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Last Hope - Chapter 8: Crows
"A group of crows is called a murder."
Last Hope - Chapter 7: Attraction
A sweetly venomous smile lit up her face. "You're not scared of your own wife, are you?"
Last Hope - Chapter 6: His Shadow
He was the older brother, the stronger one, and he was more charming and witty, more cunning, more heartless, and more vicious.
Last Hope - Chapter 5: Motives
"I have a favor to request of you." "Which is?" "Kidnap me."
Last Hope - Chapter 4: The Wedding
"When your father asked me to marry you, I was hesitant at first. I didn't know if I could make this work between us. But..."
Last Hope - Chapter 3: Elimination
"You're entering a marriage with no previous relationship experience... Does this really seem like the best approach to you?"
Last Hope - Chapter 2: Resistance
"This marriage is happening, whether you like it or not. We want peace. The humans want peace."
Last Hope - Chapter 1: Hell
No movement, no bullets, no wind, no vampires. It's like they just vanished, or were never there to begin with.
Last Hope - Prologue
A human x vampire romance story. Sounds just like Twilight, right? Well, think again.
Dawn - Chapter 10 (Past and Present)
"I am worried Anastasia might do something, I promised her I would marry her but I didn't... I know what she can do, she's dangerous, there's that aura around her... I am scared for our little Dawn she just might attack...
Figure Me Out - Chapter 3
Picture is of Leah!
Figure Me Out - Chapter 2
The picture is of Callie! Hope you all enjoyed the first part!
Figure Me Out - Chapter 1
Callie, Leah and Hazel; three best friends who stick together no matter what, through love and heartbreak, through wars, and through changes that threaten to rip them apart.
The Black Rose - Part 6
Will Cassie be able to protect her new family members or will her grandmother force her back to her old home?
After Dawn - Epilogue
OMG! You guys are just amazing... This secret epilogue is dedicated to everyone who busted my poll result!! ...I love you guys.
After Dawn - Chapter 20 (Finale)
It's finally over!! ...Noah finally puts Christian in his place. It's an epic finale!! Please leave your comment.
After Dawn - Chapter 19
One chapter to go!!! Please leave a comment.
Dawn - Chapter 9 (An Unexpected Turn)
Mia finally finds love... But what will Mia do if her destiny as belonging to Roberto is inevitable? Would she be able to tell Roberto about Sonya conspiracy? Can Mia and her love have a future?
After Dawn - Chapter 18
I'm sorry for the delay... this is a short chapter, but I think it has the right amount of drama in it... Christian finally knows Isadora's secret.. #2 chapters to go???.. Leave a comment.
After Dawn - Chapter 17
3 more chapters to go!!! Please, please leave a comment, thank you.
After Dawn - Chapter 16
Less than 5 more chapters to go!!
After Dawn - Chapter 15
Isadora meets someone familiar and this is about to change the story forever. I know you guys hate me right now for delaying this chapter, but please I promise that the delay will stop.
After Dawn - Chapter 14
Someone finally finds out Isadora's top secret... read this amazing chapter to find out who and how the person reacted...that's Kimberly and Alex in the picture.. please leave a comment.
After Dawn - Chapter 13
So sorry about the delay... do leave a comment.
After Dawn - Chapter 12
This chapter is kinda short, please bear with me. I'm a bit busy with school and also sorry about the delay... please leave a comment...that's little zoey in the picture
After Dawn - Chapter 11
This chapter is dedicated to Christian and Isadora!!! Please leave a comment... there's a lot of emotional ups and downs in this chapter.
After Dawn - Chapter 10
Isadora and Christian are beginning to have a special connection, but will they both be able to survive the obstacles in their way? Read this chapter to find out more about their special connection... don't forget to leave a...
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Twelve (Part One)
Firstly, I have to apologize about the yearlong wait for this chapter. I got a little bit of writer's block and then, unfortunately I forgot I was working on this too in the events that have occurred since I posted the chapter last...
After Dawn - Chapter 9
I'm really sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Isadora and Christian finally become friends. Here's another picture of half the cast.
After Dawn - Chapter 8
Sorry for the delay, I had a short-time writer's block. Enjoy this new chapter and learn more about Isadora's crazy life.
After Dawn - Chapter 7
Sorry for the delay. I'm very excited about this chapter. So, please leave your comments. Enjoy!
After Dawn - Chapter 6
Isadora finds out some shocking information, which is quite disturbing. Will she be able to survive this? Enjoy...2 comments to continue
After Dawn - Chapter 5
Isadora gets suspicious of Jesikah and Nathan. She too makes new friends... I hope you enjoy this chapter, and don't forget to leave a comment. The picture is of Isadora.
After Dawn - Chapter 4
Hey guy, sorry for the delay. Here's another chapter for you. Please feel free to leave a comment. Isadora's jealousy gets Christian into trouble. That's Christian in the pic.
After Dawn - Chapter 3
Isadora can't get over her first kiss and has a special connection with Nathan... Lol, I guess she has found her teenage side and is balancing it with the responsibility of being queen... please do leave a comment.that a pic of...
After Dawn - Chapter 2
Enjoy this new chapter and have a little idea of what it's like to be in Isadora's mind... don't forget to leave a comment... that's Nathan in the picture.
After Dawn - Chapter 1
Imagine teenagers in corporate dresses going to work... this thought is enough to drive us crazy right, we teenagers need fun, so does Isadora... Have fun reading and don't forget to leave a comment.
After Dawn - Prologue
Hey guys, here it is. Join the roller coaster ride of Isadora Vlad, it's epic! Your words give me strength, don't forget to leave a comment.
