Vampire Wars - Chapter One

Author of "Being Beautiful". This is one of my old stories I just found about, you guessed it: Vampires. Silver is misbehaved, and probably one of the best 'Vampire Wars' ever. But what secret is her family hiding from the highest Vampire Slaying Council?
I stood there in the nightclub dancing to the fist pumping music. I looked around my scene and noticed all the drunken people that were dancing around me. My body swayed to the music as did my hair. I was into it. I was vibing off everyone around me and I couldn't help but be drawn into the whole scenery of the club. Just as I was getting into it, the microphone implanted into my ear beeped. My eyes opened at the same time Evie started to speak through it.

"He's coming through the door," she mumbled. My head turned straight toward the door and there he was. Daniel. The most spoken about vampire in all the societies. "Stay alert. Mags said that he wasn't alone."

I peeled off the dance floor and jingled my way away towards the edge of the party. He was just standing there. He wasn't impressed with the scenery, wasn't impressed with much of anything. He was just there, blending in as much as he could, which wasn't a lot. A beautiful vampire had to be seen.

"I'll keep watch on him now that he's here," I heard Mags' voice ring through the tiny microphone. "Loraine is already upstairs with James. Go with her, I think that they need you."

I nodded in no direction possible and found myself speed-walking back to the inskirts of the party. I used my card to slide through the elevator slot and watched as the elevator jingled open. I stepped inside, hopefully unseen and the doors shut right behind me. I sighed and looked into the reflective glass that was opposite me. I was all dolled up for this event with a blonde wig, tons of makeup and too high of heels.

I ripped off the wig, took off the bald cap and watched as my black hair flowed down my shoulders. Then I ripped off the heels and threw them against the wall. I wouldn't mind going barefoot, although that meant that Loraine would be upset at me.

The elevator doors opened and at the same time, some doors in the back of the elevator opened as well. I turned around and noticed that the password keypad had just come up. "Password please," the door mumbled.

"Password?" I asked into my tiny microphone.

"7178vampires89456rule," Mags mumbled back.

"How original," I mumbled as I typed in the code. The doors slid open and an array of stairs appeared. I ran up the spiral and a row of doors appeared. "Which door?"

"It's the only one with the gold handle," Mags whispered back.

I walked down the hallway, found the door and jiggled it open. On walking in, there was a stake thrown right at my head. I inched my head over two centimeters and the stake hit the wall, only grazing a piece of my hair off along with it.

"It's me guys." I mumbled through gritted teeth.

I flicked the light switch on beside me and out of nowhere James and Loraine appeared. "Goodness Silver," James said walking towards me, "you couldn't have given us a hint?"

"I would have," I said as he stood in front of me, "but you all attacked way too fast for me." James rolled his eyes as he grabbed his stake from beside me. "And missed." James sneered at me and then walked back over to where Loraine was standing.

"Alright guys," Loraine said sitting back down at the desk and logging back onto the computer. "We probably don't have much time. Mags said she spotted Daniel not too long ago."

"He's down there," I said walking over to rummage through some papers that were lamely thrown on the floor probably through the escapade that James and Loraine had when they heard me open the door.

"You saw him?" James asked as he went through drawers.

"I did," I mumbled.

"And?" Loraine asked.

"And he looked the same," I said, "long blonde hair, pale white skin, sparkling blue eyes. A winner in the sorts."

"Sounds like someone is in love." James mumbled.

"Ha!" I screamed throwing my head back. I looked over at him. "Not with the likes of them."

"Who knows what goes through your mind Silver," James said as he left the desk that he was at and made his way towards the file cabinet to the right of me.

"And that's the way that I like it." I rummaged through some more papers and stopped on a manila folder that had Top Secret on the front in red letters. "I think that I might have found something."

I sat down all the way, and crossed my legs, and looked through papers. "What have you found?" Loraine asked as she still scrolled through computers.

Before I could respond, Mags' voice rang through all of our microphones. "They are on their way! I repeat, they are on their way up the stairs!"

