Vampire Royalty - Chapter 10

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Skye's POV

My heart was pounding like crazy, and it felt like as if it would jump out of my mouth any second. A wave of nausea swept over me, making me press my lips closed, feeling sick. Thoughts were running everywhere in my mind, creating a mess. I gaped at Elijah wide-eyed, feeling my jaw drop once again with shock.

"Y-you killed her?" I stuttered, my voice hoarse.
He simply nodded, as if what he had done was perfectly normal. I pressed my lips together grimly, clenching my fists. I had never once thought that I would be sitting next to a murderer, who was probably a psychopath as well. The corners of his crimson lips lifted, forming a lopsided smile that spoke of danger. His green eyes met mine, looking cold and calculative. That's when he started to lean closer to me, his cold breath sending shivers down my spine. I tried to shift away, but then his hand shot out, grabbing me roughly by the wrist. I took in a sharp breath, fear spreading throughout me. His hand was cold as ice, and I felt his grip tighten in a threatening way.

"Are you scared of me?" His voice was dead calm, and his luminous eyes never left mine.
"No," I snapped, a little too quickly.
He narrowed his eyes, looking amused. "You sure about that?"
When I didn't reply, the sick smile on his face grew even more.
"Your heartbeat is going a lot faster than it normally does," he stated, his eyes sparkling.
I gulped. I never knew that a vampire's hearing sense could be that good. As I raised my chin, hoping that it made me look fearless, I shot a look at him dripped with acid.

"You can't keep me here forever." It sounded more like a question.
"Who says?" He challenged as his lips parted even more, showing his animal-like fangs.
I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. He lifted my wrist, cocking his head sideways.
"Alright, I've wasted enough time chatting with you. It's about time we get some work done."
In a swift motion, he had suddenly pulled me onto my feet. I glanced down, realizing that I was still wearing the silky gown. His eyes roamed over me, making me feel utterly uncomfortable.

"You really are quite a sight, Skye," he murmured, edging in so close to me that I felt his icy breath on the back of my neck.
I held my breath, looking away from him, disgusted. He tugged my wrist with great force, making me stumble as I struggled to catch up with his fast walking pace. He opened the wooden door of my prison-like room, leading me out into a dark hallway. I stopped just as we were about to turn to another corner, planting my feet firmly onto the marble ground.
"Where are you taking me?" I demanded, feeling utterly nervous.
He narrowed his eyes, his lip curling. "I've been extremely flexible with you dear, and I really dislike it when people ask too many questions." His voice sent chills down my spine.

We remained silent for the rest of the way, and I took that chance to observe his castle. It had a completely different style from my mother's. Instead of golden furniture and crimson red fabric, this castle was only made up of a creamy white marble color, where candles were hung on every single wall. We finally came to stop at a huge wooden door, not a single bit of light on the other side. I bit my lip nervously. What was in that room? He murmured something under his breath and the door handle flickered a brilliant red, twisting itself open as if to welcome us in. He pulled my wrist with great force, making me stumble into the room along with him. He then turned and closed the door.


Jace's POV

I pulled the silver sword out of the guard's heart, blood dripping down the sharp blade as I turned away from the gory sight. Shouts filled the silent air, letting me know that the other guards had arrived. My grip tightened on my weapon, and I zoomed towards the enemies, taking them all down with just a single blow. It was all too easy. I dropped the guard's sword and zoomed deeper into Elijah's territory, entering a maze-like garden. It didn't matter how many more guards would show up, they were far too easy to kill. I was a vampire royal after all, and my powers definitely surpassed all the ordinary ones.

More battle cries filled the air, and I found two pairs of soldiers charging towards me from both sides. I side-stepped and grabbed one of the guards in an iron grip, swinging him towards the others, knocking them down easily. The branches rustled and more guards came towards me, their bright yellow eyes flashing in the moonlight. I growled, annoyed. I wasn't here to waste time playing with them. I had to rescue Skye fast, before something happened to her. Cracking my knuckles, I focused my mind to channeling my strength to my fingertips. Bright blue sparks escaped from both of my hands, spitting out flames in a threatening way. As the soldiers advanced, I easily sent out bolts of blue with just a snap of my fingers. The soldiers dropped down onto the floor, lifeless as the flames consumed them.

With another snap of my fingers, the flames disappeared again and I continued, zooming through the garden as a huge blast of wind blew against me. Even though I hadn't been to the castle for more than a hundred years, I could still remember the small secret tunnel that led underneath the castle grounds to the storage room into the basement. Reaching the end of the garden, I easily spotted the small wooden door that was hidden carefully behind a bunch of branches. I threw my fist forward, the wood cracking into small, crumbling pieces as I jumped into the entrance. The air inside was humid and misty, and it was obvious that this place hadn't been used in quite a while. I gritted my teeth, glaring into the darkness. I was going to rescue Skye, and nothing was going to stop me.


Skye's POV

I bit my lip nervously, squinting into the darkness.
"What are we doing here?" I mumbled, feeling incredibly uneasy.
I could practically feel him grinning his lopsided smile.
"You'll see," he replied in a deep voice.
He snapped his fingers, an unusual red glow shining from his hand, the only light source of the entire room. As my eyes traveled through the room, it landed on a bundle of rags on the floor. Narrowing my eyes suspiciously, I looked closer. My heart stopped, my blood running cold. I shoved my hand towards my mouth, muffling my horrified scream. What was that thing? A pool of crimson red blood was spread out on the marbled floor, flowing out from a wound by its stomach like a waterfall. I gulped, taking in a sharp breath. As I made out the shape of the figure that was on the ground, my eyes widened even more, shocked.