Dawn - Chapter 8 (Conspiracy II, Confusion, and Murder…)
More trouble on the way for Mia... what will happen to Mia?
Dawn - Chapter 7 (Conspiracy...)
Mia is yet going to face another obstacle to find dawn...
Dawn - Chapter 6 (The Hidden Door, Dawn…)
Is there a chance for Mia to find Dawn? Will her dream finally come true?
Dawn - Chapter 5 (The Ball…)
Mia has to find a way to find dawn, and exposing Roberto is one step in her search and Mia has to go to the ball to find evidence against Roberto. But would her search lead her to something else... something she has not expected...
Dawn - Chapter 4 (Lies and Betrayals)
Was Mia being lied and betrayed all her life by Roberto or is it something else... Are dark forces playing with Mia's life and dream to see the dawn?!
Dawn - Chapter 3 (Humiliation, Ethan and Others)
What will next happen in Mia's life?
Deadly Lust - Chapter 28 (Part 1)
Hey guys... yeah... I know I know and I'm soo sorry. But enjoy this hippie chappie guys...
Dawn - Chapter 1 (The Beginning)
A 16-year-old girl named Mia is saved from death by a vampire named Roberto and is forced to live in the vampire world. Centuries later, Mia is feeling suffocated in this world and wondered if she will ever see the dawn and if she...
The Enchanted - Chapter 3
Keiran's POV and Willow's POV. What is Willow? Witch, vampire, elf, and werewolf? Find out now!
The Enchanted - Chapter 2
Sorry for the late post! Really busy month for me. Chapter starts off from Willow's POV. *Picture of Keiran*
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 30
Hey, so... I know right, long time no see on this story. I'm sorry, I made promises but couldn't keep them. I don't think I should promise unless I get... like five comments. But it's up to you guys now. Enjoy.
Vampire Romance - Prologue
Future vampire romance.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 27
Hi guys, you hate me I know... but I couldn't help that I fell in love. I had an amazing month this month.
The Enchanted - Chapter 1
This story is little of fantasy and romance. Keiran meets the new girl but can't seem to get a grip on her mysteriousness. Please comment, I would like to have at least 5 comments to move on to the next chapter. Thanks. **Picture...
The Fangs - Prologue
This is a little something that I started and don't know whether I want to finish. It's a story about vampires and the likes blending into society...
Deadly Lust - Chapter 26
Hey guys, author's note at the bottom. Don't forget to vote comment and all them good stuff. Enjoy.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 25
You guys probably hate me right now. It's been months since my last update. Please forgive me, I had major writer's block and well now I'm back for good. And guys, please comment good or bad, I really would appreciate it. Thanks.
Vampire Wars - Chapter Two
Silver is misbehaved, and probably one of the best 'Vampire Wars' ever. But what secret is her family hiding from the highest Vampire Slaying Council?
Deadly Lust - Chapter 24
Hi guys, thanks for your comments and ideas. I really really appreciate it. And this chapter is about Liam and his father's disapproval about having Alexis alive and pregnant. I know it's short but don't worry. I'm going to follow...
Deadly Lust - Chapter 23
Enjoy the chapter and comment please.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 22
Thanks guys, I really, really appreciate your feedback. Hopefully, you guys can keep it up. Enjoy this chapter.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 21
Hey guys, this chapter isn't long or short, but I really, really need you guys to comment. I feel sort of saddened because none of y'all are responding to what I'm writing, the way I expect you guys to. If you guys don't like it,...
Deadly Lust - Chapter 20
Comment please and enjoy.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 19
Enjoy guys and do comment below.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 18
Hi guys, long time no see. I was quite busy but I had the time to write a few chaps. Enjoy and do comment.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 29
Yeah I know, long time but I'm back for good. Vows and more vows. What happens to Jessie in the next chapter?
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Eleven
I'm so sorry! I have not posted in ages, but hear me out guys. I have had a lot of work for my exams and I also play a lot of sports and have little time for writing a new chapter. Also, my laptop recently broke, and I had written...
Deadly Lust - Chapter 17
I know you guys have been waiting for quite a while and I'm sorry and apologize for the long wait. Enjoy.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 16
Hey guys, I hope you like this chapter and please comment.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 28
I know this is short but the rest is on its way, so don't worry guys. I know I've been neglecting 'Jessie Hunter' but from now on I'm posting every second day. Enjoy the short chapter guys.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 15
Comment please guys... enjoy!
Deadly Lust - Chapter 14
Hey guys, comment please.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 13
Please guys I need your feedback on this chapter. At least 7 comments. Enjoy.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Ten (Part Two)
It may or may not be getting close to finding out what sara is...? I don't even know yet! Anyway, enjoy the next installation!
Deadly Lust - Chapter 12
Enjoy this chapter.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Ten (Part One)
I am so sorry that I haven't been writing recently! I think it's fair to say that I have had writer's block, and also some general problems with getting this new installment. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this part.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 11
Comment guys, thanks for those who did. Enjoy!
Deadly Lust - Chapter 10
Comment on the story guys, I need your feedback on this one.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 9
Comment please... Enjoy and thanks guys.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 8
Comment please! Pic of Luka.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 7
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Jessie Hunter - Chapter 27
Hey, sorry for not posting sooner... enjoy.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 6
Hey guys... please comment on my story and maybe write what you would like me to write. Thanks.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 5
Hey guys, don't worry, I will be posting more often from now onwards.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 4
Hey y'all! Hope you guys enjoy and please comment on this story, thanks.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 3
Hey, I know haven't posted like forever but anyway, enjoy this chapter.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 26
Hi guys. Enjoy this chapter.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 25
Enjoy this chapter. And please comment and vote on the poll. Thanks guys. Another pic of Mike.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 24
Please comment and enjoy this chapter guys!
