Vesper - Chapter 4

Read this, you won't regret it. Or maybe you will, I don't know.
By the time we had reached the castle, I felt like a total loser wearing a baggy shirt with the short shorts I had managed to slip on as we were going out the door, earlier. I'm not even wearing a bra for Pete's sake and I bet that these majestic women will be wearing tight underthings beneath their big puffy dresses and will probably be very well put together. I was still mind-blown that a community of vampires governing this country was right under my nose. We only had to go at least a two hours drive until we had reached this huge plot of land that was fenced around with tall stone walls. And from what I can see looking out the tinted window, that this front gate we're stopping at is the only entry. I'm sure they've got emergency exits around here, especially since safety, I'm sure, is very prominent for these important people. I haven't reached a neighbor of theirs since leaving those apartments and going farther into the wilderness.

Outside the walls are of forests, full of blue spruce, Douglas-fir, and some pines that I don't recognize. Where are we anyway? Last time I knew where I was, was when I was leaving Oklahoma. I get distracted from the thought when we begin pulling through the big, intricate front gate. As I continue looking through the windows wide-eyed and taken aback at how far the land went inside the fortress they've built. I could barely see the large tower in the distance as the green plains continued with a few patches of trees here and there. The land on either side became wider, the farther we drove down the driveway that I wasn't able to see the walls on either sides. There wasn't much vegetation but it was beautiful.

After a good ten minutes, we reached the tower that had slowly gotten bigger the closer we'd gotten to it. The limousine pulled in front of the stately residence. Once the limo had come to a complete stop, I stumbled out of the limo then stood aghast at the sight of the amazing architecture. The tower looked as if the whole building was cut out of bright green crystal, it was glimmering and the sight was intimidating with its great display of wealth and superiority. It's so tall that I had to crane my head far back to see the top, where the two balconies on either side sat on either side of the front of the building. I almost had to squint at how green and shiny it was. I heard Leo walk up behind me giggling. I must've looked like an idiot to him. I quickly put on a bored expression and turned around to face him, "whatever," I say with a shrug, playing it cool. He must of saw through my facade because he went from a small chuckle to a loud boisterous laugh. His face became so pretty and happy, and his laugh was so wonderful that I joined him. So there we stood, laughing until it eventually died. Still smiling, I look at him and notice he's beginning to grow a beard and his clothes are all crumpled. I smirk a little, knowing it's because of me that he looks like that. I bet, he normally looks collected and put-together. Either way, he's sexy as fuck.

"Woman, if you keep looking at me like that I'm just going to have to lock you up in my bedroom for all eternity." He said, looking completely serious. I gulp in response, realizing I've been standing there looking like a bitch in heat. I blush, but my tan skin covered it.
"You're so cute when you're embarrassed," he whispers to me as he smiles and the cutest dimples come out on each cheek. After a moment of staring at each other, he grabs my arm and we begin walking toward a huge front door. I looked like it'd be hard to push but before I could try it out, it was being pulled open from the inside by a man dressed in a casual looking outfit, for wealthy people, that is. He had on a silk sweater with an ascot tucked into his collar with black stilt pants on. Ironically, he had a cigar in his mouth. His hair was styled to look casual, messy and he looked to be in his mid-twenties, plus he looked a lot like Leo. Immediately, I sensed he was a vampire and I tensed at his unfamiliar scent.

The stranger gave a low whistle towards me, "Why, hello. I don't think we've met," the strange vampire said. Completely skipping Leo and appraising me, he must approve because he gave a genuine smile and stepped aside and gestured to the inside, "come in." I relaxed slightly by his unexpected warm smile and suddenly felt self-conscious of my appearance.

"Vesper," I say as I step past him and into the elaborate home. The room I stepped into was large and grand with a big old chandelier in the center of a super high ceiling. The floor was made out of marble and I could hear the soft thud of my tennis shoes hitting the shiny floor.
"Fancy," I mutter, seriously impressed. There were big doorways on the the left and right sides of the room, with a big set of stairs going to the second floor dominating the room. I heard Leo follow me, and I turned around soon enough to notice Leo giving cigar guy a glare, warning him off.
I don't how, but cigar guy ignores him and turns to me, "Victor," he offers with a smile.

"And my name's Leopold," Leo adds sarcastically. He gives Victor a hard, stern look then continues, and finishes, our 'group' introduction with, "We're down here," Leo says sternly to Victor as he pushes past him and grabs my arm and begins dragging me. (You can't tell me what to do! Kisses Vesper, she smacks him, ends) He manages to drag me up the large staircase, down one of the hallways and into a master bedroom. We got there so quickly, I could barely take in the beauty of the wide hallway with the quaint, old-fashioned portraits of people and of landscapes. Once I realized he'd just pulled me away, just because his male ego couldn't take me getting male attention from someone else, got me pissed quickly.

I yank my arm away from him, "What is your problem?" I ask Leo loudly.
"What's my problem? You were letting Victor get an eye-full while I just stood there. You expect me to be happy?" He growled at me, leaning closer to my face. His possessiveness and his angry expression made me feel unexpectedly turned on. With his hot breath hitting my cheek and blowing a curl aside, with his dilated eyes suddenly becoming shades darker as he begins breathing heavier as the mood shifts dramatically and the lust is acknowledged by us both. I slowly reach and caress the sexy stubble sitting on his square jaw. He groaned at my soft touch, then attacked me with his vampire speed. As in attack, I mean throw his body onto mine and made us both fall back onto what I thought was the floor, but instead was the bed. I'd been so focused on Leo, I hadn't realized he'd slowly herded me towards the end of the big bed. The bastard. I gasp when we land onto the silky cool sheets and Leo roughly plants his mouth on mine. I return the kiss eagerly, running my hands up his back, and running my fingers through his soft hair.

"HEY! Mom wants to meet the future queen!" I heard Victor shout from the other side of the door.

I jerk my head back from the kiss, "Oh shit." I heard Leo groan in frustration and feel his hardness pressed into my thigh. I smirk, feeling like a powerful woman. I quickly shuffle off the bed, bee-lining for the bathroom to shower and look appropriate for the queen.
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Published: 10/5/2013
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