Vinegar and Honey

The combination of vinegar and honey has been used traditionally as an anti-aging elixir and also as an effective remedy for a number of ailments. Read on to know the health benefits of vinegar and honey drink....
Honey has been used as a home self-detox and as a natural source of energy, since centuries. Healthy benefits of vinegar are also well-known since centuries. Dr. D.C. Jarvis recommended vinegar and honey diet for weight loss in the late 1950s. These days, calorie and weight loss have become the buzz words of the society and it is really good that people are more interested in natural foods and their health benefits. So here is an overview of vinegar and honey health benefits.

Health Benefits of Vinegar and Honey

Preparing vinegar and honey drink is very simple. You can add one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of honey to a glass of water and the "vinegar and honey drink" is ready. You are expected to drink one glass of this mixture at least twice a day before meals for at least fifteen days, to experience weight loss. The drink also acts as a detoxifying agent. So following a diet of vinegar and honey for weight loss helps get rid of toxins in your body.

The harmful bacteria in your digestive system are washed off due to the acids in vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps prevent urinary tract infections. The concentration of acids in vinegar may be different for apple cider vinegar and other types of vinegar such as balsamic vinegar. The acid content of apple cider vinegar is usually in the range of 5 - 6 % while that of white vinegar is in the range of 4 - 5 %. This conveys that apple cider vinegar is stronger than white vinegar and it can offer more health benefits than white vinegar. Of course, dilution with water is essential before consumption of any vinegar. Health benefits of vinegar include controlling blood pressure and reducing muscle fatigue after exercising. Consumption of vinegar can result in thinning of blood which helps stabilize the blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar is considered as the best vinegar from the health point of view.

Vinegar is recommended for healthy hair, strong nails and glowing, soft skin. Honey is also good for stomach, skin and hair. Topical application of vinegar and honey is recommended for insect bites. It stimulates the process of wound healing. Apple cider vinegar and honey benefits include weight loss, strong hair and smooth skin. Vinegar and honey drink helps improve your digestive health and in turn your overall health. It helps reduce the irritation and soreness caused by various skin diseases like eczema. It helps reduce the joint pain in arthritis. The most important thing is that it helps prevent early aging. Thus, there are several benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey.

Vinegar and honey diet helps reduce stress level. It works great for heartburn. It helps reduce bad breath when it is used for gargling. It lowers bone pain along with joint pain. It is a good home remedy for sore throat and also for exhaustion due to heat. It helps lower high cholesterol levels as well as high sugar levels. It is believed that it helps strengthen your heart and the immune system. Vinegar and honey work great for bladder stones and the combination helps relieve the symptoms of constipation. As vinegar is rich in various vitamins and minerals; and honey contains natural sugar; vinegar and honey drink helps boost stamina and energy levels.

To avoid the adverse effects of vinegar and honey, you need to consume the vinegar and honey drink carefully. You should consult a dietitian before opting for vinegar and honey diet. After examining your overall health, he will suggest the correct way of consuming vinegar and honey drink. Following any diet blindly may result in weight gain and may affect your health. To extract all the benefits of vinegar and honey, make sure to consult a dietitian.
By Leena Palande
Published: 10/26/2010
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