob's arm is permanently wound around my waist as he leads me from the apartment to the car and from the car to a chair in the bakery. Sitting in the kitchen with another ice bag on my foot, I watch him.

He's so relaxed, I'm actually glad I'm stuck in a chair and I can just enjoy the view. His shoulders aren't tense and the way he's dressed, in faded jeans and a white shirt, it's like he's on a holiday or something. I always see him in formals and even during the weekend, if we're going out, he's got his collar smoothed out.

I like this Jacob.
Just like I like all the sides to Jacob.

He moves around the kitchen with ease, tasting things, helping out. He sits by me and we just talk, sharing stories with my staff who are present. When Darren arrives, Jacob takes to making rounds and checking out the front as Dare sits with me and updates me on everything.

My staff leave for the catering around 7:30. The group going only consists of Tarek, Foster and Fran. Waiters are already being provided so the three of them just need to cook and prepare the plates. All the prep was carried out in the afternoon and I got the satisfaction of helping out, cutting and rolling anything they needed.

Jacob and I have dinner before leaving the bakery. My foot does feel much better and I can make it to his car with just his hand resting on my back.

"I was having fun looking after you!" Jacob whines as he pulls away from the bakery and turns his car towards the main road.
I chuckle, "And I enjoyed being taken care of. But holiday's over!"
He groans but then reaches over and takes my hand.


"Wake up!" I shake Jacob's shoulder at six thirty the next morning.
He groans, throwing an arm over his eyes. "Why?"
"Because you promised to spend an entire day at the bakery remember?"
He peeks at me from beneath his arm and then glances at the clock. "Why do you sound so hyper this early?"
I grin. "Because! I'm excited."

He lets out a loud sigh and rolling my eyes, I sit up and turning to him, sit astride him. Jacob slowly moves his arm away and looks at me from beneath hooded eyes, with the same expression he's looked at me with so many times before. My stomach flips in anticipation as his hands rest on my waist and I don't bother to wait for him, instead leaning in and pressing my lips tightly against his.

When I pull away, breathless, Jacob turns us to the side and then buries his face in my shoulder.
"I'm going back to sleep."
"Oh no Mister. You're getting up. Or I'm going to the bakery without you."
"Why Chloe? I'm so comfortable." And as to prove the point, his arms around me tighten.
"So am I. But still. A promise is a promise."
"And I'll keep it. Just not 6 in the morning."

"You said you want to spend the day with me. Well sleepyhead, the day at a bakery starts at 5 be glad I didn't wake you then. Come on!"
Groaning, he lets me go and sits up.
"You're evil."
He glares at me but his expression softens after a few moments. Leaning in, he brushes his lips across mine.
"Yes, really."

Jacob only wants a strong cup of coffee and so I make it while he's showering. I nibble on some biscuits I find in his kitchen, not really in the mood for breakfast.

Looking around his hotel suite, I sigh.
Where's all this going?

I really care for Jacob. So much more than I thought I could and so much more than I ever did for Ben. I thought I was ready to stay with Ben forever but I'd happily commit to Jacob with my eyes closed.

He makes me happy and complete in a way I never thought possible.
But if he's not living here...
I shake away the thought.
The here and now. That's what matters.

He comes out of the washroom, hair dripping with droplets of water that run down the nape of his neck and back. I watch him from my perch on the bed as he rummages deep into the drawer and pulls out a long sleeved black shirt. I guess I complimented him a lot yesterday. I bite back a smile as he pulls on dark blue jeans and the black shirt. Going over to the safe, Jacob unlocks it and pulls out a ridiculous amount of cash out, pulling out a couple of notes and slipping them into his wallet.

He locks the hotel room and reaches for his cup of coffee.
"Anytime." I pull up the fur-lined collar of my coat up around my ears.
I reach his car first and turning to him, hold my hand out.
"What?" He looks up from taking a sip of his coffee.
"I want your keys."
"Why?" He frowns.
"Because I'm driving."

