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Hey! Hope you like the pic!
Grace - NO WAY! 18000 words? Ohmigosh I had no idea! Wow. I don't want to write a sequel, I want to leave my characters young forever. I'm super glad you enjoyed the story and I can't tell you what a pleasure it's been reading your comments! I've enjoyed them immensely and taken your ideas into consideration because they've often given me some inspiration! Waiting to see your take in the next story! Thanks a lot!

Praiser - I can imagine how bad you felt... I probably felt ten times worse for having finished writing it! I'm so happy you enjoyed their honeymoon... and Jacob's little welcome home! It was so Ray-style the proposal wasn't it? I couldn't have thought of a better way he'd have done it! And I had tons of fun writing it too. I can't say thank you enough for your fantastic support... Hope you like 'Last Chances'.... maybe not as much as 'Until You' but enough that it becomes one of your favorites! Enjoy! Oh and no sequel, don't worry. Loved what you said about masterpieces being created only once and relished for life!

Dazzle - Thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it... and that I kept you in suspense! I won't write a sequel don't worry! Hope you enjoy 'Last Chances' as much!

Lucy - Yup yup, it's ended! It was a real Ray-style proposal wasn't it? Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the next story!

Emma - I know how you feel! But I'm sorry, I'm not writing a sequel! Hope you enjoy my next story though! Thanks a lot for your great feedback throughout!

Carly J - THANK YOU so much!

Anjana - Thanks a lot! I can't believe it's over either... my longest story so far but I wouldn't have minded it lasting... oh, I dunno, forever lol! Thanks a lot for your support and hope you enjoy Last Chances!

Angel - Thanks a lot! Glad you've enjoyed the story.. I'm so happy, my story made you go through the emotions that's what I want to achieve, touch my readers like my favorite authors touch me! Hope you enjoy me next story!

BriBri - Hey! Thanks a lot!

PH - I know! The story has been the longest I've written and taken over 6 months to finish, but... where HAS the time gone? I'm just way beyond happy that you've enjoyed it SO much from the beginning! Haha, yes it does make sense! The picture sums up the whole story and the story itself IS a fairytale, nothing less! As much as the characters feel real to you and me... they just aren't! That's something I've been trying to convince myself lately. I'm kidding, the song he sang is Insomnia by Craig David it just, randomly came to me... that was like my favorite song in grade 9 haha, Amelia and Ray are just so comfortable being themselves around each other, it makes their romance refreshing in a way. From the beginning there wasn't too much hassle put into impressing the other. Him carrying her home, he icing on the whole honeymoon cake. I know exactly what you mean! I actually enjoyed writing the scene because them making up just made it all so much better! Imagine a hunk like Jacob so nervous during the delivery and when holding the baby. By the way, have you seen Chris Hemsworth hold India Rose, his daughter? She's like this teeny-tiny bundle in his arms! Lol, I'm glad you loved it! That's just how I wanted it... to start and end in the same place.

How did I know you'd be the one to pick this out, 'Until I met him' - 'Until You'? I just knew it when I typed the last few words, PH will notice it, I'm sure! You never fail to prove me right. You're very welcome! I did it so you would enjoy reading it and that's all I got throughout, your never ending support and feedback. I should be thanking you!

Mansi - Thanks so much!

MayJuneJuly - Can you believe it? I'm going to miss them so much! Thanks a lot junie-boo, I'm ecstatic that you've enjoyed it... every single word. I've loved watching your expression as you read each chapter. The way Jacob and Chloe click, Ray and Amelia have their own magic! Thanks so much! Love you more!

Maddz - I'm glad it made you happy! I wanted to surprise my readers. I'm glad you agree that there's no need for a sequel. Yup, unfortunately Alice and Darren broke up, it didn't work out while Alice was in college... Jacob does look adorable when he's with his kids! Gosh, he's just perfect! Glad you've enjoyed it so much! Thanks a lot!

Maha - Thanks a lot!

Emma - Thank you so much! I'm glad that my story made you realize it, you don't know how happy that makes me feel! I hope you enjoy Last Chances!

Praiser - Whew! All that time I spent agonizing whether to post it or not was worth it huh. Glad you've enjoyed it! Thanks a lot!

Lucy - Yeah, lucky you already with your prince charming, you're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

BriBri - I hope so too!

PH - Hahaha I love you too! I did promise you a surprise, and I kept my word! I was happy when I typed the last few words but when I reread it... yeah, I was pretty depressed! Imagine having a diner named after you! That would just be incredible! I'm not really sure how I wrote it so don't ask. It did include a lot of pacing up and down my bedroom, dunno it just came naturally, I was just transferred back to when I started writing the story and everything came pouring out, a best seller in hours? I'd take a few months... don't make my head to big. I'm glad that you've enjoyed it so much and I can't even begin to thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy Last Chances!

Thank you all for your wonderful support!
Published: 5/9/2013
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