Urgent Need To Fly

As we near the end of our time on earth...
I have an urgent need to fly,
To spread my wings and soar,
Forever upward, to the sky,
To meet the Gods of Nevermore,
To shroud myself in Death's caress,
And kiss this world goodbye,
There's nothing said that can regress,
My urgent need to fly!

How long can a man exist alone,
Before solitude steals his mind?
Madness wills his soul, begone,
To sail away to the other side,
On the cold wind of the eagle's domain,
Where lost and lonely spirits cry,
Where dark and stormy clouds retain,
My urgent need to fly!

When aged bones and muscles thaw,
And the icy cold of strength relents,
When ancient breaths rasp cold and raw,
When the energy of youth is spent,
When thoughts bring melancholy tears,
And pain and sorrow comply,
All the heartache suffered through the years,
Fuels my urgent need to fly!
Published: 6/29/2012
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