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 23
Hey guys, hope you like this chapter. Enjoy.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 22
Hey guys, and no I didn't forget. I'll be posting more often from now on. I know this chapter is short but enjoy. Pic of Maiah.
Deadly Lust - Chapter 2
This is the 2nd chapter of my new story. Hope you like it. Enjoy!
Deadly Lust - Chapter 1
Hey guys... this is a new story. I'm kinda nervous about posting it. So here goes nothing. And please comment on my story if you liked it or not.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 21
Here's another chapter. Enjoy it guys. Pic of Jeanette.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 20
Thanks Rabiya and enjoy. Pic of Zain.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 19 (Heartbreaking Memories)
Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while but finally right. And for your question, he's not a wizard. But yeah, they can do that. And he brings up another ugly and painful past about Jessie... Something she herself kept locked...
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 17
Enjoy this chapter and thanks for commenting.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 16
Hey, thanks Rabiya. Enjoy... oh and pic of Prince Aarone.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 15
Hell yeah... guys you are amazing. And thanks for the motivation guys. Enjoy. Pic of Jessie and her dad.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 14
Hey guys, how's the suspense going? Oh, and I highly recommend my friends to read the story 'Ashes to Ashes'. It's really cool. But anyway guys, enjoy this chapter.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 13
Hey guys, thanks to those who commented. And yeah, it is getting a little juicy. But enjoy guys. Pic of Jessie in her older more sexy form.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 12
I see threats are coming in about Markus. Nice going Mandie. Don't worry Markus will find his death awaiting at the hands of Mike. Jessie's birthday is near and finds herself looking oddly older than before. What could possibly be...
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Nine (Part Two)
I got a huge response from the poll! Thanks people! I found that the most popular character was Matt! He is a pretty awesome character to write about! I still have exams going on, so still lots of work but I managed to write this...
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 11 (Part 2)
Hey guys, I'm sorry for neglecting you.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 11
Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm back.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Nine (Part One)
This is only part one! Just to keep you guys busy till I write the next one!
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 7
Hey guys! It's FINALLY done! Comment and tell me what you all thought! Thanks!
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Eight
Thanks so much! I've made this chapter a lot longer. Enjoy the chapter and comment.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Seven
Thanks to my merry supporters and the people who have been commenting and loving the stories... to name but a few, Kristy Sanders, Bri Bri, Brooke, and Sara. This one is a follow-on. The poem used in this story is called "True...
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Six
This is a longer chapter! Enjoy!
Black Heart - Epilogue
This is the FINAL chapter of Black Heart. Hope you all enjoy it, and hope you read my new story. Picture is of Crystal's dress, her appearance is different.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 10
I know guys but my time is limited by my parents. They always check on me, so I really don't have a lot of time. That is why I have to cut the chapters short. Hope you guys understand.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Five
Thanks to the supporters! I wouldn't have continued this without you! More to come.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 9 (Part 2)
Enjoy the story and comment please.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 9
Hey guys! Seriously, if you don't comment, I'm putting a stop to my story! Just kidding and thanks for the tip Rabiya.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Four
Sara's first day at school! Especially for Kristy! Enjoy.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Three
This chapter is on Juliette. So you can learn about her character. She can come across a little mean, but no worries! Hope you enjoy the chapter! Thanks everyone for the good feedback! I've got a couple of more chapters on the way!
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 8
As everyone knows, I'm new on iBuzzle, so I need some feedback on my story. How I can make it better and improve it? Please guys, and thanks. (Pic of Erick)
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 7 (The Visit)
Thanks for the tips and for the pointers. And 'Vampire Royalty' is my all-time favorite. Love it.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter Two
This chapter is a backstory about Matt. It helps thread the story together, so suppose it is quite an important chapter. Remember to leave your comments below and use the poll too!
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 6
Hey guys! You all are the best. Got some pointers and I really do appreciate it. I know things happen too fast but no biggie. I'll just have to slow things down. Thanks and enjoy. Pic of Nathan Harper.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 14
Here's chapter 14. Sorry that it took so long! Hope you guys like it and please comment!
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 5 (The Truth Will Set You Free)
Enjoy...(sly smile). Jessie has a secret about what happened to her on the day her parents died. But she goes for the kill in the next chapter. She also finds Markus looking at her continuously but doesn't know why. Pic is of Mike.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 4
Pic of Markus. Read and enjoy this chapter.
Someone Like Matt - Chapter One
Sara, Matt, and Juliette are three ordinary teens who go to the same high school. Matt and Juliette are together, and Sara just moved to the town from Britain. Will the love last?
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 3
Thanks to Mandy who commented on my story. I really appreciate it. Enjoy.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 2 (Surprise)
After being tortured by Markus, who is the person she'll reconcile with? Enjoy. I need more votes and comments readers. Thanks.
Jessie Hunter - Chapter 1
I'm new people, so please bear with me. And enjoy the story and comment please.
Blood Slave: Bittersweet (Chapter 20)
Patrick and Rose reunite!
Vampire Wars - Chapter One
Author of "Being Beautiful". This is one of my old stories I just found about, you guessed it: Vampires. Silver is misbehaved, and probably one of the best 'Vampire Wars' ever. But what secret is her family hiding from...
Something About You - Chapter 1
Luna, a sixteen-year-old high school girl is kidnapped by vampires and taken to a 'Blood Slave Action' where she is sold to a vampire named James. Luna refuses to let him drink at first, but he forces and scars her with his bites....
Black Heart - Chapter 6
Crystal lets her true power out, and Jared becomes the person he should have been, but wait! Something happens to a character, but what is it? Read and find out! Jace, finally makes the decision of his life... Pic of Jace, Jared is...
