Vacation Packing Checklist - What to Pack for a Vacation

Vacations are the best time of the year. You get the much-needed rest and relaxation. Nonetheless, often the confusion occurs when trying to decide what to pack for a vacation. That is when you are in this dire need for a vacation packing checklist. So here is your chance to get some much-needed guidance in travel packing checklist.
"Work is the activity that an individual undertakes, in between vacations", in my opinion, this is a bit of an exaggeration. Nonetheless, one can not, under any circumstances, undermine the importance of vacations. They are required to rejuvenate the minds and recreate, a probably lost, family bond.

So, yes, vacations are super important. But, let us not forget the vacation packing. It is really awful when a great trip is ruined because someone forgot to bring something important. People often forget certain specific items of requirement. So here, I have made a tiny attempt to help you out (as I cannot modify your memory), I decided to help you out with a "vacation packing checklist".

Let's begin!
  1. Suitcase: Ok! Don't laugh! If you think that this is so obvious, ask the people who have forgotten or lost their luggage somewhere along the way. It is a major panic trigger. So, when traveling, be very wary of your suitcase or luggage.
  2. Toiletries: Yes, this one is of great importance. Things like toothbrush, razor, shaving cream etc are normally available at all places. Nonetheless, the eleventh hour running around, in a new location would probably not bode well for you. So, check your toiletries before you set out on your vacation.
  3. Camera: They very rightly say that memories are best captured in the heart. But, with the current lifestyle scenario, I suggest, capture the memories somewhere else as well. Your camera will come in handy for this. The crazy looks and the serene spots should not be allowed to slip. Take it along with you in your camera.
  4. Vacation Journal: Vacation journals are great to note down silly anecdotes or about a weird dialog you had with a local waiter. You can also add your comments or take an autograph of a local celebrity. This vacation journal is the best thing to relive memories and re-listen to the words spoken and lost forever!
  5. Local Currency: A major mistake that people often make while vacationing abroad, is carrying along local currency. I am not saying that currency won't be available, but, the inconvenience will not be worth it. It would be a smoother process if you go through the process of currency exchange in your own country, before departure.
  6. Clothing: Again, you might have found this point queer. Often, it happens, that all of a sudden you get an opportunity to attend a fabulous party. But, the glitch being that you cannot attend because you don't have the required apparel. How sad a situation would that be. So be on the safe side and carry a few clothes for a "just in case" chance.
  7. Map or Guide: Maps or guides are a great way to save yourself from the "getting lost" madness. True, getting lost can have a great adventure appeal to it. But, mostly, it is just not welcome. So, just to be on the safe side, carry a map or a guide with you.
  8. Passport/any required documentation: In case of a vacation abroad, your passport is of supreme importance. In case of domestic vacations, carry your important documents like photo id, license and an age proof. I am not guaranteeing their requirement. But, carrying them along could guarantee a smooth vacation!
  9. Gear: Outdoor gear is often forgotten in case of an impromptu vacation. Depending on the climate and popular activities, make sure you carry the requisite gear, like swimsuit if you are going for a beach vacation, or sweater if you are going to a very cold place. These gears will make the vacation a tad more comfortable for you.
  10. First Aid: Last but not the least, carry along your personal first aid kit. Make sure you pack your regular medication and the medication that you are most comfortable with. More so, it is a very safe bet to carry along your aid!
P.S: I almost forgot, two very important points in the vacation packing checklist: Patience and Sense of Humor. They are a necessity during any vacation, if you wish to enjoy that vacation to the fullest!

Boy! So, are you packed? I know that there may be many more vacation packing tips that I may have avoided but these are the necessities that you need to have, the rest can be arranged for. Then, this is where I sign off! Have fun at your vacation and take care! For any more vacation packing tips, feel free to leave me a note!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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