Untrue Mate - Chapter 2

Rita learns about True and Untrue mates.
Rita's first memory of mates was from when she was four years old.


Werewolves start to change into their wolf form from their fourth birthday and Rita had just had hers. It was a painful and exhausting experience that made her sleep for a very long time. She woke up to the sound of rejoicing on the streets of Lennox Pack county. She got up from bed and looked out the window to find many of her pack mates dancing and running around. It felt like a carnival.

"What's going on?" She asked her mom who had just walked into the room.
"Beta Peter's mate just had her baby, it's a boy." She replied.
"Is that what all these noise is about? But Luke and Lucy had a baby yesterday and there was nothing like this." Rita asked.

"That's because Luke and Lucy are not True mates, but Peter and Ivy are." Her mom explained.
"True mates? Are all mates not True mates?"

"No, True mates are mates chosen by the Moon Spirit herself and not everyone finds theirs. When Werewolves get to be 40 for the males and 30 for the females without finding their True mates, the Werewolves Council allows them to choose someone to mate with, an Untrue mate. But when True mates mate and have pups, they are usually born with special abilities. They are the ones who become the Healers, Trackers, Enforcers and later become Elders in the Werewolf Council."
"Wow, that's so cool. I never knew all these."

"Yes, and there is more for you to learn as you grow older. But for now, let's go join the celebrations, there will be a lot of food and I'm sure Gramma Titi will have cakes for everyone." Her mom replied. As Rita followed her mom out to join the celebrations, she could not help wondering about mates. She hoped she got a True mate because it seemed cooler that just an Untrue mate and, she thought it will be nice to be a mother to an Enforcer or a Healer. They seem to command so much respect in the Pack and Elders were more revered than even Pack Alphas.
Published: 11/8/2017
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