Vesper - Chapter 4
Read this, you won't regret it. Or maybe you will, I don't know.
Blood Slave: According to Plan (Chapter 19)
Rose plots with her axis powers.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 13
Hey everyone! I'm back! Hope you guys like this chapter and please comment! By the way, this is a pic that somewhat resembles Skye.
Blood Slave: Light at the End of the Tunnel (Chapter 18)
Rose has found hope in an unlikely place.
Forbidden Love - Chapter One
A story full of romance, dangerous beasts and death, but which will prevail for our dear characters and will all survive? Let's find out ...
Forbidden Love - Blurb
A story full of romance, dangerous beasts and death, but which will prevail for our dear characters and will all survive?
Vesper - Chapter 3
Please comment and feel free to share your opinion about the story.
Black Heart - Chapter 5
Sorry it was so late and read author's note to find out why. In this chapter the past comes back, and someone is here to see Crystal. Jace has a visit from someone he would rather forget. And Crystal shows her true potential.
Blood Slave: The Truth (Chapter 17)
The truth about the vampire kingdom.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 15
Please read and comment. Those of you who read my Christian column "Advocate for Faith", I sincerely apologize for the ongoing delay. However, it is necessary as I am currently doing some research into the book of...
Blood Slave: The Kiss of Evil (Chapter 16)
The secret door. I am so sorry this took so long, my personal life got super busy and I had no time. But, I'm going to try to be on top of it from now on. I love you all. Thank so much!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 34 (The End)
The End! I'm sure some of you may not be happy with the ending, but that's how I pictured it. Leave comments please.
Zack - Chapter 11: Donnie's Capture
Magdalena must make a decision.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 33
The second to last chapter, a little sexual? Please comment!
When Can I See You Again? (4)
I'm like, 650 odd years older than him! Eww! I showed him into my bedroom and forced myself to smile flirtatiously.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 13
Ok, so the Cat's definitely out of the bag now. Enjoy and please give feedback guys. Much love.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 12
The Cat's out of the bag; well sort of- finally!
Transformed - Chapter 32
Another chapter guys. Hope you like it.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 11
We delve into a little more about Chris' character and the escalating mystery; enjoy. And the reason why I don't reply anymore is because the number of comments have reduced, and also due to the fact of my hectic school life;...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 32
What's wrong with Cassandra? Beach house and a new crush. The picture is the closest thing I could find to fit Isabella's description for those who were curious.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 10
Well guys, I took an extra day off, so you will be seeing more of me until next week! Let's try to reach Chapter 18 before Monday! Enjoy.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 9
Just a little more action but a few fillers are still missing. Extremely busy with school and projects guys. I've managed to fit in a chapter at a last hour, so do show your appreciation. Refer to book 1, "Love's to Die For...
Black Heart - Chapter 4
So Sorry, I didn't mean to be late. The past couple of weeks have been stressful. Anyway, Crystal and Jace admit new feelings, and both have things they want to tell the other! Violet helps Jace find his true feelings toward Crystal!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 12
Are you really going to let her die? Can you? Theresa died, but you didn’t have the chance to save her. Now you have Skye, are you really going to let her go?
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 8
Who is the stranger? Here's another clue about 'Mysterious Chris'. The drama has only begun.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 31
Just a little something. The Prophecy (kinda) and a relaxation theme. Tell me your opinions and what you think I should write next in the story's plot. By the way I'm extremely sorry for my absence. Nothing exciting.
When Can I See You Again? (3)
Marie’s is the elegant red velvet cake batter ice cream with red velvet cake pieces, and a delectable cream cheese frosting swirl. (The picture is of Marie.)
A Voice Without Words - Chapter 5
Hey guys, I'm back... So enjoy this chapter and comment please.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 11
It was as if he didn't even care if I died or not. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. What was going on?
Vesper - Chapter 2
Read Chapter 2 of Vesper and tell me what you think! Your opinions definitely motivate me!
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 6
Here's a little twist guys. Hopefully, I'll be able to reply to the comments in the next chapter. Oh well, happy reading.
Zack - Chapter 10: A Warning
He looked over the side of his bed and a shock thrilled through him as a woman’s head rolled on the ground, dead eyes staring up at him.
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 5
Sorry guys, extremely busy with studies and I'm a tad appalled at the decreasing comments. I'm trying really hard to balance my complex life - show some interest please. (Warning - short chapter)
Black Heart - Chapter 3
Sorry it's been awhile, college work is taking it out of me. Jace and Violet run this chapter, and Violet discovers Crystal's long wish, but what happens to her in this chapter? Read and find out. Picture of Violet.
Sunshine - Chapter Five (Final Part)
I can't even count how many times I have apologized my dear readers. I know what it's like to be so in love with a book and caught up in it and then the author takes endless time to post the next chapter, and when they do, you no...
The Contraband - Chapter Three
I'm really sorry it took so long to post, I was having difficulties with my laptop. I promise next time I'll post sooner!
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 6
New chapter's out! Please comment and let me now what you thought, thanks!
When Can I See You Again? (2)
Abram was fascinated by magic, and knew he could deal with a fifth girl later, but he needed four initially for it to be complete.
The Contraband - Chapter Two
Okay, so this is the second chapter and third post of the 'The Contraband' for my readers who actually liked the first two parts. For those of you who said that the chapter was not good, don't keep reading. I'm going to keep going...
The Contraband - Chapter One
Introduction to new characters, beginning of the plot! Tell me what you think please! Comment and Poll. Picture is of the Amelia's new necklace.
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 is finally out! Sorry that it took so long! Hope you guys like it and please comment, thanks!