"Why?" He asks again, his expression full of confusion. "I can drive just fine."
"Oh I'm sure you can. But I want to drive. Please? I promise not to crash your car."
"You better not." He drops the keys in my hand.
"I won't. I know how important to you it is." I grin. "More important than a cup of coffee, or even me."

He raises his eyebrows but then silently walks around the car and slips into the passenger seat.
I'm kind of nervous, but mostly excited.
I'm driving a Porsche!
Me, Chloe Stevens!

The drive to the bakery is silent. I can tell Jacob would have nodded off by now if it wasn't for the coffee. As it is, his eyes are barely open.
"Here we are! Ready?"
"Yup." He drains his cup and unbuckles his seat belt.
Revving the engine one last time, I turn it off and get out.
"Enjoyed?" Jacob grins, walking up to me as I lock the car.
I nod, smiling. "Yeah!"

He chuckles and after placing the cup over the hood, he wraps his arms around me, pulling me close.
"You make a mean cup of coffee. I can feel your excitement catching."
I laugh, "That's a relief!"
Raising an eyebrow he leans in. "You know, nothing in the world is more important than you, let alone a car."
"I'm glad you think so." I reply, my cheeks coloring.
"Since we've got that settled..." Jacob mumbles before placing his lips over mine.
I move away seconds later. "Ew! You taste like coffee!"
He grins. "Delicious right?"
I pretend to gag and push him away. "Disgusting."

He's still laughing as we push open the door and walk into Little Miracles. Hearing the noise, Tarek and Claire rush out from the kitchen and both wear identical expressions of surprise at seeing us.

"Get an apron Chef. We've got an extra pair of hands on deck today." I wink at Tarek and chuckling he looks at Jacob.

He shrugs. "I promised her mate. Let's just get this over with."
I chuckle, "You do know we close at eleven right?"
Tugging at the end of my pony tail, Jacob walks around the counter and into the kitchen.
"Now this is going to be interesting!" Claire exclaims as we follow the men.
"So what we going to do first?"
Tarek smiles. "Stand next to Chloe. I need to take a picture!"
"Is this what you do every morning?" Jacob asks.
"Nope, but we have to this morning."
I chuckle as Tarek gets his phone out and clicks a photo of Jacob in an apron and chef's hat standing by my side.

Tarek and Jacob start rolling and kneading the dough for the croissants, and Claire and I work on baking buns and starting on the other breakfast dishes.
"How's it going?" I ask, leaning on the counter beside him.
Jacob looks up from kneading the dough. "Good."
"I'm surprised."
He raises an eyebrow. "Why?"
"I dunno. I guess I thought all this kneading and shaping wasn't your thing."
He laughs, "I sure won't be going to the gym this week! Now I know how you manage to keep in shape, this is hard work!"
I smile, "You wondered?"

He grins. "Once. You're always over here, you don't get much time to go and workout at a gym."
"I used to go running at the beginning, but then I stopped. Not sure why. And then I took up swimming every Saturday mornings but that also stopped after a while. You're right, I don't get much time." I glance down. "No, no. Not like that! You have to fold it. Lemme show you."

Jacob moves back and I take over, folding the dough.
"See? Now you try."
"Okay." His arms come around me and he lifts my hands back to the dough, moving them as he folds it exactly like I show him.
"Perfect." I brush a strand of hair back under my cap.
"So this is your war paint huh?"
He touches my cheekbone and holds his index finger up. There's flour smeared on it and looking up at him, I laugh.
"Yup. And what would yours be?"
He chuckles, "I don't do the dirty work hun."
"I should have known."
"What's that supposed to mean?" He raises an eyebrow.
Smirking, I duck under his arm. "I need those done in half an hour!"

Jacob helps plate up and serve breakfast and then comes out front and helps with filling out all the coffee orders. He has trouble with it at first, and he's a bit slow, but I can see he's enjoying. He even tries helping me ice a cake but his hand shakes so much, he leaves it.

After the breakfast rush, we start on making the salads and fillings for the sandwiches and he's great help there, chopping up the veggies and mixing the sauces. He even gives us a recipe of something his Mom used to make when he was little.

