Vasectomy Recovery Time

A surgery for birth control in men, the recovery time for vasectomy can vary between two days to a week. More and more men go in for this simple procedure every year, so that they do not have to worry about fathering children anymore.
Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for men as a permanent birth control measure, it is one of the safest birth control measures. The vasectomy surgery is a simple procedure which takes few minutes, it is an endoscopic surgery. In the surgery the 'vasa deferentia' of a man are cut and then sealed shut to stop the sperm from entering the ejaculate. The procedure has almost a hundred percent success rate making it a very popular birth control option for those who do not wish to have children. Nowadays, the vasectomy procedure can be performed without a scalpel and has less recovery time. It is an outpatient procedure and is mostly scheduled on a Friday so a man does not miss work and gets two full days recovery time.

There are many urban legends regarding a vasectomy surgery and most are the figment of imagination of men who are insecure and scared. The idea of a surgery which involves a mans genitalia can be a pretty nerve-wracking thought and to actually volunteer for such a family planning procedure needs some sound guidance from a urologist.

You can leave for home immediately after the surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital is not required, doctors will schedule the operation on a Friday, this will give you two days to recover at home. Most men will get back to work after two days of recovery time. In these two days, doctors will ask you to stay off the ground and keep your feet elevated. Some men who might experience swelling after the surgery might need about a week's time to recover before resuming their duties.

If the vasectomy procedure is done without the use of a scalpel the recovery time is very less because there is no incision wound. In a scalpel less surgery most men get back to their work almost immediately if the job is not too demanding.

A Few Points to Remember

After a vasectomy procedure, a surgeon will advise you about the things you will have to do to help you recover fast and get back to your daily routine. One of the most important recovery tips is to stay off your feet as much as possible for the first two days after the surgical procedure. There are different types of vasectomy procedures, each with its own stipulated rest periods, which your doctor will advise you on.

Be liberal with ice packs and use them in regular intervals, this will help you deal with the soreness and the ice will also keep the swelling at bay. Lie on your back and use the ice pack in regular intervals, avoid any physical activity. Soreness in the operated area is one of the most common vasectomy side effects.

It is important that you wear a supporter or sports brief to avoid any kind of strain on your testes. Continue wearing the supporter for at least 7 - 10 days after the procedure. You will have to stay away from the shower for a couple of days to avoid getting the operated area wet. Stay away from the swimming pool and bathtubs for at least 5 - 7 days after the vasectomy surgery.

The doctor will also prescribe you some antibiotics and painkillers, stick to the dosage and do not over medicate yourself. If you are experiencing a prolonged pain, contact your physician. Do not bear the pain, as it can be a symptom of some underlying problem.

The cost of when compared with other birth control methods is quite inexpensive, because female sterilization procedure are very expensive and can cause complications. The recovery time is very minimum and the procedure is not very complicated, making it one of the most favored birth control methods in men.
By Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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