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 4
Alright guys, this story is about to get more interesting. Nine comments to continue, special prize for the first five commenters.
The Contraband - Prologue
Hey guys, I'm a new iBuzzle author and this is my first story so please be patient with me! Anyhow, this is a prologue of 'The Contraband'. It will give you background knowledge on the characters. Please comment about the length,...
Fear (A Vampire Story) - Chapter 5
I took out my phone from my pocket and dialed Philip's number. "Hey Philip. For tomorrow night... Uh movies and bowling. I'm in. Can I bring Melissa?" For a moment he didn't reply. But then I heard a voice. A familiar one...
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 3
Thanks to my fateful readers/commenters: keep the feedback kicking.
Black Heart - Chapter 2
Crystal starts to bite back at Jace, but will it end well?
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 2
'All But a Dream' and 'The Secret She Carried' will be on hold for a while, though I put major focus on this sequel, as well as my other story 'Survival', please read the first chapter and comment guys. Well, here you go...
Love's To Kill For - Chapter 1
This is the sequel to, "Love's To Die For". Do enjoy guys and sorry for not posting my opposing stories: I fell and broke my hands and legs... Lol... kidding; I was on a mini vacation: anyway: Happy April Fools': prank,...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 30
Finally here! Please tell me what you think. "Zyro's Peak!" The king's voice boomed, now causing me to shudder, "Bow to your new princess!"
Black Heart - Chapter 1
This is the first chapter, Crystal finds out Jace has an evil plan for her, but why is he doing it? Pic is of Crystal.
Black Heart - Prologue
This is my first story and I'm really nervous, the prologue isn't very long. I will post Chapter 1 straight after, please read.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 29 (Part 2)
I know it took an eternity but I finally posted. Exams have been keeping me busy so sorry for the late post. This is just Isabella's transformation, not interesting and really short. But comment anyway! Thanks for your support....
Sunshine - Chapter Five (Part Two)
Kadence is not who he seems?
Vesper - Chapter 1
Sorry it took so long, been real busy. Hope you like it.
Transformed - Chapter 31
I'm back people!
Fear (A Vampire Story) - Chapter 4
I rang the doorbell. Ezra opened the door. "Hi... I really need to talk to you about your foster son, Adam." (Picture is of Ezra)
When Can I See You Again (1)
When Belladonna is turned... Will she accept her new life?
Sunshine - Chapter 5
Something has happened between Constantine and Soleil.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 37 (Finale)
Here's the final chapter of this book. Thanks a lot to my viewers, especially my commenters/ fans. A special thanks goes out to E.Z., Carly Jones, Briana, Buffy Baby, James Hunter, Anne and others, love you all.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 36
One more chapter to go guys!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 35
Please take up the voting poll guys. Enjoy!
Fear (A Vampire Story) - Chapter 3
Adam the mysterious, dangerous but charming man who seems different from the rest and the washed-up jock Philip who now I see is a jerk... Although I can't get my mind off him either. Looking for a pic for Adam.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 10
Sorry that it took so long!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 34
Happy Valentine's day to all. Who bought me chocolate? Lolz. You're in for a surprise guys.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 29 (Part 1)
What's wrong with Isabella? Short chapter I know but take poll and comment please. Probably not one of my best so don't be afraid to share your thoughts.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 33
Check out my 'Toastmaster's Speech About Me' as it encompasses an essential and somewhat tragic encounter which I was able to overcome. I promise, you will be moved and inspired. 10 comments!
Love's to Die For - Chapter 32
I know that I haven't done comment replies in a while; I'll see to that as soon as I get more time guys. Thanks for being understanding. Enjoy.
Love's to Die For - Chapters 30 and 31
I'm back guys!! My Internet was down for some time but no worries; I did some advanced writing and I'm almost finished with this book; more shocking twists and turns. Enjoy!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 9
There's no escape?
Fear (A Vampire Story) - Chapter 2
How can someone be so perfectly perfect but still be so scary... I don't think I want to see him again even though he makes my heart beat fast.
The Vampire Healer of Lodgeford - Chapter 21
I realize now how stupid it was for me to leave this story. I don't know how often I will post but I will finish it. I promise and I apologize. Please comment, your words are important.
Love's to Die For - Chapter 29
Shout-out to Briana, Ana, James, E.z. of course and all other commenters. 10 comments guys; more action and a bloody battle!
Vesper - Prologue
Tell me if this would come out to be an amazing story!
Fear (A Vampire Story) - Chapter 1
New place... mystery man.
Sunshine - Chapter Four (Part Three)
Soleil may have a problem... Hey guys! I have a whole week off for school so I can do more entries now. I'll do my best to continue on a more regular basis.
Love's to Die For - Chapter 28
War, war and more war! Who will get out alive? Will Chac gain the victory? Keep reading to find out! And check out my newest story, 'All But A Dream' too.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 28
This is the thought that crossed my mind as I dragged the blade across my hand, in a sea filled with vampires - the war is over!! Please comment! Your comments are really important to me.
Love's to Die For - Chapter 27
Someone's murdered, Chac at the palace. What is going on? Read and find out; the action begins now!
Zack - Chapter 9: I Wouldn't Have Wasted My Time On You
The dead leave behind those who still care.
Zack - Chapter 8: I Don't Think So Child
Come back inside, and then go out again.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 26
It's cool to know that people ranging from ages 6 to above 66 actually read my stories. Happy reading to you guys however commenting range has decreased. Come on guys, you're making me sad and it will reflect in my writing; I need...
Love's To Die For - Chapter 25
Find out about some of Chac's hidden thoughts and an unexpected revelation is unfolded.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 7
Sorry for the late post! Here's chapter 7, hope all of you like it and please comment! Thanks!
