Upon A Dream

The strangeness of a dream...
I stumbled upon a dream,
I don't know where it came from,
I felt it seducing me,
While spending some time alone,
It crept upon me unawares,
Crawling its way through my mind,
Painting a pleasant picture,
Serenely obscure, but vaguely refined.

It comforted my solemnity,
I felt dignified in my self-esteem,
Contented in its imagery,
The beautiful prose flowed like a stream,
I immersed myself in its wonder,
Imbued with awe by the visions,
Peaceful pastures of glorious color,
Flowing in borealis unison.

I came upon a forest glade,
Where a lady stood, in green attire,
Adorned with flowery braid,
A pretty sight to be admired,
She didn't seem to notice me,
As I wandered through her realm,
It added to the mystery,
In the sequence of the dream.

Adrift on crystal clear waters,
I floated just above the ripples,
I caught images of a beloved daughter,
And a son, no longer crippled,
I watched them playing on the beach,
Their mother by their side,
Not far away, but out of reach,
To feel the tears I cried.

Then suddenly the sky turned gold,
And an angel held their hands,
I watched the bright light take their souls,
To leave behind, empty sands,
Then a strange feeling of ambiance,
Enveloped my consciousness,
I felt the wisdom of a presence,
Gently calm my sadness.

I saw the lady in green attire,
She smiled at me through the trees,
And I thought I recognized her,
As a long, lost memory,
A distant dream, stumbled upon,
Placatory to my senses,
The strangest dream I've ever known,
So real, and yet, so senseless.
Published: 5/2/2012
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