Valentine's Day Poems

You may not need a day to proclaim your love for your beloved but it is nice to feel special once in a while and to know that you are adored. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to floor your love with poetry that tells them exactly how you feel about them.
Pretty Was The Sun
A wee ditty for Valentine's day.
State Of My Heart
Just something I put together for Valentine's day
For the Love of My Life
One for valentine's day.
Only For You My Love
For someone special...
A Resentful Valentine's
Here's the irony of this poem; have a loving valentine's guys. Happy Valentine's day goes out to my dear E.Z., and James! Love you all.
Happy Valentine's Day!
An acrostic poem for my beloved... Be my valentine always!
My Valentine
A Valentine poem to my girlfriend, My.
My Partner in Crime
A poem for my husband, for Valentine's day 2012. I try to write one for him on every Valentine's day and our anniversary. This is the one for this Valentine's day.
About him =)
Sweet Sweet Valentine
Be-lated Valentine song. Hope you all enjoy your valentines day.
All Yours
Happy Valentines Everyone :D...Well this is a song for Valentines. This is basically about a man's undying love for his girlfriend/wife. I hope you enjoy. :)
Distance love....Poem
Is it easy for me to love you...
Hidden love.........
When first I met you...
Death to Romance
Do you think it is worth it?...