Vampire Royalty - Chapter 8

I gaped at Jace with shock, studying his face. His dark brown hair was all tousled up, making him look boyish. His crimson red lips were pressed in a firm, straight line, as if frustrated in some sort of way. As my eyes flickered towards his eyes, my heart almost stopped. Those light blue eyes looked extremely intense, as if the situation were more serious than I had thought. I gulped, closing my eyes nervously as my mind played through what he had said. When I opened them, everything was exactly the same as before, meaning that I hadn't been imagining everything.

"You're a royal?" I repeated, my voice still thick with surprise.
He opened his mouth, his two sharp fangs flashing in the dark hallway. "Yes"
I nodded slowly and frowned. "You're Elijah's older brother?"
His lips twitched. "Younger brother," he corrected, as if the fact that they were even related annoyed him.
"How come you never told me this before? I trusted you."
I crossed my arms, feeling a sharp pang in my heart, as if hurt. Before he could reply, the obvious thought clicked in my mind. I narrowed my eyes at him, shaking my head.

"You never told the queen," I accused.
Something dangerous flashed in those two pools of blue.
"I had my own reasons," he murmured, careful not to reveal anything.
"What reasons?" I asked suspiciously.
He took a step closer to me, gazing into my eyes. I took in a sharp breath, feeling shivers go down my spine as I realized just how close we were.
"I'm afraid I can't tell you," he replied with that deep, smooth voice of his.
A hint of anger sparked deep inside of me.
"Why not?" I snapped.
He sighed. "Look, I just can't. Now... now."
I looked away from him.

"Then why did you tell me that you were a vampire royal?"
He laughed softly, making me annoyed yet feel all fluttery deep inside.
"It's really interesting how you miss out the obvious," he teased, smirking.
I glared at him. It took me a few seconds, but then I finally realized why he had told me.
"Wait..." I stuttered, "Are you saying that you're willing to be the one who cures me?"
He nodded. My heartbeat quickened and my cheeks started to heat up.
"B-but you do know that there will be a bond," I murmured nervously.
A dangerous smile found its way onto his lips.
"Do you have a problem with that?" He challenged, taking another step even closer to me.
My eyes widened and I knew that my cheeks were bright red.
"No." My heart was pounding like crazy.

We stared at each other, the world that surrounded us was completely frozen. I found myself locked into those pools of blue, staring into the depths of the light blue color with small hints of silver. He reached out his hand hesitantly, as if unsure, but then it finally placed onto my cheek. My heart practically stopped the second he touched my skin. It was like as if fire had suddenly exploded and started to burn all over my skin, but in a good way.

"Skye, I" He started with a hoarse voice, but was cut off immediately by the sound of footsteps.
I whipped my head sideways, finding Elijah headed towards us with a cold look on his face.
"Why, little brother, what are you doing? Mind if I join?" He raised his eyebrows, his luminous eyes slowly assessing us.
I bit my lip as Jace scowled.
"It's not really any of your business," he replied icily.
He pushed in front of me in a protective way, as if I were some fragile being that had to be protected no matter what. Elijah cocked his head sideways, an amused yet calculating look resting on his perfect face.

"Why, it seems like you have become quite fond of the girl, Jonathan," he taunted.
A small growl erupted from Jace's throat, making me take in a sharp breath. I bit my lip, my mind spinning all over again. Was 'Jonathan' Jace's real name?
"Don't you dare call me that," he snarled.
Elijah widened his eyes.
"Oh dear, have I angered my little brother?" He mocked.
I felt like smacking the lopsided smile from his mouth, and that's when his gaze landed right on me.

"I'd like to have a word with you, Princess Skye."
I pressed my lips together. Not wanting to seem like a scared coward I took a step forward.
"Yes?" I stared at him.
His eyes flickered to Jace.
"Alone," he murmured.
I took a few more steps forward, but then Jace zoomed in front of me. Just as he opened his mouth in protest, I shook my head. I had to know why Elijah had chosen me, because something definitely felt suspicious about all this.
"It's alright, Jace, I'll be right back," I murmured quietly.

Then I followed Elijah for quite a while, and we finally went into an empty hallway. When we stopped, we regarded each other slowly. Even though I was utterly uncomfortable, I definitely wasn't going to show it.
"Why did you want to be my fiancé?" I demanded.
He narrowed his luminous eyes at me.
"Would you believe me if I said that I didn't really have any secret intention behind it?" His voice was unreadable, yet unbelievably dark.
I shook my head. "I don't believe you."
His crimson red lips lifted into a lopsided smile.
"You sure are a bold one."
I glared at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"
He took a dangerous step closer to me, making me feel panicked.

"Most vampires would never question me," he murmured.
I raised my chin high, pushing away the scared feeling that I got.
"Well, I'm not like most vampires. I'm a royal as well."
"True." His voice was dark, slithery, sending chills down my spine. "You're a hybrid."
I pressed my lips together, frustrated.
"Why would a royal like you want to marry a hybrid?" I demanded, impatient.
He simply smiled in that same disturbing way.
"I'm afraid I can't reveal that, not yet."
I puffed out my cheeks, disappointed.
"Well, if that's the case, I have nothing more to discuss with you," I muttered bitterly, turning around to leave.

"My brother has become quite fond of you, or so it seems."
I bit my lip, spinning around to face him. What was that supposed to mean?
"You know, my brother normally keeps to himself only," he continued, in a sneering voice.
I held my breath. What was that supposed to mean?
"Look, I'm not marrying you, despite what the queen has promised you," I said boldly, looking him in the eye.

His luminous green eyes turned several shades darker, and suddenly they were a deep red color. My heart stopped and my eyes were wide open, aghast.
"I expected this to happen."
It was like as if he were talking to himself. Suddenly he was right in front of me, so close that I could feel his icy breath on my skin. His red eyes started to glow, and my eyes were unable to leave his, no matter how hard I tried to look away.
"You're coming with me."
I tried to open my mouth to protest, but I couldn't. My entire body was frozen in time, unable to move. I started to panic, but no matter what I tried, I still couldn't move. What was happening to me? Elijah lifted his hand, his eyes growing even brighter. When he snapped his fingers, I blacked out immediately.


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