Vows Broken

Am trying to come up with this break up. I gave this relationship my all and pain is what I get. But I believe TIME is the ultimate healer.
How do I love again,
When this ache won't go away,
How do I dull the pain,
And make things okay!

The memories lie in the tormenting dark,
I can feel the sting every time I take a stroll at the park,
Look at all the memories screaming on the television set,
For all my mistakes, this is the ultimate reward I get.

I cannot get over this feeling,
But all I seek now is spiritual healing,
I need to walk away from the past,
And let it all to settle down, the dust.

There is nothing left to hold,
Not the slightest sigh of comfort,
The society a place so cold,
Just a hall of judgment.

Who will understand my fears?
Or read my pain through the falling tears?
Is there hope for a sinner,
In a world that daily grows meaner!

I'll choose to wear my smile wide,
A sure way to hide the pain that lies beneath the facade,
Laugh, when the heart is in tatters,
In the end, happiness is all that matters.
Published: 4/9/2018
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