Vampire Royalty - Chapter 9

There's no escape?
Jace's POV

I zoomed around the castle, glancing at every single corner, yet I still couldn't discover Skye. Frustration shot through me, burning through my veins, traveling to the center of my heart. I was annoyed, very annoyed. Why did it take so long for Elijah to have a word with Skye? My lips twitched, I was definitely pissed. Why did Elijah even have to come? He obviously had tricks up his sleeve, there was simply no possible way that Elijah would have agreed to the engagement so innocently. I pressed my lips together in a grim line. Something was definitely wrong. It had been more than twenty minutes already, there was no way that Skye would've talked to him for that long. When I turned to a different corner, I froze immediately, recognizing what lay in front of me. There was a burnt circle in the middle of the crimson red carpet, a circle that I knew too well.

Anger clicked inside me like a spark of fire. Fuming, I walked over to the circle, glaring at it. I turned sideways and punched the wall, my fist feeling all tingly as the cement let out a huge groan, breaking and crumbling into small pieces of dust. I pulled my hand back, now pacing back and forth furiously. I should've known, I should've suspected Elijah of doing something like this. How could I have been so foolish? To let Skye go alone with that psychopath, I should've known better. The queen couldn't know about this. If she knew, everything would go wrong. She'd send her forces over to the kingdom of Adiriana and then she'll learn about me and my true identity, and I couldn't possibly let that happen, not when I was so close to accomplishing my mission now. I closed my eyes and focused my mind on a teleportation spell to get me to the kingdom of Adiriana. I snapped my fingers and a portal opened in front of me in a form of a rectangular door, shining blue light escaping from the depths of the portal. I stepped into the portal, feeling myself get even deeper into it. I had to get Skye back, and I definitely wasn't going to let Elijah win.


Skye's POV

My eyes snapped open suddenly, and I found myself staring at a milky white ceiling. Still foggy-minded, I sat up slowly, groaning as a sharp pain sliced through my head. Glancing weakly to the side, I found a small candle flickering with life. The curtains of the window were closed, but I could still tell that it was nighttime. I looked down at my lap, almost shocked to find myself wearing a silky cashmere blue gown. Why on earth was I wearing this gown? And why was I in this room anyway? I shut my eyes tightly, digging through my brain for answers. When I finally realized why I was there, my heart did a double leap and I couldn't help but start to feel panicked. I pushed myself off the bed that I was lying on, stumbling over to the door. Just as I was about to open it, the door suddenly clicked open, startling me. I jumped back, my eyes wide as I found Elijah standing in front of me. Letting out a sharp breath, I hurried over to the small wooden table beside the bed, grabbing the chair that was beneath it.

"Stay away from me," I hissed, raising the chair in a threatening way.
"My, my," he murmured with a lopsided smile, "Is that any way to talk to your fiancé?"
I let out a panicked laugh. "Fiancé? I am not your fiancé! I never agreed to be your fiancé!"
He simply continued to smile in that nerve-wracking way. His luminous green eyes studied me.
"You really are different from all the other vampire royals, Skye."

I shuddered at the sound of my name. I didn't know how it was possible, but he had made my name sound incredibly long, especially by drawing the 'S' longer than a normal person would.
"Where are we?" I demanded, praying that my voice didn't shake.
"The kingdom of Adiriana," he answered straightforwardly, as if he hadn't been planning to hide the fact at all.
I was scared, definitely, but I was angry as well.
"Why the hell did you bring me here? Actually, you didn't exactly bring me here, you kidnapped me!" I accused.
He suddenly zoomed right over to me, the lopsided smile still plastered on his handsome yet cruel face.

"Let me just break it to you," he started off in an unbelievably cheerful tone, "I want power on my side. What better way can I accomplish that than have a hybrid on my side?"
I scowled. "You want to use me as a tool?"
His expression didn't change. "Of course."
I took in a deep breath. "A tool against whom?"
His eyes darkened a slightly bit, and now they were forest green.
"Against the council." Venom dripped from his cold, slithery voice.
My heart stopped for a second.
"Doesn't the council want to kill me?" I asked quietly, fear flowing through my blood.
"Of course they want to kill you," he replied flatly, his voice still unbelievably dark. "Shouldn't you be glad that you've got one more force with you?"
My grip on the wooden chair tightened.
"There's no way that I'll ever join forces with you," I spat.