I don't know who puts him up front but when I come out of my office after answering a call, he's nowhere in the kitchen. I find him behind the till, taking in orders and chatting with the customers.

"Hey. How's it going?"
He grins, looking at me. "Hey beautiful."
"You having fun?"
He chuckles, "Of course! How could I not? You?"
I smile. "You know with a little practice you'd make a great cook!"
He shakes his head. "No thanks. I'll stick with my numbers."

We're at the bakery until 7:30 and it's a bit quiet since it's snowing heavily.
"Do you want to leave?" I ask Jacob, leaning against the counter. He's busy talking to Foster. They've got along really well.
He glances at me. "No, I'm fine."
"You sure? Because I don't mind."
He looks at me for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Yup."

I think he thinks I'm testing him to see if he'll survive the day. Nodding, I turn around and walk over to where Alice is standing with Fran, learning how to make pizza dough. I sigh and wander around the busy kitchen aimlessly before heading towards the front.

"Yeah?" I turn around to see Jacob walking towards me.
"You alright?"
I nod. "Why?"
"We'll leave if you like." He reaches for my hand.
"No, it's fine." I bite my cheek as pain shoots through my lower abdomen.
"What's wrong?"
Expect him to notice.
I shake my head, "Nothing. I'm just having bad stomach cramps."

"Then you should be sitting!" Slipping his arm around my waist, he leads me towards my office. "Sit down." I sink into the leather sofa, closing my eyes.
"Hmm?" I look up at him, lifting my head up.
"Why are you having cramps?" When I don't answer immediately, instead I drop my head into my arms, I think it clicks. "Oh okay. Do you want me to get you warm water? That usually helps, I think."
"Yes, please."

He leaves and is back with a glass of warm water within minutes. Sitting down beside me he hands it to me.
"Are they this bad every month?"
"No, not always." I wince.
"Let's leave."
"You sure? You were having fun with Foster."

He smiles gently. "I was but he needs to get on with his work, I don't want you telling him off. And yes I'm sure. Let's go home."

He gets up and gets my jacket and holds it out for me as I stand up. I slip my arms through it and then he turns and pulls his black trench coat on.
"What do you want to eat?" Jacob asks as we buckle up in his car.
"Have you ever had a shawarma?"
"What's that?" He shoots me a curious look.
"It's an Arab dish, it's like a roll. It's got onion and pickles and fries and chicken with tartar sauce. It's delicious."
"Okay then. Where do you get it?"
"There's a restaurant down the street. Just take a right after the traffic light."
"Okay." He starts driving down the street. "Where do you want to go back to? Yours or mine?"
"I don't know. You?"
"I'd rather go to yours. Your bed is much more comfy."
I scoff. "Compared to a five star suite?"
"Yes. You sleep in it."
I smile, shaking my head. "Okay, but Ray's going to be home."

He shrugs, "It's alright." Jacob parks the car in a vacant place. He turns up the heater and looks at me. "How many?"
"I just want one."
"You might want to get two. They're kind of small."
"What about you?"
"I'll share yours. And two for Ray."
"Any drinks?"
I shake my head. "No thanks."
"I'll be right back. Lock the doors behind me."
I reach over and press the button on his door handle once he's closed it behind him.


I knock on the door before unlocking it. As I step inside my flat, Ray emerges from the living room.
"Hey! I wasn't expecting you!" He grins, clearly happy.
Ray rolls his eyes, laughing. "Hey man! What's up? How was your day?"
"Busy," Jacob chuckles.
"Oh yeah. You spent it at the bakery. How'd it go? It's hard work right?"
"Yeah, it was great! It is hard but it's fun as well."
"I know. Not everyone can do it. It's a skill. Like I know women like to cook and all but not everyone can do everything."
"True. It comes naturally for some people."
I watch as they walk past me, talking. It pleases me to no end that they both get along so great.

"Like Chloe can just look at something and know it isn't right and know how to fix it. My mother was a great cook but I've only ever seen Chloe so accurate."