Sunshine - Chapter Four (Parts 1 and 2)
Constantine isn't on very good terms with Soleil at the moment. (Sorry I'm taking so long, guys! Studying for exams next week! I'm trying to get in as many Chapters as I can. The next few Chapters aren't going to be written solo...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 27
This really was war, and I stood in the middle of the battlefield with nothing but a handgun. This is only the start, there's much more to come... You don't think that's all Xavier would do, did you? 10 comments for the next chapter.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 24
Find out more about Christina's transformation.
A Voice Without Words - Chapter 4
*peeks in* Hey all. Haha mad at me? Lol, I know I've been dormant lately. Happy Holidays! Midterms are coming up and I've been sick. I am now going to be releasing everything to you on my new iPad! Shout out to Kristy! My first...
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 22
I'm back with chapter 22! In this chapter, there's another look into Kisa's mind, and a mysterious talk between Ashley and Steven... Also, I will be holding a contest, for my readers. I'll post details in the next chapter. P.S.:...
My Vampire - Chapter 5
Sorry for the long update... so busy in my thesis. Enjoy!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 22
A Conspiracy arises between Christina and Wind. Christina begins to have queer dreams that lead to coincidences. Does the huge Takoyan pyramid fall?
Love's To Die For - Chapter 21
Wind, Christina and Jake begin their epic journey to the further.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 6
(A vampire story) Skye meets her 'fiancé' for the first time!
Gone - Chapter 13
Love you guys.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 26
The look in his eyes told me it was time. Xavier was here. This Chapter is an introduction to the fight and no action here, next one will... Happy New Year to everyone. Please Comment.
In the Face of Adversity - Part 3
Part one of this series happens later on in the story, right now this is Malcolm investigating and the introduction of a new element.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 20
Please pay attention to the very short author's note at the end of this chapter. Comment replies to be distributed in next chapter; Happy Holidays!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 19
This is a short chapter. Do enjoy and visit my author page in your spare time. Thanks everyone.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 18
Someone dies, a battle breaks out, will Christina finally be rescued?
Sunshine - Chapter Three (Parts 1 to 3)
Guys, here are 3 parts of Chapter 3...
Love's To Die For - Chapters 16 and 17
Hey guys, here are chapters 16 and 17. Thanks Carly Jones, Briana, Angel and everyone else for your kind words. I need 10 comments to continue please.
Love's To Die For - Chapter 15
Wind's characteristics are revealed. Chac earns back a few of his powers, read and find out how and why!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 14
Lily goes back in time, Jake picks up on her hidden feelings of love which she is secretly keeping in her heart towards someone. Read and find out about that person!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 5
(A vampire story) - Skye discovers some shocking news! Enjoy!
Love's To Die For - Chapter 13
Hey guys, hope you are all loving my story! There's gonna be an epic battle scene coming up and I want it to be priceless. I'm thinking about doing a character sketch to make things more clear. Well I'll distribute a poll question...
Love's To Die For - Chapter 12
Who is Jamal? What does he really want? Briana, you were right about one thing but, how right were you? This story is going to take a turn for serious action! Please enjoy and keep commenting; I'm pleased with the previous poll...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 25
Theory tested, a found video and an interview... Nothing much happens. Sorry for the long wait.
In the Face of Adversity - Part 2
Malcolm's story and another part of Nosnam's history. The supernatural isn't a big part now but it will be as Malcolm investigates further into the city.
Gone - Chapter 12
Here you go!
Love's To Die For (Chapter 11)
Be informed of the tribes which Jake and his family once came and find out of Jamal's true identity; well sort of. Christina who didn't take to her feelings towards Jamal ends up in big trouble. What will happen? Read and find out!
Love's To Die For (Chapter 10)
How did Jake and Christina meet?
Love's To Die For (Chapter 9)
Thanks everyone; Morgan B... Ms. Jones... thanks to Anika Page and everyone who commented and contributed to my story. This chapter is on you guys and for those who I haven't mentioned; thanks a lot!
Love's To Die For (Chapter 8)
Lily is visited by Chac... read and see what happens.
Love's To Die For (Chapter 7)
Just a backstory. Did Lily really die? Read and find out her story! Next chapter will be in more depth.
A Voice Without Words - Chapter 3
Hey guys, it's Saturday and I've been so busy 'cuz I'm in a play that opened last night! Tonight is my last show so wish me luck!!
Love's To Die For (Chapter 6)
I'm really not pleased with the feedback of the last 2 chapters. Readers who are enjoying the story are not making an effort to contribute towards my story. If the feedback of this chapter is not to my liking, I will have to scrap...
Love's To Die For (Chapter 5)
"God made man in the image of himself; In the image of himself, he created us; Male and Female he created us." Genesis 1:27.
Love's To Die For (Chapter 4)
Well, I hope this answers your questions i.e. those who are complaining about not understanding my story, I can't put everything to the forefront at one time. Anyway, thanks to those who have supported my efforts. Please comment...
Love's To Die For (Chapter 3)
Will the world end? Will Jake be able to rescue his love, when he can't even bear to save himself? Read and find out!
A Voice Without Words - Chapter 2
This is going to be a fast-paced chapter and thus it will only be a few chapters but it depends on whether or not I do the complicated plotline I'm thinking of lol. I decided on Chapter 2 before Chapter 1 was released lol, 'cuz I...
Fallen for You at Midnight - Chapter 2
Almira enchanted by the stranger in her shadow cannot see the anguish hooded behind her parents' eyes. In hospital with two punctured holes in her neck is enough to raise alarm. Discover how Almira can't manage to separate fantasy...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 24
Questions Answered, a plan created, trust rebuilt and a weapon unleashed. What's the real reason behind Xavier's plans?
