Waking The Demon: Chapter - 22

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I moved from him and thought about it. "No need. I'll just use glamor." I felt his gaze on my back as I walked to my bed and shed my 'clothes'. "I mean, come on, I'm a spawn of hell. I got magic somewhere. I just need to learn how to use it." I began looking for regular clothes and came up with a plain sleeveless black dress that flowed to the ground. I slipped it over my head as it clung to every curve of my body. Yaz stared at me. "What?" I asked him putting my hands on my hips.

"Why did you leave with him?" He asked with the most serious face I've ever seen him wear. "I don't know." Yaz's eyes turned glossy. "Thank you for saving me, Yaz." He nodded and walked away. Where was he going? "Yaz?" I heard the front door slam. I shook my head. I sat on the floor. I'm moving on. There is no more Gehenna in my life. How long has he been in my life? A few months? And I basically left Yaz for him? I shook my head. I sat there for a long time and didn't move. I felt nothing.

I shook my head. "No." Yama sat beside me and Sullen sat in the back seat of my car. "So he's staying down there for eternity?" Yama cocked his three ringed eyebrow at me. I nodded my head gripped the steering wheel harder. Why would Asya leave me like that? I shook my head and tried to think about getting home. To my home.

I stared forward and zoned. We past the state park and I thought the car was quiet but Yama was talking to me. "Huh?" I asked peaking at him. "I said, 'Are you okay man?'" I rubbed my eye with the back of my right hand. "I seriously don't know."

A burning sensation began to rock through my body. "Do you feel that?" I asked whoever was listening. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth the car burst into flames.

Burning. Inching. Ripping. In my chest. I sat up from a deep sleep. "Yaz?" I whispered. What happened to him? Why am I getting hot. I scratched my arm and neck until I felt some skin come off. "YAZ!"

My entire body numb. Reality hit me. I slowly opened my eyes but couldn't. A bad feeling spread through my body and I began to shake violently. My stomach turned and I tried to heave but couldn't. Falling. I'm falling.

"Okay, it's done. Just like you want." Constatine held his hand out," Now, give me the girl's soul." Gehenna uncrossed his arm with an annoyed expression. "Not just yet." He stood from his throne. "We know not of what Asya will do." Constatines face turned hard as he resisted the urge to break Gehenna in half and use this spine as a toothpick. Gehenna turned away from Constatine and went to visit Rapheals chamber.

Gehenna took each step at a time. Yaz is no more, he thought. He'll never take Asya again. He waited centries for her, and he won't lose her now. He stepped in front of a pearl white door and lightly knocked. "Yes?" A deep voice shook a little. "I need to speak with the knight." The door opened slightly and he stepped through. Rapheal hung from his hands by chains. "Hello oh holy one." Gehenna stood in front of him. Rapheal looked up lightly and sweat dripped off his nose. "Your sacrifice was worthless."

Gehenna took a deep breath and resisted to lick the blood from Rapheal's lip. "Even in your own kingdom you still are weak." He spat on the ground, "You won't kill me, Asya needs me." Gehenna took a long stride toward him. "I know the way to kill you my dear friend." He held out his hand. "Give me his sword." Constatine pointed to the other side of the room, "I'm not stupid, I know what will happen if I touch the sword." Gehenna winked at the angel and began walking towards his sword. A burning sensation spread through his body, making it hard to breathe and see. With a slow movement he grasp the sword and agony engulfed his body. Gehenna turned and threw the knife and it connected with the angels neck. His head hit the floor with a THUMP and slowly rolled, his body went limp and lifeless.

Gehenna feel to his knees as he shook. Constatine ran out of the door. Gehenna's body took on a darker shade and pure evil he became. Vladimir burst through the door, "Oh shit, this isn't good." Gehenna looked up at him, "Now, let's go, get my Queen."
Published: 5/25/2011
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