Untitled Faith

A poem.. about the lord.
In the dark of the night

The devils voice becomes clear

"It’ll all be alright

Put your trust in god, my dear.

But before you do

Ask yourself why

What has he done for you?

Is he not just a lie?"

But we forge ahead

With faith in our hearts

And wipe away the dread

That the devils message imparts.

Our beliefs keep us strong

In the darkest of our day

We know right from wrong

And for our sins we must pay.

He died on the cross

To exempt us from sin

In my mind I am at a loss

For which prayer to begin.

So I begin a plea to you

Dear god, the almighty lord

In this case it must be true

That prayer is mightier then sword.

So don’t let my faith fail me

On this dreaded night

Open my eyes so that i might see

A path away from my plight.

So with the bible in hand

I bow my head to pray

Against sin I am to take a stand

As another night fades to day....
Published: 11/27/2008
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