Unwanted No More

I feel so betrayed so hurt
So much pain that it is a surprise that I live
How can they be so cruel?
How can he be so cruel?
He was kind now he is cruel
Playing with my mind
Not my heart
No way.
He promise to be there
To hold my hand
To be my friend
To be my only one
But he lies
Full of lies
I left him once
Now he's back and back he is
In his pocket he thinks I am
But on top I am
Not of this world
Not of hell
But my own little place
No longer can he hurt
No longer can he cause me pain
He is through he is dead
He is gone
He was breathing now he's not
He suffered at my hands
At my pain
He suffered the way i did and the way he should.
Published: 3/18/2007
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