Useful Cydia Apps

Having trouble trying to figure out which Cydia apps are most useful of the available lot? Here is a list of 10 most useful Cydia applications which will be of some help for you.
One of the most popular package manager for Apple products with iOS as their default operating system, Cydia doesn't need any introduction today. It has been used by iPhone users for more than two years now. The fact that the practice of jailbreaking is no more considered illegal has come as a blessing in disguise for all those people who have been kept aloof the Cydia bandwagon by legal implications of jailbreaking. It has also made this software application for iOS all the more popular.

Apps for iPhone 4

Starting with Apple iPhone, the use of Cydia on this Apple device can be traced back to iPhone OS 1.1.x. The fact that it catered to all the drawbacks of the first iPhone (and eventually its successors) made it immensely popular among masses. When Apple launched iPhone 4, it did make it a point to eliminate these drawbacks which made experts predict the end of Cydia regime. That didn't quite happen as people thought though, and Cydia continues to fill in for all the loopholes of the fourth generation iPhone as well. Given below is a list of 10 cool apps for iPhone 4 which you should download to make your iPhone more efficient than it is.
  1. WinterBoard: Helps you customize your iPhone.
  2. IntelliScreen: Helps you customize your iPhone screen.
  3. My3G: Facilitates FaceTime and VoIP calling.
  4. Infinifolder: Helps you store unrestricted number of applications in a single folder.
  5. MyWi 4.0: Turns your iPhone into a router.
  6. BTstack Keyboard: Connects your iPhone to a Bluetooth enabled keyboard.
  7. Xpandr: Helps you create shortcuts for apps to facilitate easy access.
  8. Cycorder: Facilitates high-definition video recording.
  9. iSmart Dialer: Helps you access your contacts using numeric key.
  10. MyWi: Enables Wi-Fi tethering.
Apps for iPod touch

Owing to the striking similarity in their screen size and operating system, Cydia apps for iPhone and iPod touch work fine when used on both the devices. However, not all the apps that are mentioned in the best iPhone appl list will feature in the list of best apps for iPod touch (which is more of a music device.) Given below is a list of the top 10 Cydia apps for iPod touch that you need to download for a full-fledged Apple iPod experience.
  1. WinterBoard: Helps you customize your iPod touch.
  2. Dtunes: Helps you download music for free.
  3. Mxtube: Gives you access to YouTube website.
  4. OpenSSH: Enables remote transfer of different files from PC to iPod.
  5. Categories: Helps you organize various icons in categories.
  6. CyDelete: Helps you delete numerous apps in one go.
  7. SB Settings: Helps you manage iPod touch settings from any page.
  8. Grooveshark: Gives you access to Grooveshark music library.
  9. Installous: Helps you download numerous apps.
  10. PwnPlayer: A media player on which you can watch videos.
Apps for the iPad

That brings us to Apple iPad, the tablet PC which is Apple's triumph card in the raging war of tablets. The fact that it uses the iOS as its operating system makes the iPad compatible to Cydia applications. However, owing to its large screen size all those Cydia apps for iPhone and iPod touch may not function properly (or not function at all) on it. After some initial problems, some of the best apps were specifically tweaked to make them compatible to the iPad. The list of 10 top apps for iPad is given below.
  1. WinterBoard: You can customize your iPad using this Cydia app.
  2. Afc2add: Enables Internet browsing in USB mode.
  3. MyWi: Enables surfing by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Applinks: Helps you create shortcuts to facilitate easy access to apps.
  5. StatusNotifier: Shows an email or message alert on the status bar.
  6. Backgrounder: Helps you run a different app in the background.
  7. PrivaCy: Helps you customize your privacy settings.
  8. BTstack Wii Controls: Helps you sync your Wii remote controls with iPad.
  9. Applinks: Helps you create shortcuts for apps to facilitate easy access.
  10. Infiniboard: Enable vertical scrolling by means of Scrollboard icons.
With all these apps at your fingertips, you are bound to derive maximum mileage from your Apple devices without having to worry about their drawbacks. More importantly, the fact that jailbreaking is no more considered to be an unethical practice means that downloading these apps has become all the more easy. You just need to go ahead and download Cydia replacement software on your device, and these apps (as well as several Cydia themes) will be just a few taps away from you.
By Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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