Until You - Chapter 28

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*Chloe's POV*

"Which one do you think?" I hold up two tops and turn to Rosalyn.
"Um..." She tilts her head to the side and looks at me for a few silent moments. "The red."
"Yeah, I think so too." Taking her hand, I lead her towards the pants area.
"What do princesses wear?" She asks, looking up at me.
"Big or small princesses?"
"Well, they wear long dresses."
"Like those?" She points and I turn and see a beautiful long black dress on a mannequin.
"Yes, like those. It's beautiful isn't it?"
"Yes. You would look like a princess in it."
I smile down at her, "Thank you sweetheart."

It's been weeks since our first visit to the orphanage. Since then I've made it a habit to drop in at least twice a week. And Rosalyn's opened up so much from our first time. She has her silent moments but there are times she won't stop talking.

I took her to the bakery last week and she loved it. And my staff loved her! Tarek was putty in her hands and he made cookies with her and let her help take orders. It was SO adorable!

Jacob loves spending time with her as well. Last weekend he'd taken the two of us out to watch Ice Age 4 and hadn't even complained once! I think he actually enjoyed the movie! He and Rosalyn finished two large tubs of popcorn and had nachos and were munching away through the whole film. Then the week before he'd taken us to Marine Land. She'd enjoyed that so much!

The only thing I'm scared of is that may be she'll become too attached. I can't really blame her, because I can't imagine not seeing her anymore. But she's already calling me Mommy, I'm afraid to think what would happen if...

"You coming home tonight?" Jacob asks later in the evening.
"Yup, I am."
"I'm going to be a bit late. Do you want me to pick you up?"
"No hun. I've got my car, I'll drive over, wait for you. Take your time."
"No, thanks! I'll hurry so I can be with you sooner. Drive safely alright?"
"Okay. I will. Take care."

After making sure the safe is secure and my office clean, I lock it up and head into the kitchen. I've just sat down with Foster to roll out some dough for tomorrow morning, when Alice comes flying through the door from the front.

"Chloe! There's this really, really hot guy who wants to talk to you!" She literally shouts across the kitchen.
Skidding to a stop next to me, she pulls at my arm. "Come on!"
"Who is it?" I ask, standing up.
"Not Jacob, but he's hot, so who cares?"
"I do. And why do I need to come?"
"Because he said, 'Is Chloe in? Please may I see her?'"
"Did he order anything?"

She shakes her head, dragging me towards the doors. "No, he didn't! So he's not complaining, come on!"
Rolling my eyes, I let her lead me out. She points at the guy and then I push her towards the coffee machines. "Go fill in orders."
She nods, but her eyes don't budge from the stranger's back.
I walk up to him. "Hi. May I help you?" The guy turns around and I gasp, smiling. "James! What a pleasant surprise!"
"Hey sweetheart! How are you?" He grins.
I make my way around the counter and accept the hug and kiss on the cheek he offers. "I'm great, thanks! What about you?"
His smile widens. "Awesome."

"How many more months left? How's Erika?"
"She's good thanks." He groans. "Four more! It's not ending!"
I laugh, "Don't you worry, they'll fly by!" Perching on the stool next to his, I smile. "So what brings you here?"
He shrugs, "Haven't seen you in a while. Personally at least. But you're becoming quite the celebrity. First the newspaper, then a magazine?"
I laugh, "Celebrity, sure! It was all Jacob's doing!"
He smiles, "How is your wonderful boyfriend?"
I grin, "He's doing great, thanks!"

Leaning back against the counter, he looks at me. "Erika had tons of fun with your appearances."
"Yeah, the first one was coincidental but she made use of it. We were having breakfast at Mom's place and she saw you in the paper and literally screamed for me to come look." I laugh, watching him. "She was like, James! Come see this! Chloe's in the paper with her hunk of a boyfriend!"
"Shut up!" I laugh.