"She's a human!" I shrieked, hurrying to her side.
I had to stop the bleeding, or else she would die. I tore off a piece of cloth from my sleeve, quickly bandaging her. She whimpered, cringing in pain. I whipped my head towards Elijah, completely furious.
"How could you do this to her?" I was practically shouting.
His eyes were dancing with satisfaction, making me feel sick.
"She's merely a prop that will help me with accomplishing something," he murmured, suddenly zooming over to the wounded girl.

No matter how many pieces of cloth I had pushed gently against the girl's wound to stop the bleeding, the flow of blood simply wouldn't stop, dyeing the cloth into the same deadly color. Panicking, I realized there was no way that I could save her anymore.

"I can save her if you want," Elijah suddenly brought up in a dead calm voice.
I looked up at him, staring at those calculating green eyes.
"However, there is a condition," he continued, his eyes sparkling.
"What is it?" I demanded impatiently, my eyes unable to leave the girl's wound.
Time was running out.
"You have to drink this until not a single drop is left."
His pale hand reached into his dark-colored coat, pulling out a small bottle, dangling it from his fingertips. Oh God. No.
"Y-you want me to drink that?" I gasped.
He pointed at his wrist, as if pointing at an invisible watch.
"Time's running out." He smirked.
"Fine," I snapped, grabbing the bottle from his hands.

Closing my eyes, I pulled off the lid, letting it clatter onto the floor as I shoved the tip of the bottle into my mouth, gulping down the disgusting liquid. Oh God. I was drinking blood, again. I felt horrible, and guilt spread throughout me like a disease. But the second the liquid entered my mouth, it was completely a different story. It was probably one of the most joyful feelings that I had ever felt. It was so sweet and refreshing at the same time, and I couldn't help but feel greedy and yearn for more. When the bottle was done, I gaped at the empty bottle that I held in front of me, shocked at myself. The bottle slipped from my hands, shattering into small crystal-like pieces as they scattered across the floor. I turned my head away from Elijah, desperately trying to avoid that lopsided smile of victory.

"Save her. I did what you wanted," I croaked, feeling disgusted at myself.
He reached his wrist to his mouth, biting into his skin. Two bright red droplets appeared on that pale white color, and he reached his wrist over to the girl's mouth. As the droplets landed into her mouth, I felt my eyes widen as her wound started to mend by itself. At least she had been saved, I would worry about the blood that I had drunk later. Elijah got up, pulling me up along with him.
"Alright, that was interesting."
I snorted.
"Interesting? That girl almost died!" I hissed, scowling. "Why was she in there anyway? Do you just gather humans and lock them up in rooms?"
He ignored the murderous glares and the questions that I threw at him. 
"So this is one of your weak spots," he murmured as we left the room.

I crossed my arms, furious. "One of my weak spots?"
He edged in closer to me, his eyes roaming over me as if I were his prey.
"You have a soft spot for humans, despite how badly they had treated you," he murmured, his cold breath reaching my face, sending shivers down my spine.
When I didn't reply, he reached his icy hand to my cheek, his bright green eyes gleaming in the small candle light. I held my breath, panicking all over again.
"Ah well, that will change. Soon you'll behave the way a vampire does, and all your human traits will be gone forever."

The last word echoed in my mind, haunting me. What was that supposed to mean? Suddenly a guard appeared, a man wearing a crimson red uniform with a golden symbol on it. He walked over to Elijah, talking to him in a low, hushed voice. With a bow, he left as quickly as he came. Elijah smiled in a devilish way.
"I hadn't planned to do this today, but I guess that the plans just had to change."

He grabbed my waist roughly, suddenly lifting me off the ground.
"Let go of me!" I shrieked, dangling helplessly like a doll.
Before I knew it, we were suddenly zooming through the hallway. My hair was blowing in all directions and a huge blast of wind collided fiercely into my face. Everything around me was a blur and I felt slightly light-headed. When we finally came to a stop, I found us back in my prison-like room. When he set me down, I stumbled forward, landing onto my bed. I clutched my stomach, gasping for breath. When I turned around to face him, I shot him a fierce look.

"Go to hell," I hissed, closing my mouth immediately as I felt the urge to vomit.
He simply gave me that lopsided smile of his.
"Gladly," he murmured, sitting down next to me.
He grabbed both of my shoulders, suddenly pulling me right onto his lap. I let out a gasp, my eyes widening in horror. I started to struggle in his tight grasp, but it was useless, I had no strength at all compared to him.
"What are you doing?!" I shrieked. "Let go of me!"
Oh God. Oh God. What was happening? His eyes sparkled.
"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to do something bad," he murmured, parting his lips even more. "I'm simply going to give you the cure now, and then you'll be forever mine."

Oh my God.
"No!" I cried, starting to struggle all over again.
I tried to kick him, but it was no use at all, it was as if he were made of stone. If he bit me, then I would be bonded with him, forever. Oh God, no no no. I snapped my eyes shut, knowing that there was nothing that I could do anymore. He tilted my head sideways, lowering his mouth onto my neck. I let out a strangled cry when I suddenly felt the two sharp tips of his fangs on my skin. I had lost. This was all over. Just as his fangs were about to dig into my skin, the door to the room suddenly broke into small pieces, crumbling all over the ground. A figure zoomed towards us, pulling me off Elijah's lap, making me land roughly on the ground. The figure then grabbed Elijah by the hem of his coat, shoving him so hard against the wall that the cement behind him cracked with a loud groan. I couldn't see the figure's face, but from the back, you could see that he had dark brown hair that curled up slightly at the edges.

"You touch Skye one more time, I'll make you regret you were ever born," the figure growled, his voice low and rough.
Tears sprang to my eyes when I recognized the voice. He had come for me. Jace had come for me.


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