Untrue Mate - Chapter 3

Rita prepares to go on her very first Pack hunt.
At sixteen, werewolves get to go on their first hunt with the pack and stay in their wolf form for three days.

Rita was so excited when she got to that age. She had always envied her older siblings and cousins who got to join the pack hurt before her.

However, she had been disappointed when none of them had yet to find their true mate. Her mother had taught her the process of finding a True mate.

"In preparation for their first hunt with the pack, all wolves who had just turned 16 were taken for a two week camp/orientation program. This gave them the opportunity to get familiar with the persons in that group. Then, when they shift and get on the hunt, if any are True mates in the group, the wolves will locate them as they would recognize themselves. And the wolves were never wrong." Her mother explained.

"Then why do so few persons find their true mate?" She asked her mom.

"Most likely because there are so many werewolves spread all over the world and not everyone finds their true mate in their pack. There is also the problem of age. Mates can have as much as ten years age differences between them, so when one is ready to find their true mate, the mate would not yet be old enough to be recognized as a true mate." Her mom replied.

"Wow, that could be a big problem!"

"Yes, but the Moon Spirit in her wisdom provided a solution to that."

"What is the solution?

"If the true mates have ever met in human form, the first one to go on the pack hunt starts to dream walk and this helps them locate their true mate." Her mother explained. "That's why... from 5 till 16 werewolves went to summer camp in different parts of the world. The chaperones in these camps are inmate male and female werewolves. It is hoped that by the time a wolf turns 16, he or she would have visited all the werewolves provinces worldwide and had a chance to meet their True mate."

"Wow, that's a great idea."
"What is dream walking?
"You will have to wait film the orientation for your pack hunt to learn about it."

So it could be imagined how excited Rita was to go on the pack hunt, it was an opportunity to meet her True mate and also to learn so much more about being a werewolf.
Published: 11/22/2017
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