"I'm not kidding. Both my parents and Ben and his girlfriend were there. He just stared at us but later I caught him going through the paper. And then she dragged me home the day she saw you on the magazine and left like three copies around the house. Dad was so proud! You should have seen him Chloe. He was really happy."

I blush, smiling. "I miss him."
"He said he'll drop by when he gets a chance. Mom just turned away when she saw it but Ben sat and read it in front of me and then he just sat there thinking for a while. That was also the day his girlfriend found out about you."
I chuckle, "Must have something to see."
He grins, "It was!"

We look up to see Ray walking towards us.
"Hey!" I smile.
"Hey man. How are you?" Ray and James shake hands.
James nods, "Good. What's up?"
He grins, "Going to play some pool. Wanna join?"
He shrugs, "You mind?"
"Not at all! Come on." Ray turns to me, "you coming home tonight?"
He nods and leans in and kisses my cheek, "Take care sweet-thing."
"You too."
I hug James and watch as the two men make their way out.
"You leaving?" Tarek asks and I turn around to see him leaning against the counter.
"Yes. Lemme just grab something for dinner."
"Okay." He smiles.


*Jacob's POV*

Sliding my card into the lock, I push open the door, knocking on it loudly so Chloe knows I'm here. Stepping inside, I look up and see Chloe emerging from the bedroom, in a strappy maroon top and short black shorts. My breath stops short as I see her long legs, her hair flowing down her back.

So beautiful.
And so oblivious of her beauty.
She smiles, almost skipping up to me. "Hey! You're home early."
Smiling, I reach for her, pulling her close. "Hi. Of course. As soon as I knew you were home and I wasn't there, all my work got done quickly."

I catch her smile before my lips mold over hers.
When Chloe pulls back, I groan, leaning in again, but she places her finger on my lips.
"Have you had dinner?"
"I'm about to." I mumble, pressing my lips back to her intoxicating ones. When Chloe pulls back again, I groan. "Why do you keep pulling back? Do I have bad breath or something?"
She chuckles, "No. You have to eat. Aren't you hungry?"
"No." I answer just as my stomach growls, loudly.
She laughs, taking my arm and dragging me to the bedroom. "Come on. I'm starving."
"Why didn't you eat?" I frown, watching her.
She shrugs, "I wanted to eat with you."

Entering the room, I look around, surprised. The lights are all turned off except for a single lamp in the corner of the room that gives the room a warm glow. The desk's pulled away from the wall and two chairs are set opposite each other, the table laid with dishes and a bottle of wine on the side.

"Wow. What's all this?" I look at her, smiling.
"Do you like it?"
"It's amazing! What's not to like?"
Blushing, obviously pleased, Chloe looks at the table."Well, I wanted to do something special and.."

"And?" I tug at my tie, loosening the knot and leaving it hanging around my neck.
"And I realized this morning that today, it's exactly eight months since we started going out. I thought it deserved something special but since you had work and you'd be tired, I did this."
"And what could be more special?" I ask, my voice low, tilting her face up to look into mine. "Than having dinner with the most gorgeous woman on Earth and one that's made in her bakery? And it's just the two of us, no onlookers. You know what that means?" I ask, leaning in.

"What?" Chloe breathes, her eyes fixed on mine.
"I can be selfish and have you to myself all night."


*Chloe's POV*

"So where are we taking her?" Jacob asks, pulling away from the curb.
I shrug. "I don't know. What do you think?"
Chuckling, he glances at me before turning back to the road. "I have no idea! That's why I asked you."
"Okay.. Umm..let's see.." I bite my lip, thinking. Where would a little girl like to go? Hmm.. "Oh! I know. How about Build A Bear?"
"What's that?" He glances at me.
"A shop."
"Will she enjoy it? Didn't you take her shopping a few days ago?"
I chuckle, "Yes I did. But this isn't just any shop. She can build a bear there."
"Build a bear.. Aha."

