Vegetarianism Pros and Cons

There are vegetarianism pros and cons which one needs to weigh carefully before turning into a vegetarian. Here are some being listed out for you that you may want to consider before taking a decision of adopting a veterinarian lifestyle.
For many people going veg is nearly impossible as they believe it wipes out all the options while eating out. Well, I am one of them. Honestly, I have never understood the point of eating vegetarian food when I eat out. Non-vegetarian food is a real treat to my palate on any given day, which is a reason why I never enter pure vegetarian restaurants. Strangely, out of the need of the hour, I had to go to a restaurant that served only vegetarian food and it got me thinking, about eating options for vegetarians and why do they choose to be so? Vegetarianism pros and cons have to exist for so many people to like it and for the others to dislike it.

Facts About Vegetarianism

Research has shown that a vegetarian diet is far more healthy than any other diet. A vegetarian diet help in preventing, treating and reversing health issues. Many health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones, gallstones and diabetes can be treated and controlled if one abides by a strict vegetarian diet. As one stops consuming animal flesh, consumption of animal fat and cholesterol also reduces. This keeps the person hale and hearty.

Health Benefits

There are tons of benefits of vegetarianism. The World Cancer Research Fund published in 1977 states that the risk of cancer is reduced if one sticks to a vegetarian diet. Many studies also state that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables allows the body to develop a better immune system. Cruciferous vegetables, umbelliferous vegetables and herbs, fruits, beans, whole grains, flaxseed, seasoning herbs are known to have cancer-protective properties. Proper implementation of vegetarian diet helps in improving the skin conditions, hair and overall health.

Negative Aspects

Vegetarianism has many sub sets. Veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to include only vegetables and fruits; lacto-vegetarian diet includes vegetables and dairy products; lacto-ovo vegetarian diet includes vegetables, dairy products and eggs and flexitarian includes vegetables, meat, poultry and fish but only occasionally. Many people who want to become a vegetarian do not analyze the pros and cons of becoming a vegetarian. For instance they start consuming more dairy products like, milk, cottage cheese and fried stuff which does nothing to help them. Vegan diets do not provide the body with Vitamin B12, which is essential for the nervous system and synthesis of DNA. Lack of B12 can lead to anemia. Especially, children who are raised on vegetarian diets do not receive the required amount of zinc, copper and iron.

It is a known fact that human bodies derive the required saturated fat through animal flesh. This saturated fat is necessary for development of the nervous system and for suppressing inflammation. Moreover, saturated fat, derived from non-vegetarian food items, contains the much-needed fat-soluble Vitamins A, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2. It is impossible to get all these nutrients if one decides to stick solely to a vegetarian diet.

Why Do People Become Vegetarian?

The current global trend shows that there are several people who are transforming to strict vegetarianism. Pros and cons of vegetarianism are evident, but a lot of people have other reasons to be vegetarians. Let's see what are they.
  • Love for animals and their welfare
  • Religious fanatics
  • Environmental concerns
  • A new approach to wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • For losing weight
  • For maintaining the weight lost
  • Due to spouses tastes or other members in the family
At this juncture it is extremely difficult to decide which eating habit is more beneficial. A drastic change is never good. A balance between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet like flexitarian, in my opinion is the best diet plan for anybody and everybody. This is where I sign off to cook my balanced meal for the day. Do let me know what have you decided. Bon App├ętit!
By Mukta Gaikwad
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