Untrue Mate - Chapter 4

At the Pack hunt, the coordinates were all unmate male and female werewolves from all the nearby provinces.

Rita and Silvia her best friend were so excited. They wanted to be able to finally run and hunt with the Pack. But first there were going to be series of lectures so the young wolves could learn about being werewolves.

A tall, broad-shouldered man wearing the Colors of the Crescent Moon Pack started the series of lectures by talking about what the hunt is about.

"A Pack first hunt will give all you sixteen-year-old werewolves the opportunity to run with the Pack. We will shift into our wolves and then hunt for small animals with the older wolves. This is to build companionship amongst our wolves and to ensure we get familiar with members of our Pack." He explained. "It also gives Truemates the opportunity to recognize each other as this is only possible in wolf form. At the end of the hunt, everyone will sleep in the open field out front in their wolf forms. This is to give opportunity for dreamwalking for those of you whose Truemates are not here."

"What the hell is dreamwalking?" Someone shouted from the back of the hall.
"Wow!!! So you guys don't know about dreamwalking. Do you at least know what Truemates are?"


OK, dreamwalking happens between Truemates and gives them an opportunity to get to know each other in their dreams. So basically, Truemates can control what they say and do in the dreams. Dreamwalking enables mates who have not met to plan to meet and ensure that they truly become mates. Dreamwalking is like dating except it is at night and in dreams."

"So, that's what it means, mom didn't explain it." Thought Rita.
Published: 12/5/2017
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