I laugh when he looks clueless. "It's a place where she can choose the color of the bear, the stuffing, clothes, accessories. Everything. I'm sure she'll enjoy it!"
He chuckles, "Yeah, it sounds fun!"
I grin, "It's great! I remember when Mom and Dad used to take me there! I had a whole army of bears! And then even in Uni, Ray took me twice I think."
Jacob shoots me a smile, "See, that's one of the things I love about you. You don't act like an adult all the time. You've still got your childish streak."

"One of the things you love about me?"
"Yup." He grins.
"Really? Just the things, you don't love ME?" I ask jokingly. Jacob shoots me a smile, glancing at me. "Well too bad handsome. You HAVE to love me."
"I do? Why exactly?"
"Because I love you." I say nonchalantly.

The car comes to a screeching halt and my hand flies out to steady myself. Looking in front of us, I see there isn't a car in sight.
"Jacob, what happened?!" When he doesn't respond, I glance behind us but there isn't anyone there either. There are just cars passing on our right, the drivers shooting us curious looks. Starting to panic that something's happened to him, I turn to Jacob to see he hasn't moved. "Jacob!"
Taking in a deep breath, he guns the engine and drives over to the side of the road. "Jacob!"
He shoots me an accusing look. Wait- what? Did I do something?
"You can't just drop surprises like that on me when I'm driving!" He throws at me.
"What surprises?" I ask, astonished. What did I say?
"Surprises like that!" He gestures with his hand.
Taking in a deep breath, I calm myself down. "Jacob, what surprise?"

He stares at me for a moment and then leans over and crushes his mouth to mine. I don't respond at first, too shocked, but then what the hell. I can't say no to one of his kisses.

Wrapping my arms around him, I kiss him back.
Pulling back, Jacob looks at me, his lips parted.
"I love you too."
No. Wait a minute.
Oh my GOD.
I said I loved him.
So all that mental hassle and worry was for nothing?
How could I have said it without even realizing it?
Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh.

He nods, smiling. "Really." Leaning in, he kisses me deeply.
I take in a deep breath when he pulls back and adjusts his seat belt.
"But.. How? I mean, I didn't think- I.." I trail away, not really sure what I'm trying to say.
"How could I not love you Chloe? You're the most amazing woman I've ever met. I'm so lucky you feel the same way."
"You're joking, right?"
"No. Not the slightest."

"Why don't you make one?" Jacob asks as Rosalyn drags me over to the stuffing, hopping up and down in excitement.
I laugh, "Me?"
"Yeah," he shrugs. "You like stuffed animals don't you?"
"Yes, but.." I just look at him.
"Come on." He grins, "I want you to make one to leave at my place."
I laugh, "Okay. Let her finish first." Smiling, I turn and help Rosalyn choose the clothing for her Papa Bear.
She turns to Jacob, holding up a blue and a black suit coat. "Which one should he wear?"
"Hey! I thought you were asking me!" I exclaim.
"But he's a guy."
"So? I dress him."
"You do not." Jacob retorts.
"I do too!"
"Not." Jacob throws me a glare and then turns to Rosalyn. "The blue one looks good don't you think Rose?"
She smiles, "Yes, it does." She looks up at me. "Right Mommy?"
I nod, smiling. "Yes sweetheart."

Once she's finished with hers, I take her back to the beginning and pick out the color I want.
"Are we making another one?" She asks, looking up at me.
I nod, smiling. "Jacob wants me to have one."
Her eyebrows bunch into a frown. "Why?
"I dunno. Why don't you ask him?"
"Where is he?" She looks around.
"Where's who?" Jacob asks, walking towards us, holding Rose's little house where her bear's resting in.
"Why do you want Mommy to have a bear?"
He chuckles, "Because she'll look cute with one don't you think?"
Rose breaks into a smile. "Yes."
I frown at the two of them. "Why is it whenever he says something you smile and agree?"
"She does?"
I watch in surprise as Rose blushes. "Because?"
She glances at him and then turns to me. "Are you getting that color?"