Shaking my head, I place the bag of shawarma on the dining table and head to the washroom.
"Here you go!" I hand the guys their dinner and plop down on the couch between them.
"Oh Chloe before I forget. I'm flying to New York tomorrow for two days. It's one of the guys stag night. I'll be back Wednesday morning."
"Did Amelia okay this? You going to the Big Apple for a bachelor party?"
"You sure? She does know it involves bars and women right?"
He chuckles, "Don't worry. Apparently it's not going to be too wild."
"Okay, I guess I give you permission to go."
"Oh thank you!" Ray swipes at his brow and I elbow him.

"I've got that meeting for the catering contract on Tuesday." I remind them.
"Oh, do you want me to stay? For support?"
I shake my head. "No, it's fine."
"You have Jacob anyway." He grins.
"Actually, I might be driving up to Kingston on Tuesday."
"Why? Is Mom alright?"
He smiles, "Yes, she's fine! For work."
"Oh okay. It's alright guys! I'm a big girl, I can do this myself."
"Just don't sign anything until you've read it through and understood everything." Ray cautions.
"Yes sir."

I spend Monday night by myself. Jacob insists I stay with him, but he's leaving early morning and I know it'll just make my nervous staying at his hotel when he isn't around. So I stay home the whole day. The meeting's scheduled for 7:30. I don't know who has meetings at that time but apparently that was the only time available.

Dressed in a gray turtleneck and black skinnies, I pull my brown duffle coat on. It's only 6:30 but I decide to leave. Trust the roads to be full of traffic on a day, I'm in a hurry. By seven o'clock I'm pulling into the parking of the 4 star franchised hotel. If we get this contract, I won't need to look for anymore companies to cater to for a long time.

I spend ten minutes in my car before deciding to head in. The receptionist has me wait in the waiting room and I'm called in at exactly 7:30. I give the presentation I normally do, explaining how long Little Miracles has been operating, it's profitability and what we're planning for the future. It's all generalized, nothing specific that would damage my business in any way. Peter Hall, the man who'd eaten at Little Miracles was vouching for us from the beginning, explains what they expect from us, if we're chosen.

"How long did you say you've been operating?" Steve something, the owner, asks, leaning back in his chair.
I didn't like him from the moment I set eyes on him. So arrogant.
"Almost three years."
"We've had some offers from other restaurants Ms. Stuart." When I merely smile, he continues. "Bigger restaurants."
"Okay." I nod, still smiling although it's becoming more forced.
"Why should we choose you instead of them?"

I shrug, "That's a fair question. Why should you? In my opinion, big becomes impersonal. A smaller business offers you more exclusive services and will be more efficient. But then again, it's how you see it personally."

He nods, smiling, "True. We'll get back to you Ms. Stuart."
"Thank you." I smile, nodding at the table full of men, before turning and walking out.

We'll get back to you.
Yeah, right.
I can't believe I lost that contract.

It would have been so great if we'd gotten it. Not only would we have more business, but the publicity would have been great.

Sighing, I head over to the bar in the corner of the hotel. I need a drink.

The bar is as lavishly decorated as the rest of the hotel. I perch on a stool at the bar and order a glass of wine. While I wait for my drink, I glance around. There must be a party going on. At the far end there's a big group of people talking and laughing. Waiters are hovering around them with bottles of champagne and canap├ęs. Shrugging, I turn just as the barman places the glass in front of me.

"Surprise seeing you here." The snide voice makes me aware of someone standing by my side. Looking up from my drink I turn and see Ben's mother.
Looking her up and down, at the ridiculous tight dress she's wearing, I reply, "I should say the same." I pointedly turn away.
But some people are just way too thick.
Or stubborn.
"Still have an attitude I see."
"Yup, I'm still me. Shocking isn't it?" Finishing my drink, I get to my feet and wander over to the wall to look closely at the painting I've been studying for the past fifteen minutes.
"We're here celebrating Ben's promotion. He got a fantastic promotion last week. Moved up so many pay grades. He's such an intelligent man."

