Voices of My Past

Why do you keep calling?
I hear your voice inside my head,
I am screaming at you to shut up,
To go away to just leave me alone.

You whisper to me when I am trying to sleep,
I blast all my music loud to block you out,
But your words are louder than any song,

I feel like I am going insane,
That I am losing my mind slowly,
I turn round and round,
But you are nowhere to be found,
I search day and night but you’re not there.

I told you that you are not real,
And that you're nothing but a voice inside my head,
That my mind is playing tricks on me,
That you are real and no pill could make you leave.

I have tried every drug known to mankind,
Yet you still whisper inside my head,
Make me doubt myself, making me scream,
Here I am standing at the edge of my mind,
At the last moment before I let go.

I am doing everything,
You have been whispering slowly into my head,
As I close my eyes prepared to let go,
I hear your voice whisper once more.
Published: 2/13/2013
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