Values in Life

The values in life hold great importance from the point of personal, social and spiritual development. The core values are discussed in short; remaining ones are enlisted below. There is also a paragraph on the importance of inculcating moral values in our lives.
The values in life for different people change with their attitude and mindset. Values which appeal to some, may not be as important from others' point of view. It is however, on the basis of some basic principles/values that a good life is lived. A value is something that one considers to be important in life. The ethics and morals in a person's life revolve around the values that he has imbibed in the life. The main and only purpose of leading a value-based life is getting into the quest of finding the true self.

Values in Life and Career

The values of life can help build a strong foundation on which one can rely. As stated earlier, values are meant for making the quest to find the higher self an easier

Integrity: It is one of the most important values in life. Definition of the term integrity, can be presented as a sense of truthfulness and honesty with respect to the actions that one undertakes. The term integrity is many a time used as an antonym to hypocrisy. Integrity is one of the values for life which creates an inner sense of wholeness and proves to be helpful in personal development. The decision-making process of those with integrity is transparent and open. The person being honest to himself, there is nothing to hide. It is also easy for people with this value, to trust others. Integrity is a value which forces a person to do the right things irrespective of the possibility of getting rewarded or punished for good or bad actions respectively.

Loyalty: The meaning of loyalty changes with reference to the context in which it is used. According to some experts, the term, loyalty can be used only in reference with interpersonal relationships. However, for others, the value of loyalty transcends the subject of interpersonal relationships and is associated with country, a cause, particular group or even the higher self.

Independence: The value of self-reliance or independence is a quality that enables us to find our own way in life with self-belief and conviction. It is one of the life values which helps realize our potential and brings about self improvement. The term, independence shouldn't be restricted to the state in which one attains freedom from external enemies. Human beings (and all the living creatures) are prisoners of the Karma/deeds (performed with action, speech and even thoughts) of their past. It is therefore, necessary to free ourselves from this bondage to attain actual or true independence.

Importance of Values in Life

A person with values is respected in the society. However, merely attaining respect and fame shouldn't be the motive behind inculcating values. In fact, the person with such motives is just faking these values and is not honest to himself. The inner (mind and body) development can be achieved by means of values. Self-realization is a concept and actually a process which holds great importance in all the religious scriptures around the world. Owing to the degeneration of moral values, the principles laid in these scriptures seem to be outdated (maybe out of reach) for today's people. The truth however, is that values have just lost a bit of sheen in the violent and bloody past of human civilization. It is possible to polish them and enjoy the brightness once again.

When it comes to values akes many different paths and turns during discussions, depending on thoughts of the participants. It is quite a subjective topic to discuss. One shouldn't set any guidelines or list of rules to follow in life, unless he is able to test the practicality and importance of those particular values in his/her own life. However, just like any other source of information, values to be followed are enlisted in the paragraphs below.

List of Values in Life
Abundance Accessibility Acceptance
Accuracy Accomplishment Acknowledgement
Achievement Adaptability Activeness
Adroitness Adoration Affection
Adventure Aggressiveness Affluence
Alertness Agility Ambition
Altruism Anticipation Amusement
Approachability Appreciation Assertiveness
Articulacy Attentiveness Assurance
Audacity Attractiveness Awareness
Availability Awe Balance
Being the best Beauty Benevolence
Belonging Boldness Bliss
Brilliance Bravery Calmness
Buoyancy Candor Camaraderie
Care Capability Celebrity
Carefulness Challenge Certainty
Charm Charity Cheerfulness
Chastity Cleanliness Clarity
Cleverness Clear-mindedness Comfort
Closeness Compassion Commitment
Composure Completion Confidence
Concentration Congruency Conformity
Consciousness Connection Contentment
Consistency Contribution Continuity
Conviction Control Coolness
Conviviality Cordiality Cooperation
Courage Correctness Craftiness
Courtesy Credibility Creativity
Curiosity Cunning Decisiveness
Daring Deference Decorum
Dependability Delight Desire
Depth Devotion Determination
Dexterity Devoutness Diligence
Dignity Directness Direction
Discovery Discipline Diversity
Discretion Dreaming Dominance
Duty Drive Eagerness
Dynamism Ecstasy Economy
Effectiveness Education Elation
Efficiency Empathy Elegance
Endurance Encouragement Enjoyment
Energy Enthusiasm Wisdom

The information about values in life presented below, should help in starting of, on the path of self-realization. It is only through the process of instilling values in children and strict adherence to them that they should be able to achieve success and true happiness in life.
By Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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