I stare at her, my mouth open. She changed the topic! I watch from the corner of my eye as Jacob slips away. Crouching down in front of the little girl, I take her hands in mine.
"What is it sweetheart?"
She looks behind her and then turns to me, blushing. "Can I call him Daddy?"
I look at her, shocked. "Honey, you can call him whatever you want. Why are you feeling shy?"
She just stares at me quietly for a few moments. "You look like my Mommy. Jacob doesn't, but he calls me Rose and Princess. And I love him."
I smile, unable to say anything else and look up just as Jacob joins us again. "Everything alright ladies?"
I nod, standing up. "We're just fine."

I don't tell Jacob the conversation. When Rosalyn calls him Daddy, his face is one of complete shock and I start thinking maybe I should have warned him. But he quickly smooths his surprise back and acts normal. He's quiet throughout the evening though when we're on our own and very restless all night.

"Yeah?" I look at him, smiling.
Jacob's usually awake by the time he finishes his first cup of coffee, but today he's onto his second cup within an hour and still looks exhausted.
"Can you do me a favor?"
"Sure, anything."
"I have to go somewhere today. Please come with me?"
"Of course."
"It's far. You don't have any work at your bakery?"
I shake my head, smiling. "Tarek'll take care of it."
"Okay. Great." I wait for him to tell me where, but he just looks back down at his breakfast.

Jacob disappears into the washroom once he's done eating and I get ready in the bedroom, changing into black jeans and a striped black and gray top. The drive IS long, we nearly drive up to Kingston. I try to make some conversation but seeing as he isn't really in the best mood to talk, I decide to stay quiet half an hour into the drive.

As we near Kingston, Jacob turns away and for the next five minutes huge acres of pastures pass by my window. Turning down a dirt path, he pulls up in front of a fenced area.
"Come on." Turning off the engine, he glances at me.
I follow him out of the car and as I reach him, see the sign.
It's a cemetery.

Jacob slips his hand into mine and leads me inside. Running my tongue over my lips, I slide closer to him, looking around. Jacob leads me up a hill and then stops in front of a tombstone.

Tanner Skyes
Beloved son, husband and father

His father.

Letting go of my hand, Jacob sinks down onto the grass. I sit down beside him, watching him closely. I wish I'd met him. He must have been a great person. From what I've understood from the little Jacob's spoken about him, they were very close.

Half an hour later, Jacob turns to me and sees me watching him. His eyes lock onto mine for a few long moments before his lips turn up in the smallest of smiles. Inwardly, I sigh, relieved that my Jacob's coming back.

He sits up, his knees apart and opens his arms. "Come here." Moving over, I snuggle back into his arms, my head on his chest. Jacob rests his cheek against my hair and starts speaking softly.

"My father grew up on a farm a little farther from here with his parents. Out of five kids, he was the only son. My grandfather was really proud of him. Even after he married Mom, he still lived on the farm with his parents. I don't really remember my grandma, she died when I was two but my Mom always says she was a wonderful woman. The farm was huge, my grandfather owned hundreds of acres of land and I grew up there, riding horses, helping to plant vegetables and feeding chicken. When I was six, my grandfather passed away. He was there one night telling me a story and then the next morning he was gone. He was as healthy as a horse, we're not really sure how he died. And Dad was just like him. Sometimes I think if that stupid truck driver had driven properly maybe he'd still be alive!"

His voice is laced with anger, but he takes a deep breath and continues normally, softly. "We moved out the next summer. Dad sold the farm and we've never gone back, it was just too painful for him. He got a job in Kingston and we moved there. Not the place where Mom's living right now, a bigger house." Sighing, Jacob's arms around me tighten and I bite my lip, knowing that what's coming is hard for him to talk about. "I was always close to Dad. From when I was tiny, he treated me like an adult, never made fun of me. He'd take me for a walk every Sunday and we'd have ice cream and a real heart-to-heart talk. Even once I was done college, but then we had coffee instead." He chuckles and I smile, already picturing him and his father walking next to each other. His Mom had shown me a few pictures the last time we'd met of her late husband and Jacob looks so much like his Dad, it's unbelievable.