Love's To Die For (Chapter 2)
Christina was on the verge of death, as she hung from the edge of a cliff. The woman was having a fierce battle with her opponent. The world was practically falling apart, and everyone was doomed.
Love's To Die For (Chapter 1)
Christina begins to have peculiar nightmares which try to inform her of her fatal relationship with an inhuman being, Jake; for she is unaware of his true nature. Will she ever find out? What will become of their love?
A Voice Without Words - Chapter 1
This just came to mind, could POSSIBLY *emphasis on possibly* turn into an actual continuous story. It depends on the feedback I get and if I have the attention span for it.
Gone - Chapter 11
Sorry it took forever!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 23
This isn't that interesting, but it had to happen before the main, totally awesome parts. Enjoy reading!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 4
Skye is slowly transforming, but will she ever make it past one week? And can she deny the mixed up feelings that are going on in her? - New chapter, please comment!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 3
Skye finally learns all the mysteries of her past. Will she be able to deal with everything, even though all this is just the beginning and there is still much more to come?
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 22
Isabella's out of the hospital and back home but stroke with fear. "I got you a personal trainer." He said. Terminal 4 is over!! Please comment! 15 comments for the next chapter please!
Blood Slave: Scarlet (Chapter 14)
Damian finally gets o meet his new little snack, and the Queen has some twists of her own.
Zack - Chapter 7: His Friends
Not left alone with a murderess.
Gone - Chapter 10
Here ya go guys!!
Come Home - Chapter Three
Kate makes a bad first impression and meets the royal children, after which receives some shocking news...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 21
Vamps, vamps and (oh yeah) more vamps! Yet despite all this, Xavier still finds himself in Isabella's bathroom. How's that possible and why?
Love Me For Who I Am, Not For What I Am - Final Chapter
So this is it... this story finally ended... hope you like it!
Come Home - Chapter Two
Kate arrives at the castle. Not much happens in this one guys, but I'm gonna post three real soon, like a day after this comes up. Pic is of Anabeth.
Insanity - A Vampire Romance (Chapter One)
A dose of my new story, I hope you like it. It's about a boy named Estad. He's a prince and he was taken from his foster home by bloodthirsty vampires who wanted revenge. He has yet to figure out who he truly is and what his future...
Come Home - Chapter One
Katherine is a vampire turned witch with uncanny self-defense and battling abilities. She receives shocking news from her vampire mother that is the start of her new adventure. (Katherine is the Main Character, the story is in her...
The Black Rose - Part 5
What will Cassandra do? Is it the fate that her sister is out?
Gone - Chapter 9
Picture of Anthony.
Come Home - Prologue
It's a prologue of a new story, I'm trying out. Let me know what you think. If you don't like, I'll kill it off, so to speak. But if you want more, tell me in the poll. Thanks.
Change Your Mind - Chapter 4
Smiles make people feel at ease.
Gone - Chapter 8
Here ya go guys!
Change Your Mind - Chapter 3
Here's new and improved chapter.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 20
Beginning of terminal 4, will they survive? Or kill each other trying?
Gone - Chapter 7
I know, y'all want to kill me for taking so long and I'm really sorry! Please read and comment! Pic of Keiro.
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 21
Sorry for the late upload again! Anyway hope you like this chapter, but it's semi-long. Just a note I'll be ending this story soon because I don't like the way I wrote it in the beginning. I also have plans for another story in...
The Vampire Healer of Lodgeford - Chapter 20
I will kill you Vector! If it's the last thing I do!
Change Your Mind - Chapter 2
Hey guys, here's new and improved chapter. Pic is of Allie.
Zack - Chapter 6: Meet Me
Not human, but I am insane.
Gone - Chapter 6
Here you go!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 19
I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to go back to bed, but I kept hearing something, someone speaking to me.
Gone - Chapter 5
I'm glad, many people commented on my last chapter. Tell me, how'd you like this chapter?
Zack - Chapter 5: Indebted
Shane finds asylum with an old buddy.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 18
A sunny day in the town! There isn't much drama in this chapter, I'll admit that but in the next there will be MUCH MORE. Please comment.
Gone - Chapter 4
What happened to Rue?
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 20
Hey guys! Wrote this chapter pretty quick, but I hope you still like it. Please comment and vote. The more comments the quicker I write! Anyway to the story...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 17
What happened to Mary? What does Chris learn from Parker? Isabella and Chris have a heated moment. Please comment and take the poll!!
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 2
The truth hurts sometimes... (New chapter that I wrote, please comment!)
Gone - Chapter 3
"Have I done something wrong?" I asked, I couldn't stand the thought that he might be mad at me.
Love Me For Who I Am, Not For What I Am - Chapter 4
A very short chapter. Sorry for making you wait guys. Last chapter comes after this. Please leave a comment! Here's a photo of Maribel with her dress!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 16
Who is Xavier? Who hurt Mary? (Pic of Maria or what I'd expect her to look like.)
Sunshine - Chapter Two (Part Two)
Soleil takes a step back to see what she missed in her past. Sorry it's so short!
Gone - Chapter 2
Here you go! Please comment! Picture is of Rue... what do you think of her?
Gone - Chapter 1
Hey guys, first story on iBuzzle! So, what did you think? Please comment!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 15
He turned back and looked me straight in the eyes, "That wasn't Parker." He turned and looked over the edge, "We arrested the wrong person." (picture of Stella)
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 19
Sorry, I uploaded late again! I'm trying to post sooner, but school has started and such. But in this chapter... well just read it for yourself. I think this is one of my most well-written chapters I've written. I hope you guys...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 14
What really happened? What happened to Chris' parents and Isabella's parents? All these questions answered.
