Vampire Wars - Chapter Two

Silver is misbehaved, and probably one of the best 'Vampire Wars' ever. But what secret is her family hiding from the highest Vampire Slaying Council?
I stood in the forest again with nothing but a white dress that fell to my knees. My hair came to my shoulders, I wasn't even sure that I was myself. Standing parallel to me, looking straight into my blue eyes was him. He was there again just like he was all the time. I longed to reach out and to touch him, but to do that was too much. He was too perfect for me, like nothing I had seen before. How ironic? They say when you dream of someone, you've seen them before somewhere in your life. I might have seen this kid somewhere, but I honestly had no idea where I could have seen him.

The boy turned his blue eyes away from me and stared to the right of him. "They're coming," he hissed and then he was gone.

I turned my head to the right and then everything began to disappear. Not again.

I woke up again in a pool of my sweat, breathing like I had run a marathon. I sat up and let my black hair swivel to the left side of my face as I continued to breathe in and out. The dream. I had it again and it still frustrates me.

I ran a hand through my hair and then propped a leg up. What did this mean? Who is that guy and why does he keep appearing in my dreams? I mean... maybe I did see him when I was really small because in my dream I too had have been ten years old. Was he a fictional character or just someone that my mind imagined up. Either way it went, he was frustrating me and so were my dreams.

I leaned back, with my leg still propped up. At that same time my 5:45 am alarm went off. I pushed it off the stand, heard it moan and then it shut off. Yup. My day was now about to start.


I walked down the hallways of the residence hall and nodded to those who passed me by and then out the door. The cool breeze licked my face as I walked downstairs with my hands in my jacket pocket. It was the middle of December and all I could think about was how cold it was.

I made my way to the dining hall where inside it was buzzing with people. I grabbed an apple from the food line and I walked to an empty table that was practically mine. No one ever sat here and no one ever dared to. It kind of makes me out to be a bully, but hey, if the shoe fits.

"Hey Silver." I looked up and noticed someone who I wasn't so keen on walking my way with his girlfriend of the week on his arm.

"Joel Benton, what a nice surprise?"

"I heard you screwed up your mission yesterday."

"Wow," I muttered biting into my apple and leaning back against my chair.

"News must spread quickly."

"Only news about you sweetheart." He winked at me and then was on his way.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair just as Mags and Evie came and sat in front of me.

"Are you guys here to talk about how I screwed up the mission or are you here to eat quietly with me?"

"Neither," Mags said as she laid out some papers in front of me. "Evie and I have been going over the map that we stole from some vampires a couple of weeks ago, but we just can't put our finger over what it means."

"And you think that I could?" I asked as she turned the map over in my direction.

"Well, we were hoping you could try. You did get drafted into our group last year because you were keen on insight. Could you be insightful to this?"

I put my apple down and looked over the map and sighed. The map was of Albania and it was kind of old and you could barely see anything on it, but I made out some words. What was clear was the big black line that went through Tirane, skipped down some cities and then went straight to Erseke, back up to Elbasan and then the line went off the page.

I looked back up to them. "Where did you say you stole this map from again?"

"Um, when we went towards Ezekial's mansion. One of the cars was loaded with things, but Evie said to grab this because it seemed to be the most important."

"How did you know this would be important Ev?" I asked as I looked back down at the map.

"I don't know. Something just told me." I raised an eyebrow and then looked back down at the map. "Is it important?"

"I think we should show the council. I think it might mean something in the long run."

"How can you be so sure?" Mags asked.

I looked back at the map and then turned it into their direction. "Because these black lines are destination points. Many vampires have been spotted in these certain locations and the line just abruptly goes off the paper in the area of Macedonia." I looked up at them. "And I bet the map shows the line stopping at Skopje."

"And why would you think that?" Evie asked.

"Because Skopje is where Daniel lives." I rolled the map back up. "And I bet they were pinpointing each and every location Daniel would be at since they must not be a very big fan of Daniel."

"And you got all of this from a map?" Mags asked. I handed her back her map just as we stood up to go see the council. "You really must be good at this insight thing."


"Macedonia? In Europe?" Demetri asked as he looked over the map. He looked back up at Evie. "And how did you find this out?"

"Silver mostly," Evie said. "We just kind of wanted to pitch the idea to see what you would think."

"I mean, it seems logical. We've known Daniel has been spotted in Macedonia many times. We never would have thought that that's where he would be hiding out this whole time."

"So what does this mean now? We are missing part of this map anyway," Loraine said. "Thank you again Evie for withholding information."

"Hey, don't blame her. She didn't want to come up and have her evidence be something not useful," I said shooting Loraine a look.

"She should have produced it anyway," James said. "We could have been hot on his trail weeks ago if this was produced."

I huffed and looked at Evie. She shrugged and then looked at the council. "What's my punishment?" She asked them.

"Do you think if we haven't punished Silver for her big mouth we would honestly punish you?" Eleanor asked. I rolled my eyes. "Plus, what you have brought us is amazing. You deserve an award not punishment."

Evie smiled and nodded towards the council.

"Still," Demetri said. "I think that we have worked you all a bit too hard on this certain case." He pulled out a paper under his notes and looked it over. "Those higher than us have stated that Evelyn Montemayor, Magdalene Rose and Silver Monroe are on a month release from this project."

"EXCUSE ME?!" I shouted.

Demetri continued on, ignoring my comment. "Those higher above us have agreed to give you a sabbatical from this issue and let Loraine and James handle what's left of getting us the information that we need, including the folder Silver forgot behind last night."

"We've worked months on this case Demetri," I said. "Morning, noon, and night without sleep and you want us to be taken off it?"

"Silver, obey your commands. After a month you'll be scheduled something new to take over with Loraine and James."

"Right," I muttered. "Fun."

"While on your sabbatical, you will get some training time done and have some leisure time with all others in your division," Eleanor said. "You are dismissed."

Evie, Mags, and I filed out of the room. I was the only one who was furious.

"There's nothing to be so worked up about Silver," Mags said. "There's nothing that we can do to go against what they say or whoever high up above them say."

"I know, it just makes me mad. And the fact that without us three, they probably won't be able to get anything done."

"You underestimate Loraine sometimes," Evie said.

"Only cause I hate her." They chuckled at me as I made my way down the hallway and towards the elevator. We entered, rode all the way to the main floor and walked out into another hallway that led straight to the outside.

"Alright," Mags said as we made our way towards the training grounds. "We might can still make it to our class." Mags raced down towards the training grounds and I sulked the whole way there.

We walked to the training mats where our other classmates were and I huffed when I entered. Our instructor was at the front talking to someone who's back was to ours and then he smiled.

"Class, we have a new student." The guy turned around and my mouth fell slant. "Laken Rosenthal."

The guy met my eyes and a panicked look filled his face.

It was him.

The man from my dream.
Published: 7/17/2014
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