"He taught me so many valuable lessons, like you have to work hard to gain something you love." Dropping his head down, he kisses my cheek. "He always used to bother me after college to start dating. That it was time I settled. That he wanted to see his grandchildren." His voice breaks and pulling back, I quickly turn around in his arms.

"Yesterday when Rosalyn..."
"Jacob," I say softly, my heart breaking at seeing him so upset. I hold his face in my hands and wait for him to look up. When he does, I just stare at him for a moment. His usually gray blue eyes are deep pools of blue with the tears in his eyes. So beautiful. "Hey, it's alright. There's nothing you could have done."

He reaches up and takes a hold of one of my hands, bringing it to his lips. "He would have loved you Chloe. So much. He'd love your bakery too. Would come around and insist, he will help to make you teach him something new and he'd have gotten along wonderfully with your staff."
"He'd have done everything you're doing." I reply softly, smiling. "He must be so proud of you."
Jacob drops his eyes and we sit quietly for a few minutes. Looking up at the sky, he then glances at me. "Let's go. You must be starving."
"I'm fine."
Smiling, he stands up and then helps me up. Leaning in, Jacob kisses me softly.
"Yeah?" Taking my hand, he pulls me close.

I look at his father's resting place. "Thank you for bringing me here and making me meet your father."
He turns to me, his eyes filled with an emotion I cannot fathom. Reaching out, he fans his thumb across my lower lip. "You're very welcome beautiful."

We stop by a small diner on the outskirts of Brampton and have lunch before continuing on home. Jacob's phone is off, and I haven't gotten a single call all morning and so it's just the two of us, a rarity.

Jacob collects his mail and then we both head on upstairs to his suite.

"Have you gone through your mail?" I ask as he joins me on the couch. I make to sit up properly, but he just pulls my feet back into his lap.
"Nope. Can you check it?"
"Sure." Leaning over, I grab it from the coffee table and start flipping through it. "Here's a bill." I toss it towards him and he opens it before tossing it back on the coffee table. There are two more bills and the rest is just junk. "What's this?" The last thing on my lap is a magazine. "Classic Homes. Nice." Settling down, I open it up. "Ooh, look at this. It's nice."
"Which one?" I sit up and show Jacob the photograph of the flat. "It's okay."
Laughing, I turn the page. "Of course! Can't compare it to you're penthouse can we?"
He grins. "You got it."

A few more pages later, the flats turn into beautiful homes.
"Wow. Look at this! It's beautiful." Pulling my feet off his lap, I sit down beside him.
"What does it have?"
I skim down the article, "Wraparound porch, two bedrooms, a garage, den, dining room and a spacious garden."
"Check out the address. It's near the outskirts!"

"Hm, yeah. Next.." Flipping the page, I stop short. "Okay, this is perfect! Look, it's a two-story house, one spacious master bedroom... Look at the picture! That room is huge. And a master bath. Three bedrooms, all have an ensuite. A state-of-the-art kitchen. And it has four rooms downstairs with the kitchen, so like the dining room, formal living room and a den I guess." Nodding, I read further down the page. "Perfect for a family with children. The immaculately kept garden around the house gives it a charm not many houses contain. The garage can hold up to three cars, a wide driveway providing more space if necessary."

"It's nice." Jacob says, relaxing back into the couch.
Rolling my eyes, I put the book on the table and snuggle into his side. Just nice? It's amazing! "Do you miss your house?"
"Your penthouse, in Victoria. Do you miss it?"
"Yeah, I do."
I bite my lip, trying to decide how to respond to that.
"But like they say, home is where the heart is. And my heart is right here," he says, kissing my head.


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