Oh my GOD. She's following me?
Does she have any idea how pathetic she looks? Honestly, I don't care!

"Hmm really? Congratulations to him then!"
"And he's going out with the most beautiful girl! She's gorgeous! She was a super model."
"What happened? She fell in love with him and quit her job?" I reply sarcastically.
"Yes actually. She's head over heels in love with him. Real love not that pretense you were putting up all these years."
I let out a shocked laugh.
But my blood starts to boil. It's not enough that I've had a rotten day, she needs to turn up to top it all.
Ignore her Chloe, she's so not worth it.
"I hope you still don't have any feelings for him."
"Excuse me?" I look at her, my eyebrows raised. "I was the one who ended it. Your son was the one who came to me recently asking me to take him back." More like 5 months ago but I'm not telling her that. "The last thing I'll be having is any feelings for Ben. I'm glad he's happy, but that's it. Now excuse me."

Shaking my head, I walk past her and to the other side of the bar. I order another drink and drain it down before paying the bill.

I start walking through the groups of people towards the exit.
"It's like so pathetic. Her bakery is tiny, my kitchen at home is bigger and she wanted to secure work here?"
My head whips around as the words register and I hear the familiar voice.
"I don't know man. I'm close friends with Steve, he told me."

My mouth falls open as I see Ben, collar loosened, drink in his hand, talking to a couple of men. My eyes wander behind him and I see the shocked face of Peter Hall. He looks up and his eyes widen as he sees me and he starts to shake his head but I quickly turn away.

Quickening my steps, I hurry out towards the ladies room. Just as I'm reaching it, I hear footsteps behind me.

"Ms. Stuart!"
I don't bother to glance back, except pick up my pace and hurry inside. I lock the door behind me.
It's empty, thank God.
Placing my bag on the counter near the sinks, I sag against the wall, tears welling in my eyes.
I need Jacob.
Pulling out my phone, I dial his number.

"Hey beautiful. How are you?"
I gulp, hearing his cheerful voice. I can see his smile when I close my eyes.
"Jacob." My voice comes out strangled, between a cry and a croak.
"Chloe, what's wrong sweetheart?" His voice changes, worry lacing his tone.
"Where are you?"
"On my way back. About thirty minutes away from Brampton. I finished early, I wanted to surprise you."
"Can you come pick me up?"
"Of course! Where are you?"
"At the hotel."
"Your meeting one?"
"I'll be there in twenty minutes sweetheart."

"Okay." I close my eyes, holding the phone to my ear and listening to his breathing. I can hear his car engine in the background purring as he presses down on the accelerator.
"You still there?" Jacob asks softly minutes later.
"Okay ten more minutes." He swears softly, something about the traffic, and I hear the sound of horns. "I'll be in the front in three minutes."
"Okay. I'll come out."
"Alright beautiful."

I hang up and turn to the mirror. I wipe away my smudged eyeliner and put some fresh lip gloss. Running a hand through my hair, I unlock the bathroom door and step outside. Head held high, I walk through the lobby and step outside just as Jacob's black Porsche comes to a screeching halt by the stairs.

He jumps out and hurries up halfway, pulling me into his arms. I bite my lip hard, trying to not break down.

When I pull away, he leads me down, holding the car door open as I slip inside.
It's quiet as he backs out and turns the car onto the highway.
"What happened?" Jacob's voice is soft and I bite my lip once more.
"I didn't get the contract."
"They're idiots. They'll regret it, you'll see." When I don't reply, he glances at me. "What else?"

I gulp, dropping my head as the tears start rolling down. Jacob reaches over and moves my hair and when his fingers brush against my tears, he gasps.

As soon as there's an exit, he pulls off and turns onto a residential street. Sniffling, I wipe my tears away as his car door slams shut.

*Jacob's POV*

I hurry around the car and opening the passenger door, bend down. I manage to slide in and pull Chloe into my lap, closing the door shut before the cold air fills the car.
"What's wrong?" I whisper. I've never seen her like this, it's scaring me.
This can't be because of the contract, I'm positive.
I tighten my arms around her as her body shakes with the sobs.