Vampire Royalty - Chapter 1
(A vampire story) Skye had never gotten along well with any people, but little did she know who she really was. Who knew that being kidnapped by a stranger and meeting a Queen could change her life? New story that I wrote, please...
Love Me For Who I Am, Not For What I Am - Chapter 3
Sorry guys, but this story was intended to be short that's why the flow of the story was going fast... I'm really sorry guys!! Two chapters left... By the way, here's Damien's photo.
Love Me For Who I Am, Not For What I Am - Chapter 2
Actually, this story was just a school work so it really was short and I only divided it into chapters here in iBuzzle, that's why it's going too fast. Please don't be mad at me guys.
Zack - Chapter 2: Initiation
What happens when you're admitted?
Love Me For Who I Am, Not For What I Am - Chapter 1
This is a story of a girl who's Humpire (half-human & half-vampire). She suddenly falls in love with an ordinary boy. What do you think will happen to their love story? This is my first story in iBuzzle... hope you like it!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 13
Happy Birthday? Chris has a secret of his own! Isabella gets bit? What's going on? Please comment!
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 12
Isabella gets flirted with and learns something she probably shouldn't. "Either way Chris knew something about my parents that he wasn't telling me, and deep down I knew it was much more than that. And it scared me." Enjoy.
Zack - Chapter 1
Sequel to Arnold's Cousin.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 11
Chris' POV! I don't think this chapter is that good but feel free to tell me what you think. I tired REALLY hard! Enjoy!
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 18
Thanks for everyone who still reads and comments! I'll just say that this chapter may not be what you expected. Note: I will be ending this story really soon, because I have so many more ideas that can't fit into this storyline,...
The Black Rose - Part 4
Sorry, I have wrote in a while. I had writer's block, hope you like it.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 10
Finally admitting it... Enjoy?
Change Your Mind - Chapter 1
The Beginning. It all starts now; New and improved!!
Blood Slave: The Palace (Chapter 12)
Rose is back where she started, but with a little flame of hope.
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 4
A nightmare can mean just more than a nightmare. When Alexandra goes to the night garden, she gets company by that last person that she would have wanted to see. Who knew that things could get worse with a vampire attack?
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 9
One step forward, 2 steps back... what happens now?? Please comment!! (short chapter)
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 8
Isabella finally admits her feelings for Chris! It's a short chapter and I'll admit not one of my best, but the next one entails much drama! Comment!
Echo - Chapter 34
New chapter's out, sorry it took so long. It's a bit short, hope you guys won't mind.
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 3
Everything has changed. Nothing will be the same anymore. Can Alexandra get used to the new way that things are now? - This chapter isn't that exciting, but the next chapter will be.
Selena's Soulmates: Chapter 3
Selena has something strange happened to her, and Damien and Draken have big argument.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 7
Nothing much happens here (I'll admit it) but tons of drama next chapter! And I'll try to post that by Monday! So in this chapter a new start, a negotiation and a party! Woot! Woot!
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 2
Wanted by Hector. Kidnapped by the vampire slayers. Alexandra knows that her life can't possibly get any worse, but she is wrong. Can she stop herself from feeling certain things... towards Jake?
Alexandra Knight - Chapter 1
(A Vampire Story) - When Alexandra Knight walks into a party with her friend, she sees a stranger with unnatural neon green eyes. She follows him and finds herself in the middle of trouble between a vampire and three vampire...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 6
Isabella finds out something shocking about Chris! Will it change her perspective? This is a shortish chapter, I've been having major writer's block, so if you have any ideas about what you think should happen next, don't hesitate!...
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 5
Hey guys, thanks for all the positive feedback but I'd love to hear from more people! Thanks! So here you go! In this Chapter, a nightmare, a fight, and a new guy. This is a pic of Jason. Please comment and take the poll.
Love is Unexceptional - Chapter 17
Hey guys, I've missed you, sorry I've been gone for 3 months. I've just been lazy and procrastinating. But I hope you enjoy chapter 17.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 4
A little vampire history... Chapter's probably not that interesting, but the next one will be... promise. Please comment.
The Vampire Healer of Lodgeford - Chapter 18
Valerie, Vector and Evan... Oh what to do? That's right! A Ball! Why the heck not! Crazy love triangle about to start, aye?
Echo - Chapter 33
I hope you guys like this chapter. It's a long one, so I took more time on it. Picture is of Cedric (Alex Pettyfer).
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 3
This just a bit of a backstory, so you have an idea of where Isabella's coming from. Please comment!
Transformed - Chapter 28
Next chapter guys. Please comment. Thanks to Katie and Katrina Pierce for commenting
Echo - Chapter 32
New Chapter is out, hope you like! Also, picture is Theron as requested (James Franco).
Selena's Soulmates: Chapter 2
Please leave more comments on what you think. I want you guys to tell if I'm doing good or bad (no matter how bad you think it is). Selena is still in the cell and Damien realizes something that can't be true.
Fallen for You at Midnight - Chapter 1
Find what happens in chapter one, when the mysterious stranger Almira stumbles upon one night returning late home from a party. Could walking through the Cairn cemetery change her fate forever? Find out now! Enjoy.
Sucked Into Love - Chapter 2
Hey guys! Sorry about the wait! I had no idea anyone had actually read the book, please comment! This chapter is pretty long. Hope it doesn't bore you. This is a picture of Chris.
Echo - Chapter 31
The necklace is missing? Picture is of Demtrius (Liam Mcintyre), sorry there wasn't a picture last time.