Use Your Eyes

Miracles all around...and no eyes to see. It is such a pity that the fetus within the womb is not as amazing as 'abracadabra'.
Use your eyes to marvel and see,
Each day unfold in golden glow,
Don't restrict your sight and be,
Blind to the golden sunrise slow.

There are miracles all around,
If only you take a while to linger,
And hark the gurgling sound,
Of the rivulet, a natural singer.

You don't need things to appear,
Or disappear from your sight,
To revel in the daisy ever so near,
Or the nightingale in flight.

The miracles are plain to see,
If only you have the time to praise,
The fledglings leaving the tree,
And the full, golden ear of maize.

The baby, the rose, the dew, the hills;
The glorious sky by night,
The warm summer and winter chills,
Are stories of His might.

It's funny you know how we jump,
As we follow magic mundane,
And find amazing the flowery stump,
A show that is insipidly plain.

Step out or stay within the grasp,
Of wonders around everyday,
Praise His wonders rich and gasp,
Enjoy every step of the way.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/7/2009
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