"I was in the bar," she hiccups, sniffling, "And then," hiccup, "Remember at the beginning you saved me from that guy at the bar, my ex?" She looks up at me through her tears and I nod, panic slowly rising in my throat. If he laid a hand on her, I'm going to kill him. "I was engaged to him," my mouth falls open. Wait, what? Chloe was engaged? "I went out with him for over two years and then our wedding was in a week when I broke up with him," she hiccups and I feel some relief inside at the thought of her breaking up with him, not the other way round. She'd have been much more hurt. "His mother kept getting in the middle of everything and he was a complete mommy's boy. Everything she'd say, he'd do. And she put lies about me into his head and he'd believe them and then we'd fight. I got tired of it and he said something very hurtful so I gave him the ring and walked out. Eight days before the wedding." I have to admit, I'm proud of her. A wedding's a dream come true for any girl, it must have been hard for her. "His mother always talked down about my bakery, openly insulted me. It didn't affect me... I didn't let it affect me. She was at the bar," hiccup, "and she came up to me and started making all these snide comments about me." She sniffles, wiping away her tears. I press my lips to her head, my anger rising with every word. How can anyone treat someone with such little respect? And especially someone like Chloe.

"And like I answered her back like it didn't affect me because it didn't. But when I was leaving," her voice starts shaking. "I heard Ben talking about Little Miracles like it was... trash. In front of people and it was about me losing the contract. He was like his kitchen is bigger than my bakery and..." Hiccup. "I don't usually care, but the way he was saying it and..." She breaks down completely and I pull her close, resting my cheek on her head as she cries. I'd like nothing more than to hunt up that bastard and show him who's trash. I think I'd recognize him from our brief encounter. Hmm... Maybe I should.

"Sweetheart," I whisper, brushing her hair aside. "You know you're much better than that. They're the lowest type of people that could ever exist, bringing down others accomplishments to protect themselves. Don't cry Chloe. Sweetheart." I sigh as she turns in my arm and buries her face in my jacket, her body shaking.

It takes so long for her to calm down that I really start worrying. But even as she's falling asleep, she doesn't leave her grip around my neck and we sit for over an hour on the side of the road. Once she's deeply unconscious, I slowly start unwinding her limbs from mine and lay her gently down on the seat, securing the seat belt. I quickly close her door behind me before the cold breeze reaches her and hurry to the other side.

Slipping into the driver's seat, I press down on the accelerator, heading home. Her apartment, as it would not be nice to carry her through a 5 star hotel. This explains so much.

Chloe's reluctance at the start of the relationship, how she's always ready to cancel a meeting at the bakery if I propose a plan, how scared she was before meeting my mother. She's wonderful with Mom now and as far as I can tell, comfortable in our relationship. I just need to change one more thing.

Make her secure about her dream. That it always comes first for me. As I park the car, I reach for her bag and pull out her keys before shouldering it. Turning off the car, I hurry around the side and lift Chloe up into my arms.

Up in her apartment, I carry her to her bed before making a round of the house, making sure everything is secure and locked. Getting a bottle of water, I head back to her bedroom. Sitting at the foot of the bed, I pull off her heels. Finding her pajamas on the chair near the desk, I decide to change her. She'll be boiling if she stays in that turtleneck.

It takes some time but I manage to remove her jeans, jacket and turtleneck without waking her and put her pajamas on. She turns just as I'm done and I watch, a smile tugging at my lips as her hands reach out and pat the bed.

Looking for me.

Pulling off my shirt and changing into the joggers I leave here, I quickly slide in beside her. Her fingers brush against my bare chest and I hold my breath. She freezes for a second before pulling herself close and wrapping herself around me.

Once she's settled I reach for my phone, an idea forming. I click through the pictures until I come to the one I took of Chloe on Sunday at the bakery. Her hair falling down in waves around her face, her chef's hat sitting straight on her head, her apron on and most importantly those delicious lips of hers curved into a wide smile.


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