Without thinking, I threw the chair at him. The second the chair started to fly up into the air, I used the chance and started to sprint to the now free doorway. A loud clash sounded on the floor, screeching against my ears. It was obvious that Elijah had dodged it and that it had landed on the floor. Panic shot through me as realized that he was way faster than me. I felt a hard blow from behind, making my bones feel like they've just been crushed into a million pieces. I let out a painful gasp, wincing. My legs started to wobble and my head started to spin. That's when my legs gave out, and I slumped onto the floor, unable to get up again. Elijah appeared in front of me, now crouching. I struggled to find my voice, but it was no use, nothing came out of my trembling mouth. His right hand was suddenly on my chin, tipping my head up so that I would meet his luminous green eyes. A wave of coldness shot through my skin, making me tremble.

"I really should teach you some manners," he murmured, his cold breath reaching the tip of my nose. "I really hate to waste my energy."
I gave him a murderous look, but it only made his strange smile widen.
"Now, if you cooperate with me, I won't have to hurt you again."
I slapped his hand away from my cheek.

"Go to hell," I spat. "There's no way I'd want to ever work with you."
Anger flashed in his eyes, and now they were suddenly glowing red. My eyes widened with horror, and my heart stopped. He lifted his right hand, and before I even knew it, he had slapped my face. A loud crackling sound broke out and my vision started to get incredibly blurry. Nausea swept over me, and I felt this immediate urge to vomit. Before I knew it, a wave of darkness swept over me covering everything.That's when I blacked out, for the second time.

A sweet delicious taste exploded in my mouth, and I had to admit that it was one of the most joyful feelings I had ever felt. I gulped down more of the liquid, still hungry for more. It was delicious, probably one of the most delicious drink that I had ever drank. I felt complete, somehow, as if this was what I had been missing my entire life. Suddenly my eyes snapped open, and I found the tip of a glass bottle right at my mouth. When I realized what color the liquid was, my heart stopped. There was no denying what it was, blood. Panic spreading all over me, I shoved the bottle away from me, sitting up from the bed that I was lying on. Still shocked, tears started to pour down my cheeks like a waterfall. How could I have enjoyed the taste of something so disgusting? I found Elijah sitting on a wooden chair beside my bed, his dark red lips slowly lifting into a devilish smile.

"My, my, you do enjoy the taste of blood, don't you, Skye?"
I pulled my knees to my chest and hugged myself tightly, still in shock.
"You love the sweet taste, and the way it feels like when it spreads throughout your mouth," he continued, making me feel even more miserable.
I let out a sharp breath, glaring at him through my blurry tears.
"I don't enjoy the taste of blood," I croaked, my voice incredibly hoarse.
He narrowed his green eyes at me. "I really do hate liars."
I couldn't help, but stare at the glass bottle that he held in his hands.
"You're half-vampire. Of course you enjoy the taste of blood. You'll soon realize that yourself, trust me on that," he murmured, his voice sending shivers down my spine.

I raised my hand to my right cheek, a spark of pain suddenly appearing the second I touched it. That's when I remembered what had happened earlier. He had slapped me, and I had become unconscious.

"You won't get away with kidnapping me." I glared at him.
He let out a bitter laugh. "Really? And who's going to come after me? Your mother's useless army?"
I hugged myself even tighter, feeling a pang of loneliness in my heart as I thought of Jace.
"Jace will come for me." I desperately hoped that was true.
He let out another humorless laugh.
"Ah, that little brother of mine," he muttered, "Always wanting to ruin my plans."
I narrowed my eyes at him. Maybe this was the time to find out about the bad blood running between the two siblings?

"Why do you despise each other this much?" I demanded.
His lopsided smile grew.
"Didn't he tell you?"
I bit my lip feeling frustrated. His eyes sparkled with satisfaction.
"How interesting?" He murmured, as if talking to himself.
I frowned. "What didn't he tell me?"
He leaned closer to me, suddenly making my heartbeat quicken. I shifted a little further away from him, the bed making a creaking noise.

"Sixty years ago, we both loved the same vampire. She was beautiful yet selfish, still we both loved her dearly. The thing was, only one of us could have her," he started off, his voice growing deep. When he opened his mouth again, his voice was filled with hatred. "She chose Jace."
I felt my eyebrows furrow, and for some reason, this story was making me feel uneasy.
"Before I knew it, they were going to get married," he continued, his voice now flat and expressionless. "She was his fiancée."
I grew even unhappier. Why was I so bothered about the fact that Jace had a fiancée in the past?
"She had broken my heart, she had betrayed me." His voice was distant. "When the day of the wedding came, I couldn't bear it anymore, so I killed her."
My blood ran cold.


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