Vesper - Chapter 3

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"Sorry," I apologize earnestly.
"What for?" He asks me curiously, as he absentmindedly strokes my cheek with his thumb, as if he's awed by me.

"For this," I reply as I bring my knee up to hit him right in the groin. He looked completely surprised as he groaned and held his couch as he fell onto the bed, that we were still standing on. I hurriedly jumped off the side, knowing he will recover quickly. I don’t stop to grab nothing but my purse by the door. By then I was running beyond normal speed to reach my car within a second. I knew, I would not be seen since this motel is empty, besides, with no actual working cameras. Once I reach my car door of my mustang, arms wrap around my waist tightly and pull me away while he is chuckling in my ear. God, he is so sexy and this hunt is turning me on. I knew, I should seriously try to get away because I have a feeling if I don’t go willingly, he may just force me.

"Feisty, I like that," he whispers in my ear huskily. I groan in response as I try to get out of his arms. I barely struggle, enjoying the feel of his hard biceps squeezed around me.
"You're a real beauty, you'll be a perfect bride," he says as his breath hits my cheek.

Being reminded of that marriage brought me right out of my drug-induced haze. To begin the scheme forming in my head, I turn to meet his lips that feel deliciously soft. I feel his arms loosen around me as he gets more into the lip lock, so I quickly pull away from him and punch him as hard as I could into the side of his face, knowing vampires have a high pain tolerance. His face scrunched up in pain, but it barely affected him. I tried to run again but it looked like I wasn't going to get away because he had, once again, a hold on me before I took one more friggin' step. Why can't I ever get a break? I groan loudly and begin struggling as hard as I can, trying to wear him out but he wouldn't budge. Not really being the one to give up, I continued until I realized he was much more physical - empowering than me and wouldn't get tired of this anytime soon. He's a king, so he's probably got great patience too. I groaned as I stopped trying to break free, finally giving in.

"Alright, I'll go," I say, as I act like I'm raising a white flag, waving up one of my arms I was able to pry from his own, still wrapped around my body.

He chuckles in response, "I'm not falling for that again," he says as he pulls down my surrendering arm into his grip, along with my other one behind my back as he begins walking us back into my apartment. The door was still hanging open from my hurried leaving, and the room was all messy. "Looks like a tornado blew through here," I try to make small talk as he enters behind me, still having a hold of me.

He stops by the bed. I know he's looking for something to hold me, but there wasn't nothing in the room provided or that I've brought that I wouldn't be able to escape. I feel him lean toward my ear from behind, "You promise not to run?" He asks me reluctantly.

"Totally," I reply. This is my last shot to get out of here or not. Should I leave, with another notch on my buckle? Or should I go with this stranger and become royalty? Maybe I should go with him, I'll see more of my kind. Check it all out, maybe even have a permanent home. I quickly squashed that thought, not wanting to get hopeful and then be denied of it later. A fly buzzed by and landed on my arm and I swatted it away, not wanting to get fly guts on me. What's-his-name began packing up my clothes that had been strewn onto the floor. How did those get there?

"Hey, what's your name?" I ask absentmindedly.

He stops at what he's doing and looks up at me in surprise, "You don't remember?"
I scan my brain, trying to think of what happened last night, but it all came up blank. "Nope," I answer discouragingly.

He looks away from me to finish what he was doing then swings the bag over his shoulder and places his other arm over my shoulders. He sighs as he leads me out of the door, "Oh, I almost forgot," he turned around and placed a wad of rolled money onto the dresser by the door.

"That should do it," he says to me with a wide grin. "My name, by the way, is Prince Leopold of Skitsoquin, but you can just call me Leo." He gave me that gorgeous smile again, then walked out where a huge black limo was waiting.

I gasped at the sight, then immediately became freaked out. "No, nope. Uh-huh!" I say frantically as I back up and wave my arms like an idiot.

Leo immediately looked amused, "What is it now?"
"Look at that thing!" I say as I back away from his reaching arms. I cannot go into that. It's all became too real. Who do I think I am? There's no way I can be a freaking queen!

"Hey," Leo begins gently reaching toward me, putting his arms around me, he looks me in the face, "I know you're frightened but I need a wife soon and you're it. It will be fine. I know, you don't understand much now, but we'll figure it out together, okay?" He asks me as he reassuringly kisses my mouth then slowly leads me to the door that was being held open by a man with a suit and shiny shoes, who looked entertained by the scene.

Once we had slid into the leather seats, he looked at me, "I was wondering whether you'd allow mistresses?" He looked sincere and I was completely surprised. This might just be something I regret.
Published: 8/12/2013
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