Vampire Poems

With fictional tales about vampires becoming all the rage, they have been tagged as seducers with good looks, great appeal, and smooth talkers. Our poems showcase everything that vampires stand for, and more.
My Elusive Friend
Seduced by a She-Devil.
Dark Work
This is my darkest work yet, tell me what you think.
Hungry Vampire in Love
This is about a girl running away from her Vampire boyfriend, who wants to turn her into his vampire girl!
Eternal Youth
Another poem about vampire seduction.
Vampire attack.
The One
A tale of a vampire creed.
A little change here, this is about an ancient Scottish vampire like creature.
Love for my Vampire
A girl falls for her vampire who takes her life.
Vampire Bride
Falling in love with a vampire.
A Newborn Vampire
A newborn Vampire.
My Sweet Love
What would you do if a vamp come knocking at your window.
Woman Seeing in a Vampire
Most women love a vampire for one reason or another.
Bite Me
Feeling safe around a vampire.
My Sweet Vampire
Doing everything with a vampire.
Vampire Prince
Have you ever Imagine a vampire sweep you off your feet.
Vampires are real.
Vampire Love
Vampire love is a sweet thing.
Bloody Kiss
Her vampire awakening...
My Vampire
About that bloodsucking emotion.
Red is a Bloodthirsty
Again, I love vampires. I find them so mysterious and perfect, in an evil/good kind of way...
Vampires are amazing, so I had to write a poem about them!
I Am The Night
Vampire or a dream...
Vampire's Kiss
Immortality - Gift or Curse? The truth behind a kiss of the vampire and the consequences that follow...