"Daniel also?" James said.

"He just disappeared. I don't know where he went!"

"MAGS!" Loraine screamed. I started placing papers back in their appropriate containers to make sure that everything was back in their right spot. I looked back at the folder and then sighed as I placed it into its right spot. I had to come back for it.

"Alright," Loraine said as she shut the laptop. "We gotta get out of here before they come."

The door handle jingled. James and I stared at it and noticed that it was locked, so the person on the other side of it began to twist and turn it even harder. I immediately stood, ready for battle when I felt a breeze behind me. I turned slightly and noticed that Loraine had opened a window.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she pushed the curtains away.

"We are no match for Daniel and whoever he is with. You know this. We have to jump."

"Are you out of your mind?" I literally screamed at my superior.

She turned towards me and clenched her jaw. "Know your place Silver." And she jumped right after James.

The door burst open and off the hinges at the same time that Loraine and James had jumped through. I turned around one last time and saw Daniel standing there, staring at me with those pale blue eyes. His jaw was clenched and so were his fists. His men stood ready on his side, but he didn't motion them to attack me, instead it was like he was encouraging them to watch me, like I was someone important to him.

"You might want to follow your friends," his crisp voice rang out towards me.

I looked back down at the scenery on the ground and then jumped like I was asked to do. I closed my eyes, waiting for someone to come to my rescue. I felt myself fall, right into a trans and then I felt my butt hit something soft, and I sunk straight into it. I opened my eyes and noticed that I had landed just where I needed to land: my bed in my room.

I bit my lip and fought the air.

I could have stayed and fought Daniel. He was right there in my face! I don't understand. I just had to listen to Loraine. She had to be our leader. She had to be the Council's favorite. She just had to be everything that I wasn't.

I rolled over and out of bed because in about 3 seconds, I was about to be called into a meeting and in about 7 minutes I was about to be yelled at and shunned for not listening to what my superior had to say.

I was pretty much used to it though. I was the bad seed of this whole trilogy.


"You never LISTEN Silver!" Demetri yelled at me, "you have no restraint. You are too bold on missions, but too irresponsible in real life."

I just sat with my head cocked, hands behind my back, and my neck rolled because I had no interest in listening to them yell at me today. I don't think that I screwed up as bad as I did.

"You look at the council when they speak to you girl," Eleanor of the council said. I huffed extremely loud so that they could all hear me and then I looked at them all. "What do you have to say about yourself Silver Monroe?"

"I don't feel like I have to explain myself." I muttered.

"Oh here she goes." James groaned.

"I'm serious. I haven't done anything wrong. I did as Loraine said the whole time and I didn't screw up… this time."

"You didn't?!" Demetri said, "you took your precious little time to cover up some more information on the vampires that we could have had! You could have taken the folder Silver. Haven't we taught you enough at the Training Academy, or do I have to place you back in there?"

"If I would have taken the time to take the folder, Daniel would have killed me!"

"We would have liked it better that way." James mumbled under his breath.

I huffed and turned towards him. "Jealous 'cause you didn't find the folder?"

"What do you mean jealous? I'm second in command. Who are you?"

"Someone who's about to stick their foot up your-"

"SILVER!" Eleanor and Demetri screamed at the same time.

I huffed and rolled my eyes back at them. "Know your place," Eleanor said sternly, "we are the council."

"I feel as though the mission went almost successful," Evie said twisting the conversation as she usually does when things start to go bad.

"Except for the fact that Mags took her eye off Daniel for one second." Loraine said.

"It was hard to watch him. I assumed he was going to be in the same position as he was in for the 20 minutes he was there."

"You can't just assume things," Loraine said, "you keep your eye on your suspect for however long that you can."

The room went quiet. Mags looked away defeated and Evie sighed in frustration because she knew that she couldn't fix things and I just stood there, rocking back and forth because I was ready for this meeting to be over.
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Published: 11/12/2013
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